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    I part with 3 titles

    I gave awayMarvel Super Heroes (PS1)Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3(PS2)Rocky (PS2)to someone else who might get more use out of those titlesalso loaning out official playstation magazine discs 3, already out ...

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    Star Wars Battlefront (xb1)

    Got it on sale with deals with Gold for just $6.00 oh my bad this is the Ultimate Edition with all the dlc season pass.played a bit with EA access, bought the game and had a bunch more stuff become av...

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    PS4 wanted games

    No I don't have a PS4, yetbut since I refused to get a PC copy when I helped fund Shenmue III, i'll eventually will get a PS4Still i'm not in a hurry to do so seeing how that game won't be ready until...

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    2 games are playable again.

    I took them to big top flea mark, and had them resurfaced I did the same for Project Gotham Racing last year? I think but thistime it was 2 360 games, thing was they both got scratched the same way, I...

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    Return from a Cruise and the 360 backward compatibility sale.

    May 18th - May 22nd I was on a Carnival Cruise with my Church People for Christ Ministries we went to left Miami then to Key West and off to Cozumel Mexico and then back to Miami fun times.purchased a...

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    May the Fourth 2017

    Work showed a Star Wars filmhad a foam ligtsaber duels, coloring and snacks for the film.Got home played The Force Unleashed (360), and Soul Calibur IV (360) as Darth Vader, The Apprentice story modes...

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    Logan movie short review.

    Seen on 3/10/2017All those who complained about the lack of blood in the previous standalone Wolverine film won't have a reason to make that complaint again.Brief Synopsis.The is 2029 Logan is working...

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    Deals with Gold finds

    about 2 weeks ago I got 2 new(er) pinball FX2 table sets Marvels women of power and the Aliens tables and purchasedDragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi and DragonBall Z Battle of Z all on sale at the time...

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    Xbox Gold Deal of last week

    I got Raiden V (XB1) for 12.50!

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    Akai Katana 360

    Determined not to lose any live money I took a chance and got deals with gold game Akai Katana for $4.99was a little confused at first most shooters give you a option to see how the game is played whe...

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    Expiring xbox live points

    Having received a warning that $10.05 in microsoft points were expiring Oct 8th ,16 I spent 7.50 on that on the Bandai Namco sale and got tales of vesparia and eternal sonato will probably wait til ne...

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    Recent purchase: Strider

    Actually I got it with my bing points, I rarely purchased games when my console was down knowing I would not get to play but for a few minutes but when it was on sale for cheap I went for it, I also g...

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    Finally the 360 Slim is fixed

    No more console shutting down after 15 mins and staying off of Live for fear of being called a 'quitter' took me 2 years to do it, but my console work again.Now to renew Gold to keep the games with go...

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    Pier Solar HD

    I was a backer for the kickstarter and I got it for the Dreamcast i'm posting this really late I got about a month after Ghost Blade and still have, yet to give the game a serious go.New Year blog! so...

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    Ghost Blade (hooray another NEW DC game!)

    had it since October 1st, actually it stopped by on the September 30th but had to pick it up.I'm not the greatest shump player (did I even say that right?) in the time i've had the game i've barely go...

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    Been awhile and may be even longer

    My laptop died so I haven't been able to hangout at my online hangouts Iike I usually do and it will probably be even longer before that's corrected.xbox 360 S power brick was making funny (LOUD) nois...

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    To stack or not to stack I really liked the game collection before the they (gamespot) redid the site I had aphabetical order and ...