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2 more days till christmas

its only 2 more days till old santa clause comes to all good little boys and girls. but who cares about him cause all i and most people who dont get gifts anymore is money or nothing at all for christmas or told to get are selfs something. well is it really worth having to pay for your own christmas in some way yah in most no cause you stuck paying for most if not all of it u ofcourse unless ur still under the age of 18 or forturnet anough to have rich parents who will get u what ever you want so merry christmas to all andforget this happy holiday crap.

brr its cold

hey everybody its very cold where i am at. also got the games i metioned in my last blog and a wireless router. also i got super street fighter 4 acade edition

december plans

i plan on getting mario kart 7 this december. also i want to get spyro skylanders for the ps3 and a psn card ($20 or $50) and download sonic adventure and directors cut ad on dlc. i will be playing beyblade metal master bakuna susanow (one of the collector edition) and i will play pokemon white witch i also got recently and i will let u know if i think of anthing else i want to do this december.

hey everybody im back

sorry i was gone so long its just been busy with other things. i have been playing rock band 3 when i can and i also got pokemon rumble blast and beat it in three days despite what some people say it is a all around good game. im also playing a game called spiral knights its a mmo rpg i play it every so often and its a pretty good game. i got dragon ball z tenckichi and after a while the hero mode story gets redicously hard. but story mode is hard and easy at surten points. also i had to get rid of all three of my youtube acounts so i could start fresh with a new youtube account. im gonna give you guys the link. here it is

what i plan on getting this month

1.dragon ball z ultimate tenkichi(?)

2.a new game for my 3ds


4.anohter new game for my ps3 (?)

also i had to start youtube account cause i had a strike on my account so i canceld it and started a new one

what ive done since ive last been on

since i last been on gamespot ive watched a lot of youtube vids, dowload alot of cool songs for rockband 3, made a lot of vids for youtube, made a new vid earlyer today and will be posting on gamestop before i post it on youtube so when you see it tell me what u think of it k and please be onist. well thats all i got to say

what i plan on getting this thursday

my other ps3 had several problems so i got rid of it. so this thurseday im gonna get a new ps3 160 gig and call of dutey black ops. i might get a couple of other games later like lego rock band and rock band 3 and psn card