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yesterday i got return to castle wolfenstein and doom 3 on pc for $5 a great deal right their both great games. they were in great condition and look great. my xbox 360 has been broken for almost two weeks now and i havent played any video games since yesterday. yesterday i went back on steam if youve got a steam account tell me what it is and ill friend you.

yesterday i saw the roast of david hasselhoff there were tons of celeberties and some really good jokes

my first blog in a long time

well i borrowed batman arkham asylum from my friend so far its great. the gameplay is done right theres combos you can upgrade and gadgets to unlock its a great batman game. the cutscenes look great theres also challenge maps to unlock and leaderbords for it. if they could add something to it, it should be co op it would be cool to do challenge maps or campain in co op. but its still a great game.

i also got family guy volume 8 its was worth the money i finished watching all three disks and im watching it through again. theres 15 episodes and alot of deleted scences.

are you excited for black ops im not

well there was alot that was at e3 tons of games previews and so on and theres also the new season of futurama coming up soon and tosh.o is back to finish up the last few episodes for the season. theres plenty of shows starting up in the fall like south park, family guy, american dad (but i wont be watching the cleveland show i think it $uck$ cleveland should run back to quahog. sometimes ill watch the simpsons but i dont keep up with it anymore.)theres also call of duty black ops and im sorry but i wont get it i doubt the call of duty series will ever end i even traded in modern warfare 2 so thats a fact that im done with call of duty. i wont forget captain price or nazi zombies considering i got suckerd into buying all three map packs but i played them alot. tell me what you think on call of duty do you think the series isnt worth playing anymore or are you exited for black ops?

top 5 most underrated games ever

5N+ Boxshot

N+ is a great platformer game one of the best in my opinion. Its a fun game, a repititive game, also an instant clasic.

4Sonic Heroes Boxshot.

There has been tons of bad sonic game over the years but this one is tons of fun and it seems good enough to be called sonic adventure 3. And in my opinion this is one of the last good sonic games after this one shadow the hedgehog came and sonic riders, sonic the hedgehog 2006. So sonic heros was forgotten quickly.

3Call of Duty 3 Boxshot

Call of duty 3 is some how the most forgotten call of duty game. People have played cod 2,4,5,6 maybe 1. Cod 3 may not be as good as cod 2 but it still has a fun campain and is still agreat call of duty game.

2 Wolfenstein Boxshot

Wolfenstein deserves a place on the list for all the low scores it recieved like 6.5 out of 10 and the highest score it recieved was a 7.5 id did a great job on it i give it an 8.5. The only reason why it was forgotten was because everyone was playing world at war and it came out a few months before modern wafare 2 so people were saving there money for it.

1MadWorld Boxshot

In my opinion this is the most underrated game one of the reasons was because it was on the wii and we all know by now how far violent games go on the wii. This felt like gears of war on the wii with a chainsaw and crazy executions. I wish they could bring this game to xbox 360 and playstation 3 where it would get more appreateation. But for me atleast it wont be forgotten.

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