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Big Brother All Stars: Nominations!

Last episode Janelle got the HOH and Jase was voted out. Today Janelle has to nominate two people and that will be put up on the chopping block. Just between me and you I think Janelle's whole body plastic surgery:?!


  • Family Guy brand new episode
  • I going to play some b ball outside with some friends
  • I will have the whole house to my self at 7:00

Thats all folks until next time...


The Cops Busted a Whole Drug Organization.

  See yesterday the cops came to my neighborhood becasue someone reported of drug deal. So they came about 11.50 in the morning. The dealers are people who live diagonally toward me by the backyard. So the cops come they question a couple of bystanders and then went for kill. Two cops came to the house and knocked loudly. The mother of two drug dealers looked through window. She told her sons to run. When she opened the door the cops heard the door from the front close. While one cop arrested the women of possible connection the dealers, the other went through the house (opened the front door) and chased the dealers. There were about six of them there, so the cop chased them called for backup.

  I wasn't going to miss the most exciting thing happen to this neighborhood, so ran to see what was happening.

Sadly the action was over in a matter of minutes. The stupid drug dealers went in their and put on the engine. The cop runs and notices they are all in the car. The cop just smiled. I swear to god he smiled. I think he was expecting a better chase. What was so funny was that the car had a flat tire and there was no gas left. So cop walks to them (gun in hand) and waits. When the backup arrives they question the dealers. I didn't heat much but the one of the dealers was yelling so load for particular reason.

After the question they put the mother and all dealers in two police cars. They drive away but one officer is still on the scene. At this time it it 12:30. The officer calls in on a detective becasue the drug dealers are soppose to be linked to other a prime drug organization.

After hours and hours on questioning the neighbor beside the dealers. The officer finds crack cocain, marijuana, weed, and bottles of acahol

After that I stopped spying and went on  to watching inuyasha, gundam seed, full metal alchemist and yugioh gx.

OTHER NEWS          

  • Nothing new


Canada Day was strange

What happened was my sisters and little went to see the fire work. I went with them but came back. The reaon is that I went to see where the nosies was coming from but couldn't find them. My mother came to look for my sisters and left after them. me an my dad where eating dinner and watching tv. Soon after I left and went to see where my mother was taking so long. I went to outside and noticed it was raining. I went to the park and found the fireworks where going. The fire works were very well done but the rain made it hard to enjoy. It was like a little drizzle of rain that attracted mosquitoes and felt like sub zero temperature. I think it was an hour long (11:00-12:00) so headed back, when I noticed more fireworks were going on so I went back. Just as I headed back it ended all of a sudden.:( The fireworks were great but the rain watered it down a little. A little joke to bring some humor to this website :lol: 


  • Portugal, France, Germany and Italy are the final four (FIFA World Cup)
  • Big Brother is starting its season premier this Thursday:D
  • I'm going to gamespot & tv.com less (less interesting blog)
  • TV is starting to get bland:?
  • I go outside and play basketball to keep my physical fitness.  


Bored out of my skull

Its summer break and its horribly boring. I tired of playing my old warn out games, that I beat like what, 3 times straight! I go to the basketball court to keep my body in shape. Thats the only intense thing I have done so far. Tv is good when the FIFA World Cup is on but after that well...its just crap to the next level. Gamespot and Tv.com are both getting stale. No one really replies in my blogs anymore and the website lost my interest. I come hear to see how things are doing and reading unreplied blogs:(.


  • Watched the last episode of Teen Titans
  • Argentina beat Mexico:D 
  • Vortex (Saturday Mourning Cartoons) is done for the summer
  • Thinking of going outside and riding my bike
  • Yawn...trying to stay awake:?    

Miami Heat are the NBA Champions & Fifa World Cup

I am proud to say that Miami are the NBA Champions :D!!! A team who had to watch 2 years of the NBA finals on their couchs. A coach who cares about the team by giving them a motivational speech. Gary Paton & Aloonzo Mourning wanted championship rings and the got their wish. Dwayne Wade lead the team to the highest honoured thing a team could do...win the NBA championship:o. Not only that but he won the NBA Finals MVP. Plus an added bonus is that Mark Quban got fined $250 000 for a verbal outburst and Dirk Niwoszski (can't spell his last name) got fined $5 000 for kicking a ball to the fans. All in all it was a great NBA finals and will remembered for long long time.

For the Fifa World Cup I personally am going for Ghana because they huge disadvantage. For one thing they don't have the money to offord fancy soccor equipment. Plus they are first African Nation to go to the final sixteen. They just  got players, a little ball, some practise and lot hope.

Anyway, Brazil is dominating as usual and Japan is not really that good. The Swizts are impressing me and Austrialia is not doing that bad.

Other news

  • Today is France versus Togo (go Togo)
  • I wasn't hear because of exams
  • Schools Out
  • I 'm getting job this summer and brand new TV
  • Yesterday was the annual neighborhood party
  • Daytime televisions is crap
  • Currently watching Zoboomafoo

Thats all and today is a new episode of Nuruto, Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, and Yugioh GX.  


Gamspot & Other News

I just want to make a blog on how well I am doing on gamespot!


Level 9 at 93.76% - Ikari Warrior


 Smackdown vs. Raw (PS2), Ratchet and Clank (PS2), Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 (PS2), Men in Black: Alien Escape (PS2), Jak and Daxter and the Persuser Legacy (PS2)


Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, PS3 union, Crimson Design, and Liquid Union.


Registered Member, and Popular

:DOther News:D

  • The FifaWorld Cup is still going on.
  • Tomorrow I to level 10 on gamespot.
  • Miami lost against Dallas in the NBA.
  • Dallas leads the series 2-0
  • Today at school me and the guys will play a big game of basketball
  • Currently playing Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal and Smackdown vs Raw 2006

Thats all for today! Until tomorrow, see ya later:wink:      


My TV Broke down!

Its true it was working for 10 years straight and no its gone!:(  I wish I could have convinced my dad to get a tv repair man but he said, no. I remember me and that tv had some good memories together. There was a time when I was falling and I used the tv to catch my fall.I think the cables are messed so I thinking of getting not an HD tv but a tv that will last. Thats all folks and thanks for reading.:)     

All the Games I Beat this Month!




As you can see I defeated all these games through May.:D Some of you might ask how or some might not even believe it! Well when you already beated all these games it isn't as impressive as it sounds:P. The first six were extremely challenging. Not only was it long but there were a lot mission you had to do. Budokai 3 had a simple story mode and Mortal Kombat Shoalin Monks wasn't too challenging. If I had to chose the most challenging game I had to play it would be...:question: oh yeah! Ratchet Clank: Going Commando. My good friend MegaXiaolinBell inspired to make this blog. Since he alwasy made a defeated game blog, why not me.

In other news my cable is getting messed up, so I am thinking of going to Walmart to get a brand new one. Oh yeah, also since today is Friday, it means shows to watch and things to do:wink:.

See y'all later today! :)     

Oh and if you don't know the games I tell you them.

Jak and Daxter, Jak 2, Jak 3

Ratchet and Clank, Ratchet and Clank Going Commando, Ratchet and Clank Up Your Ursenal (sounds wierd)

Bodukai 3, Mortal Kombat Shoalin Monks.


 Naruto is coming on at 8:30pm. 


NBA Playoffs! Detroit all the way!


The NBA playoffs are still going and its heating up:evil:. I should say the same for heats. They are burning New Jersey by leading the series 2-1. Dallas and San Antanio are trying to eleminate one another. Most of my friends say Dallas will win but I got my hopes for San Antanio Theres soppose to be a game on right now:wink:. Dallas has Dirk Niwotski while San Antanio has Tim Duncun! Right now Dallas leads 2-1 in the series for two 60+ win teams. On that note Avery Johnson on the Dallas Maverics won the couch of the year award. Another series that I am well into is Phoenix versu Los Angelos. Clippers have the upper hand by having a team that goes to basketbasket while Phoenix is into the set ups of plays. Steave Nash, from Phoenix, will cause trouble for Los Angelos becasue he won the MVP award. Luckily with Phoenix's excellent record and Steve Nash there up 2-1. The most important series is Detroit versus Cleveland. Detroit might have way better records than Cleveland but they have to watch out for Lebron James. Lebron is basketballs most dominant young stars in the league today. Averaging 30 points in the post season and 34 points in the playoffs, Lebron is something to watch out for. Even with Lebron Detroit is leading the some what hard series 2-1. By the way I don't think I told you guys but Chauncy Billups (Detroit) is my favourite player! The series I am watching right now is Miami vs. New Jersey. I really don't like New Jersey's hot star, Vince Carter :x. He acts like he so good and smile makes me so mad!!! Anyway, I am glad to say that Miami is leading 2-1. Today, it might be a win making Miami lead the series even more or lose causing the series to be tied.  Anyway, today we find out! Now excuse me I have to watch the game!!:D       


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