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dark_massenger Blog

A random blog explaining what randomness has led to!

This is total randomness so bear with me :lol:

So I was studying and bored! and I had this lighter on my hand, and a small candle on my PC table (those small round ones that burn the wax under 'em to make a lovely aroma :3 ) anyways!

So I had this lighter on my hand and was being random as I was saying to myself: "how weird fire is, it has no soul yet feels s alive and can kill you" and suddenly the lighter flips off my hand (don't ask how :lol: ) and hits my TV screen and ricochets on the candle, which leads to spilling little of the wax on the table and some on the floor, so then what I do? I take this candle to throw it in the basket! BUT! instaed it slips off my hand and the rest of the wax ruins my clothes and the floor!

What is the worse that could happen?! WELL THERE IS MORE! :lol:

I had this 2-sided CD thingy that had a movie, and World in Conflict game in it, I want to move it away from the wax on the table, but both the CDs slip off the thing (cause it's not covered on the other side) it's like the CDs bag, anyways, they slip both WHERE? not on the floor, not on the table, IN THE BASKET, that is full of wax! and ruins the CDs!

And... all that happened in a matter of minutes >_>

P.S. @soulless4now: this is what randomness leads to :lol:

Well that's all >_> back to studying! :(

D.M out!

More gaming updates

Soooo where did I stop last time?

Yeah! Final Fantasy IV, so yeah, I was on a Final Fantasy spree XD, after finishing up Final Fantasy IV on the PSP I started Final Fantasy I and on the PS3 I started Final Fantasy IX.

So before I continue and arouse any confusion o_o I actually played IX a very long time ago, but it was the only FF that I completely, I mean COMPLETELY forgot lol, so I had to play it again. Well then, let me start with IX!

Gameplay: 9
Story: 10
Sound: 10
Overall: 9.5/10

I have to admit that I really didn't give this game what it truly deseves when I first played it :o I LOVED it so much more than before, I thought the gameplay sucked LOL, but no, it was pretty decent (not better than the rest in my opinion) but it was great, and regarding the story.... do I really have to talk? :lol: in simple words: EPIC

NOW, let's get back in time, WAY back :lol:

Final Fantasy I
Gameplay: 9
Story: 7
Sound: 10
Overall: 8/10

I don't really know what to say about Final Fantasy I to be honest o_o as the first one in the series it's actually really good! the story is pretty simple, 4 warrios of light saving the world. But putting myself back in time, without comparing it to what was released later, it's a great game that should be experienced, as an FF fan I had to see what the first title was all about. The music was just... outstanding! every place I visited I had to stay up for a while just listen to it's great tune, especially the Town music! so peaceful!

Well enough said about those two! Now I am playing Final Fantasy Tactics on the PSP, so far I'm really enjoying it.

And on the PS3.... what do you gusy think really? :O

It's no other than the EPIC Dark Souls!!! if that game comes in hand I have to delay anything else :lol:

And boy is it punishing >_>

I guess this is all for the gaming updates, next blog will be an err.... umm.... I don't really know to be honest o_o what do you guys think I should talk about :lol: ? Well everyone gimme your opinions! :D and for the time being...

D.M out! (Gonna play Dark Souls :lol: )

I'm back!! + My recent gaming updates

Hello everyone! It's good to be back to Gamespot, I haven't been active for a very long time! I've been busy with lots of stuff (Mostly gaming though lol), and now University started, but I'll try to be as active as possible!

Well since I am here and all, I'd like to give you an update of my recent gaming activities. Which was mostly RPG'ing o_o

One of those days I was just thinking of Final Fantasy and realized that I haven't played 1 to 5, including Final Fantasy Tactics, so I decide all of a sudden to play those! So I started with Final Fantasy V on the PSN, plus Final Fantasy IV on the PSP (Yes at the same time XD), Final Fantasy V was my main and IV was during sleep-times or anywhere I could take my PSP with me.

I'll start with V first: I'll just make a quick rating system and say my opinion afterwards

Gameplay: 10
Graphics: Not that I care about graphics, the game being old I don't really know how I can give it a rating so I'm leaving graphics aside.
Sound: 9
Story: 7
Note: just to make things clear, my overall isn't based on an average of the above numbers, it's just a personal score based on my experince.

Overall: 9/10

What I liked about Final Fantasy V the most was the gameplay, it was a basic job-system (with many many jobs to choose from), the great thing about it is the deepness of the system, whenever you master an ability in a job, you can equip it to another job, you can mix any type of abilities together to make the appropriate job according to the monsters you're fighting and whatnot. What's even great is the "Bare Job" which can wear any weapon/armor/accessory in the game, and any job mastered, its stats will be transferred to the Bare Job, so let's say you mastered the warrior, the Bare Job will gain +25 STR (for example). So with a Bare Job you can do any kind of combination; since you can assign to it any two abilities (must be mastered from that job). The story on the other hand was "okay", it's not what I expexted in a Final Fantasy game but it's acceptable, in the end, it's a Final Fantasy, so it's a game worth your time, PLAY IT!

Final Fantasy IV:

Gameplay: 8
Story: 10
Sound: 10

Overall: 8.5/10

You will notice that I gave Final Fantasy IV more individual scores but a lower overall score than V, why you ask? Well, the story was great, it had a lot of twists, great cast of characters. But the gameplay was simple, it felt repetitive at some times, it was just the simple Final Fantasy battle system, a job-based system but based on the characters themselves, so you can't switch jobs, some characters were just worthless (Yes I'm talking about Edward), so in my opinion, it just didn't hit the spot to me, other than that, the story is very much worth it.

And that's it for this bloggy! If I go on I will never finish and I'll definitely bore you to death eh? o_o

SO! I'm gonna continue this boresome update tomorrow or day aftertomorrow, and for the time being... enjoy your day/night/evening/ or whatever! while I fall into a deep sle- err.. not really a deep sleep >_> I have Uni tomorrow! :(

Well it's good to be back anyways! :D

D.M out!

Crysis 2 Multiplayer demo impressions

Aloha people, how is everydoing this fine saturday? :D

I'm not enjoying it much to be honest, since tomorrow we have Uni >_> (Yeah our weekend is Fri, Sat), so enjoy your weekend! :P

I just tried Crysis 2 Multiplayer demo, I was speechless regarding the graphics :o it's even better than Crysis! Of course my PC can't play it smoothly with maximum graphics xD but it's playable :D although I'm considering buying it on the PS3, since it's going to be faster, and no slowdowns (hopefully xD). After trying CoD on the console and getting used to the controls I guess I wouldn't mind Crysis 2 to be on the console too, I'm used to playing FPS games on PC, but with the console, all the button are in the palm of your hands, everything is easily accessed, feels kinda difficult playing Crysis 2 now on the PC after playing hours and hours of CoD o.o

Anyways, enough about that! The gameplay looks promising, it's just a multiplayer demo but the game looks smooth, and I hope they make a lenghty campaign with lots and lots of weapons, and we won't mind to if it had a good story :o

The multiplayer is pretty much similar to that in CoD, there are kill-streaks, they show you a killcam when you're killed. I think there are also perks, but still customization is locked unitl I reach level 5, there are two modes available in the demo, the first is pure team death match, the second is... I'm not really sure :o I think it's a capture the ... "objective" kinda thing :P but I prefer team death match, more action! :D

Oh and o.o I forgot to talk about the best thing about Crysis... THE NANO SUIT! ... well... it's the same... xD you only have access to Stealth and Armor in the demo, and yes, you can do stealth in multiplayer :P people won't see you, and you can hide! but be careful, they can still see if you they activate "Nano Vision". And there is this nifty move you can do, a ground stomp! jump and hit "C" and you stmop on the groud with your fist and all your might! So do not stay under that... do I even have to say what'll happen to you? And I think not all classes can do that.

Anywho, I can't say much about this demo, but so far I'm really enjoying it! Cuz it reminds me of CoD :P I still prefer CoD but maybe once the full game is released, who knows, it might surpass it :o and it might not

Let's just wait and see eh? :D

And that's all! Take care everyone

D.Messenger out!

My Personal Experience with Final Fantasy XIV

Aloha Everybody! :D

Are you all ready for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards?! Who do you think will walk out with the Best Motion Picture Award? I haven't seen much of the movies that got nominated, I only saw 127 Hours (Awesome movie! got me thrilled to the end! James Franco did a great job!) and Inception, but I have a feeling that The King's Speech or True Grit might get the award, we'll just have to wait and see :o

Well now, to my subject :P

I'd like to share with you my experience with Final Fantasy XIV, when I tried the beta I was sure that I won't be getting the game until they fix the game! Now I've heard from my friend that the Trial period was extended to further notice, in other words, it's free :lol:

So I thought I'd give it a try, and he said they fixed many things.

I can agree with him that they DID in fact fix a lot of things, for example the UI lag, which was extremely annoying in the beta, the lag in crafting, experience gain and most of all the stupid implementation of the market, but yet, I prefer the Auction House over the market. The difference is that you in the AH you can't see the prices of the "currently" items being sold, but you can see the recent history of what was sold so you can only "guess" the price of item place now, which should be close to the recent history, which gives an advantage over the market, where you can see all the prices available, I know it's good to see them all and just go for the lowest out there, but that will damage the sellers themselves, if, for example there are 20 people selling the same item at the same price, the chance of them choosing your retainer (A person you hire to let them sell the items) is very low, which is 1/20, but in the case of the AH, the money will go to whoever sold the item first, and you'll have a much higher chance because it won't matter whether people keep on adding them once you've already place yours. In here if there are 20 like I said, and 10 more joined in, and you're still there, that will raise it to 1/30.

And you don't even find what you're looking for, in FFXIV it's more like "Depend on yourself and craft your own gear". Which is a good thing, but the market always matters.

For the battle system I haven't had any trouble with it to be honest, it's probably the best thing about the game, being able to change your class whenever and wherever, the experience gain is pretty decent, but only when you do guildleves (quests) and you only can do 8 per 48 hours (I think) that way, SE wants us to focus on things other than leveling our fighting classes.

But the exp gain for crafting and gathering is very slow, you don't get much even if you do guildleves, it takes a lot of time, money and effort to level up a craft, what's good about gathering is it only needs a tool, and just go out there and do your thing, gives you materials for crafting, but requires a lot of time to level up.

But what I like about FFXIV, is that it concentrate on party play as XI did before, if you don't have much free time, you can just login, do a guildleve or two, which you can easily solo, gives good exp, do some crafting or gathering and logout, back in XI, you're always in need for parties in order to get some decent exp.

But there are still many things need to be fixed, the traveling is a pain, still. There is no option for sending items to other characters through mail yet, we have to meet face to face in order to trade, chocos ain't available :( "sniff"

Sooo... for now, I'd give the game a 6.0/10, and I'm waiting for you SE to make it better! :o

Take Care Y'all

D.M. out!

The Terror Returns

Oh wow, it sure has been a while since I posted anything, or checked any blogs xD

I sure do miss all of you and your blogs, and this special P.S goes to soulless4now, I really miss all your randomness blogs xD.

I've been busy with Uni recently, I didn't even have the time to breathe :( now I have a month vacation! it's gonna be full of games! but I'm going to travel for 10 days to Turkey, on 10th of Feb :D I hope to have a great time there!

Well, let me cut the chase and go right to my subject :P

First of all, I'm glad to be back, I'll try "as much as I can" to keep up with your bloggies :P

Well well now, as you can see I've updated my layout, and as the name applies, Isaac Clark has returned, and the nightmare pursues him once again, and it pursues me as well >_>. I've gotta tell you, I never jumped out of my char as much as this before, the atmosphere of Dead Space 2 is much worse than it was before, the graphics is even better, the new types of Necromorphs are scarier than ever. And did I mention that the game is AWESOME?!

I'm not gonna say this is the scariest game, since I've tried Amnesia, I only played about 15 mins, and seriously.. I couldn't play anymore, and the sound wasn't loud, it's still the scariest game I've ever tried.. and I wish to play it, but not now xD I'm not ready yet :lol:

I've reached chapter 6 in Dead Space 2 now, but I stopped, not because I want to, or I'm scared, because I don't want it to finish quickly :(

Well, I really recommend this game to you guys! do NOT miss it, cuz you're missing a lot :P

Take care everyone, and I'll try to keep in touch ;)

Dark Out!

Years and years leading to utter failure

First of all o.o, hello everyone, long time no see :D

It has been quite a while since I logged into gamespot, I've been busy with a lot of things here and there, and I miss you all and the blogs I've been watching and my apologies to those who I don't check their bloggies :P

Anyways, back to the main subject:

From the title you should probably know what I mean; yes, Final Fantasy XIV = 4.0 :lol:

After years of waiting for an improved MMORPG from SE, Final Fantasy XIV falls into a deep, unclimbable hole. Everyone expected the best from a big developer such as SE, so did I.

After playing the Open Beta, I spent a couple of hours and I knew right away that the game is not yet ready to be released. It was full of glitches, glitches that ruin the fun of the game. In every aspect of the game, it lacks something. I'm not saying the game isn't good, it's enjoyable 'IF' only it wasn't for all the bugs and the steep learning curve, the frustrating interface that take hours to get the hang of, and not to mention the amazingly slow lag during the menus, or whatever it is your interacting with, like crafting, harvesting, fishing...etc. If I'm going to talk about all the 'bad' things about the game I'm not gonna finish lol.

If only SE put more effort into the game, it could have been one of the best MMORPGs, but instead, they made it one of the worst. It clearly shows that SE are doing it for the income isntead of satisfying their fans.

They say the game will be showered with patches regarding all the buggy things about it, but a game this bad won't climb up easily with just patches. We hope they learn from their mistakes (which they never do), and deliver a better FFXIV when it comes on the PS3.

Sorry to disappoint all those who've been waiting for FFXIV, but seriously, don't ever think about getting it 'yet'. I was disappointed myself; as I was a long-time FFXI player, I hoped for the best to come, but meh :(

Well everyone, enjoy whatever it is you're doing :D

Take care ;)

-Dark out!-

I'm back! SMG2 and E3 impression

Boy, that feels like such a long time o_o

So hello everyone, how have you been? :D

I haven't been active for a month or so, I've been very busy with my project, final exams and bleh XD. I finally finished yesterday! I actually did good, some exams were somewhat hard, like the programming test. So in this semester my GPA should go above 2.0 or I'll get my 3rd and final warning and be kicked out :( so wish me luck everyone! The marks will be out in 24th, I'm really nervous about this ;_;

Well, enough about that! I'd like to talk about the E3 a little bit. I'll have to be honest, even though I'm a Sony fan-boy. The Nintendo seriously did it this time, with those big and surprising annoucements from Donkey Kong Countrey, to Kid Icarus, Kirby Epic Yarn and the mind-shocking Nintendo 3DS! And those many great games coming on it, like MGS 3, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in 3D!! that will be amazing! :shock: I was literally speechless during the whole conference.

About the Sony, they had some good stuff, like 3D Killzone 3, 3D Crysis 2, 3D Final Fantasy XIV which will be epic! The move seems pretty good for FPS games, Dead Space extractions is a great announcements! supporting the move as well. Portal 2, inFamous 2, and at LAST! what I've been waiting for... "no, it's not Twisted Metal :P " it's Patapon 3! I seriously love that game, it's simply amazing. And it's coming on Sep this month :shock: oh and of course, the big hit and big surprise from Sony is Twisted Metal, which will definitely please a huge amount of Sony fans, and give the old fans a chance to come back.

Well, I don't really care about Microsoft and Xbox, so I don't have anything to say about Microsoft :P

Now I'd like to talk about SMG 2 since I've been playing it recently, now don't hate me Nintendo fans if I you didn't like what I have to say :P

I'll be honest, it still has it's special touch, the great graphics and the fun and entertaining gameplay. Although, I feel as if there was not a big change in the game during it's first half. It still feels as Super Mario Galaxy, there are many easy and short stages that don't feel like it was developed by the great, big N. Some stages seem shallow and as same as the previous game. The new abilities are great though, the drill and the rock, but I didn't find anything special about the cloud mario, and I really miss the Freeze Flower, why did they remove it! it was one of my favorites. Adding Yoshi is a great step, it's really fun and adds a whole new perspective to the gameplay. There are many great stages actually, but I just don't see the "perfrecness" in the game. And one thing I'd like to say, why the hell is Bowser fight always the same!?! All the other bosses are great but why, why and WHY Bowser doesn't change?! Are they out of ideas? Nintendo is never out of ideas. I'm sorry Nintendo fans, I just don't see anything perfect about the game, it definitely doesn't deserve a 10, just see the user score, from 10 to 9.1? Isn't that a bit strange?

Well, I think I said enough XD. Anyways, it's good to be back! and I'll try to be more active this time, with posting top tens, and whatever comes to my mind :P

Until next time, take care ;)

Peaceful Days are Over: Let's Survive!

Ever since I played Persona 3 and Persona 4 (Not finished yet) I've been a big fan of Shin Megami Tensei series.

The first Shin Megami was based on a novel and was released on the Famicom, it was called Digital Devil Monogatari: Megami Tensi. And it was a First-Person RPG, the fans call it MegaTen. It is similar to EtrainOdyssey and as we've seen recently, Atlus has released Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey which brought back the true genre of the series back to life.

Shin Megami Tensei was first released on the SNES, which was a sequel of the two Megami Tensei games on the Famicom.

I lot of SMT releases came out after that, on the PSone and the PS2.

On 1996 the first Persona game came out, which drastically changed the SMT formula.

Persona 2 was split into two versions (Innocent Sin "Japan Only") and (Eternal Punishment "US Release of Innocent Sin") But most of the fans claim that Innocent Sin is better than Eternal Punishment, I can't say since I haven't played any :P

On 2007 Persona 3 was released, it was without a doubt one of the best RPG games the PS2 has ever seen. The game has changed completely since the previous Persona games. It has Great (Story, Characters and Gameplay) what more do you want? :P

The last SMT game that was released on the PS2 is Persona 4, which is, according to most Critist/Fans, is much better than Persona 3. I personally haven't finished Persona 4 yet, but I definitely will!

Well this isn't actually what I wanted to talk about :P I just thought of writing an brief introduction about the series.

--- Shin Megami Tensi: Devil Survivor Review ---

The first SMT to come on the DS is Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. And it's a strategy game, quite different from what we've seen from the series.

When I first played the game, there was a lot of talking and little gameplay, I didn't enjoy it much so I just forgot about it. And a friend of mine played it and said it was very hard but he thinks it's as good as Final Fantasy Tactics, well that's a good motivation to play it, but still considering it a hard game, I didn't bother. And another friend also claimed it's very hard and he just couldn't stand it.

So that's it, I didn't play the game for a long time. But recently I was looking into my DS games collection and I noticed it, and I said "what the hell! a little challenge won't hurt :D" and the more I progressed the more I got addicted to the game.

It's quite amazing, the cast of characters is great, and how the story connects between each of them is unique and interesting. I've never seen a strategy game like this before. Your main characters are 3, but you bump into a lot of characters into the game that you think they're not a big deal. But when you get to the end you see the connection each character has to the story.

The gameplay is superb, it's a typical strategy game; move, attack, end. But the game is about strategy and wise thinking, it's about where you move your character, what kind of attacks to use on each enemey. Each team has the main character and two demons assisting you. When a demon dies you can summon another (if you have any available). But if the main character dies the demons are unusable, you won't have to revive the demons but the main character will disappear from the field, and you'll have to revive him/her. Each character has three types of skills, and here is where the strategy comes in.

Command Skills: The skills that you use to attack/support. Such as magic and attack skills.

Passive Skills: The skills that support the character, such as HP+, MP+, or Nullifying a certain element.. etc.

Auto Skills: The skills that trigger when you encounter your enemey, for example: Hit/Evd up 25%; so at the beginning of the battle your Hit and Evasion will increase by 25%

And there are many skills to learn in each set. The most important skills to consider are Passive Skills. If you're up against a bunch of Fire-users, you'll have to be prepared with Anti-Fire skills, there are four types of Anti-Element skills.

Anti"Elem", which gives you a strong resistance against the element.
Null"Elem", which Nullifies any damage from that element.
Repel"Elem", which repels any attack from that element at your enemy.
Drain"Elem", which drains any attack by that element.

And there is also Phys Drain, Null, Repel and Anti.

There are many other factors that influence your gameplay, but I don't want to get into that, as it will be a long, boring blog :lol:

The game has a great reply value, when you reach the end you you have to choose a path depending on the choices you've made throughout the game. There are 5 paths to choose, so that means 5 endings. And after you finish the game, you get a NewGame+ option, where you get all your demons, macca (currency) and skills. Which makes the second playthrough much easier and faster than the first, and of course.. better!

You can have your revenge on every little sneaky ****ing @sshole mothafuka! that annoyed you in the first time! :lol: I think I went too far XD

And I highly recommend every Strategy RPG fan to not miss this game. You will have some difficulty troubles at the end but you don't regret it.

Anyways, my score for the game is:

Gameplay: 9.5
Story: 9.5
Graphics: 9.0
Value: 10
Music: 9.0

Overall: 9.4

My Top 10 Animes (Part 2)

As promised, this is my second part of the top list

Sooo let me get started! I'll try to make it a short blog, I'm not in the mood to write a lot :lol: I just came back from Uni, and I'm soo tired >_>


- Number 5 -

FullMetal Alchemist

It's a story about two brothers who try to resurrect their mother using Alchemy, but things go wrong.. and bad things happen.. it's a touching story of the brothers relationship and the events and difficulties they face in their strange journey together.

I'm talking about the first season, I've been meaning to watch Brotherhood since it's the actual story of the manga, but I'm waiting for it to completely finish :D

- Number 4 -


Maybe some people wouldn't like the idea of Bleach being number 4, since many people love it. Since I've only seen the first season, about 60 episodes or so. Even though, I loved it a lot, and it's definitely one of my top 5.

I really don't know what to say about bleach.. it's been a while since I've seen it. It's a story about a dude (the one with the yellow hair in the front) Kurosaki Ichigo. Who accidentally obtains the power of a Soul Reaper, or a Grim Reaper, who can then slay Hollows, monster-like thingies, and protecting the humans. And guiding departed souls to the afterlife.

- Number 3 -

D.Gray Man

D.Gray-Man is one of the best supernatural, Si-Fi animes I've watched so far.

The story is about a guy "Allen Walker" who turns his father into a demon without realizing it. And the villain behind this is the Millinum Earl "called Sennin Hakshaku" in Japanese. And thus, Allen gains the ability to slay demons and lay their souls to rest, and also, unlike the other Exorcists (people who can kill Demons) he has the ability to recognize the demons. Since demons take the part of human bodies, nobody can suspect who's a demon and who's not.

So the adventure continues while Allen pursues his father's killer to get his revenge.

- Number 2 -

Death Note

A normal college guy, who's very clever and always gets high grades happens to find a notebook in his college. The notbook is called Death Note. And he finds out that if you write a person's name that you know his face in the notebook. They will die in 40 secs in any way you write it to be..

A suspense thriller that will keep you on your toes, you won't stop once you've started. This anime will take you on a ride that you've never experienced before.

- Numbeeeeeerrrrrrr One! -

I'm sure many people would guess what number 1 is :P

The Chronicles of Uzumaki Naruto

or just Naruto :P

Naruto takes you into the story of a boy "Uzumaki Naruto" who constantly tries to get recognition from his friends and the village. And his life-time dream is to become a Hokage (The leader and most powerful ninja of the village). But does he have what it takes to become one..? Watch it and find it for yourself :D

That's all for today, I hope you liked my list.

P.S. to one Piece Fans: don't say anything, I haven't seen it yet :P I know One Piece and Naruto are supposedly the best animes out there, and I will watch One Piece someday :D

I'll see you next time with a new list.. probably top 10 games of the decade :P

Until then, take care ;)