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Just drop the price!!!

It seems with the announcement of the Elite, there has been no announcement of a price drop.

so are they waiting for it to come out???

cause I need that price drop more than anything 

Trials and tribulation

The title of the 3rd Phoenix Wright game, and it couldnt have come at a better time. The best news of the day!!!

Also the 360 fund has reached $410,  so only $159.99 to go :cry:

GTAIV trailer

SO the trailer came out and it looks fantastic!!!! I didnt see it live but my computer clock was set later so I was screwed.

DMC4 goes away

As you may all know Sony has once again lost another exclusive and that pretty much guarantees that im getting a 360 in the future.

In other bad news my DS lite now has a cracked hinge.

Snowy update

Lets just say its pretty crazy out there and it dont looks like its gonna stop anytime soon.  Also I need to get out there to see if my copy of Bleach DS 2nd has arrived.

Its shipping!!!

My order on Play-Asia has just shipped and its Bleach DS 2!!!!!! Also I get the day off due to no buses today. Can the day get any better???

EDIT: I was wrong there are buses DAMN IT!!!!

going old school....

back in the day when I didnt play RPGs I missed a true classic.  But now thanks to Square Enix I get to play FFVI Advance and I am loving it so far!!!!