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To blizzcon I GO!!

Finally made the move from JP to NM. A friend of mine thought "hey" going back to states? NM isnt that far.. why not go to blizzcon with me? Well now is the time, today I leave for Anaheim CA and should be arriving on Wednesday. Thursday WoW Insider party, then friday-sat Blizzcon. I'm pretty excited. Only thing I am not looking forward to is my 16 hour train ride. Yea I am cheap. Blizcon ain't cheap and I don't get paid enough, but it is well worth it. I hope to see some GSers there, so comment and let me know if you are going!

Japanese visitor COnt.

I suppose I should have finished it a long time ago... but I got lazy. From what I remember I know we were heading to PE class since they were changing. I just followed some guy to the gym and waited for them to change out and all. Since I had a messed up finger I decided not to play and watched them. What I noticed was they were going to play volleyball and usually in U.S schools the teacher sets up the stuff. Here the students automatically get the poles, nets balls and put it together themselves. They practically run the class and the teacher puts his foot in when he needs to. After P.E I believe it was lunch time. I don't know if this is universal for all schools or if this is the way they did lunch. The whole school goes on lunch. Students can go off campus and eat anywhere in any classroom, no cafeteria. ( Of course from waht I saw, maybe some teachers didn't want them eating in there rooms I don't know.) While we were eating I wasn't necessarily good with chopsticks so they gave me a fork. Of course they got a good laugh out of it too. We eat out of these good to go plastic containers. They are called "bentos" (spelling?).  There are different kind of bentos, some are flimsy or fancier just depends on the person selling them I suppose. They don't even snap close shut, a rubber band wrapped around it usually holds it together which drives me nuts, but the food inside makes up for it. After lunch we had to go, the day was far from over since they get off around 5 when it was only 12. On our way out we had a lot of "BYE BYE" from girls and confusion on where to go especially with a school with twice as many people than us. Once we found our way out we shared stories, etc. etc. including the relief of my feet slipping into my shoes. Well thats my experience. I hope I didn't miss any details since that was a few years ago, but I feel like I have.. -_-. I will go over it again to make sure. If anyone wants me to get pictures of something or a video let me know! I only have a few months left.

Our Japanese Visitors

My last blog which is long overdue, was suppose to be about my visit to a Japanese High school, "Kyoso" Highschool on Okinawa Japan. Unfortunately I got lazy, (and I don't think a lot of people pays much attention anyway :)) but I was hit with another chance since today we got an unexpected visit from the same students we met at there High school. Bad communication between teachers so it hit some of us in the face including myself when they unexpectedly called us to the Cafeteria to meet them, but I won't go into that yet. Our visit was back in December (so now you know how lazy I was) right before winter break. Since our school is to poor to afford a bus for transportation they made us walk to there school which was about 20 minutes, yea not much, but cmon I just woke up! Anyways, I was a bit confused how lunch worked, if I brought enough money, and how in the world will I ask to go the restroom if I had to go? :O! On our way there we bought our own food at a local store, I got some rice, fish, toss in some weird meat and chopsticks all in one plastic container with a rubber band wrapped around it along with a water bottle.

Approaching the school you can tell the school was huge 0.o. We got to the office and they made an announcement of our arrival (yay were famous) and we went into the office or office building? Since all I saw was an arrangement of offices in one building and no classrooms along with tons of small.. very small slippers and shelves to put our shoes on, no surprise though everyone knows the Japanese and taking off your shoes. Of all the slippers laid out for us none of them fit me and had my heels sticking out of the back, but it seemed to be a problem with everyone else also and pretty funny.
After shopping for slippers we were guided to a classroom that was filled with computers, I'm guessing it wasn't being used so that was the meeting place. On our way there we went through a hallway while they were switching classes and WOW at all the stares you got and knew we were going to get more as the day went on. In the classroom a Japanese teacher introduced himself speaking English fluently, mentioned they had 10 minute breaks in between classes and to be careful since the students love to eat a lot during those times ^_^. Finally we were going to be paired 2 by 2, so I grabbed a friend that brought her backpack to hold my lunch in it :). We got paired with two other girls and surprisingly they spoke English pretty well so communication wasn't so bad AND I could speak in English if I had to go to the restroom instead of wetting myself! There first period was English class which was filled with at least 40 students or so for each classroom including this one, but still managed to grab desks for us and find us a spot. I noticed on our way that they had a "spongy" floor I am not sure how to explain it, but it was for the slippers everyone wore. A lot nicer than wearing shoes all day and feels a little more "homey". School was designed as you expected, sliding doors and the Japanese style walls and windows you see in movies or T.V. shows. It was two stories high and just huge as I have said before. As class started the teacher came in and everyone bowed and sat down. This class was going to be the best throughout the day since it was pretty much dedicated to us. Being an English class the teacher also spoke English fluently and asked us to introduce ourselves to the 40+ students I never met including myself to be more of a shy person made me think to myself "oh ****". Well I was forced to go first so what the hell get it over with eh? Stood up in front of the class, said my name, hobbies and age then went on to my partner doing the same. I had no clue if they understood me or not, but a lot of them seemed to speak some decent English when they were bombarding me with a million questions. Then the class introduced themselves with everyone ending with "Nice to meet you". Some students had hobbies as Hip Hop dancing, Kung Fu etc. So the teacher convinced the hip hop dancers to dance for us and now the show begins. Moved the desks, made some room and played some beat and watched them dance. They weren't bad, but I bet they were better since they were sort of flopping around and being shy with lots of giggles, but it was still cool. Then came the Kung Fu chicks at least thats what I called them in my head and did a form for us. I took Taekwondo and made it halfway to black belt so it was cool to compare there forms with Taekwondo, but they both seemed similar. There form was strong with strong punches making that "popping noise" with your shirt that you want when doing a form so you defiantly wouldn't want to mess with them seeing they have a lot of butt kicking experience :O! Some guys also danced, but were balls out shy to until the whole class convinced them to dance, but only did a little wavy thing with a penny from a guys hand to his pocket or something... nothing big. Afterwards they asked me or my partner to do something since I mentioned I liked soccer and she sings, so she sung for them and wasn't to bad. Teacher asked me if I wanted to do some tricks with a soccer ball... no way I can hardly do a rainbow.. I guess I forgot the part where I suck and just play for fun so I got away with that one. Next period was P.E., but i had girls as partners so I wondered how that would work. Teachers would change classrooms not students, so I guess its like there "homeroom" which explains why they were CHANGING in front of ME for PE while everyone was switching classes.. Geez you guys have locker rooms, but I'm not complaining. Tempted to look, I just looked away while they laughed, they were changing under there clothes anyway. I didn't think it would take this long, but it's getting late and I have to go to bed.. I will continue tomorrow ^_^ sry for any of the small portion of readers I hopefully have :)!! EDIT: I noticed it wasn't in paragraphs that I thought I did, anyone know how?

Interesting Story from teacher

Jrotoc has to be the best class. We just talk alot and our teacher gives us some interesting stories :). One I'll just share (short story) that he told us, since I'm bored :). If you read my previous blog, you know that I am in japan etc. etc. Well not sure what year it was, but there were Japanese students visiting our school, that would pair up with one student and follow him throughout the day. Soo, I'm guessing this was last period, during class a one of the Japanese Students must have been holding there pee for a very.. very.. long time and to shy to ask. The partner "claimed" to take her to the restroom after each class to make sure she didn't have to go. Either hes lying or she was to shy. Eventually during jrtoc class, she let loose all over the desk in front of the class.. Imagine how embarrassing that is lol. If she was to shy to go to the restroom in another school/country... should have known peeing in front of everyone is worse, espicially when your in highschool ^_^. Oh well, once I get my chance, I'll make sure to bring them to the restroom taking no chances :P!

My First Blog

Was bored, thought it was a nice place to complain, share and rant if anyone cares :). I'll start off with my name is something I do not want to share.. sry, 16 years old, and I currently live on Okinawa Japan. No I'm not Japanese, I don't know how many people I tell that that aren't military brats (Military son/daughter). My dad is in the military, so we got stationed over here. Yes I still go to an American school, live my life the same way :). Only difference is... well alot. Driving on the other side of the road, different cars, of course lots of Japanese people! (even on base), but its all a pretty cool experience getting to learn each others cultures. Even in school since I took Japanese for my language ( Have a D+ in it oh wellz) we get to take some cool field trips. For example, we went to the capital of Okinawa (I think) called Naha. Released at a monorail and it was like the "great race" We had to follow this map in Japanese from start to finish and of course try to be 1st. Another was a scavenger hunt, we searched all over for stuff on a list they give us. That was sweet. Including we sometimes switch schools with them and get a partner to have a day in a Japanese school or the other way around for them. Anyways thats all for now :).