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5 Ways Monster Hunter World is Just Dark Souls: Hunter Edition

With the new craze of Monster Hunter World, you can easily get lost in the beauty of it all. The vast jungles, the epic boss battles, and the farming for materials to get that awesome weapon. But this beauty seems oddly similar, wait. Dark Souls had the same amount of beauty, just far more terrifying. What if Monster Hunter World is just a prettier version of Dark Souls? Don't think so? Let's go over some key reasons (And ones that might exist in other games as well).

The open world

The allure of Monster Hunter World is the expanse that you can cover. You can go anywhere you wish and find various monsters and items a long the way. Dark Souls is no different. Though there is a story element to it that kind of leads your hand, you can explore in any direction you wish. Now, the monsters you encounter in Dark Souls might kill you outright, but that is no different than Monster Hunter World. The open world concept is just as inspiring in both these games, but also just as daunting and terrifying. You never know what you'll run into.

No hand-holding

From the get go, you have no idea what you're doing in either of these games. No one tells you how to swing a sword, how to drink a potion, or even how to dodge and roll. And if they do give you any help, it is extremely overwhelming. My very first combat in Dark Souls I didn't know how to dodge and I got smacked by the boss three times. Dead. Monster Hunter World is no different. You need to look up everything and anything. You need a guide just to know how to charge up the charge sword, or how to use the bow correctly. Even where to find certain items, the game gives you no leads. And monsters kill you just as easily if you don't know what to do.

Boss fight mechanics

Many of the bosses are extremely difficult, in the fact that in both these games you have to dodge mechanics. It brings almost a realistic approach to actually fighting these creatures. They would actually crush anyone immediately if they were to fight them. So one could say that they are unforgiving even? I would like to say they are realistic, as was stated before write my essay. The fights also have a hard learning curve, making you having to learn on the fly. Though most of the boss fights in these games are awe striking and cool, they can be horrifying at the same time.


Almost every mechanic, whether boss fight or not, can kill you instantly. As I said before about being realistic, not everything is fair in either of these games. You will get one shot by the most absurd B.S. that will ever happen. Walk over a plant, dead. Out of range of an attack, dead from shock wave. These games can be truly unforgiving and you need to be perfect, very much like real life, in your execution of fighting some of the powerful creatures. Your life literally depends on how you execute in these games.


A cool mechanic of Monster Hunter World is being able to meet up with other hunters and take down larger bosses as a team. Reap the rewards in numbers right? Well, sounds very similar to Dark Souls. Though you cant actually kill each other like Dark Souls, you can definitely screw each other over with three deaths in an encounter. Easy grieving to other players huh? In both games, the multiplayer aspect can be helpful or extremely tallish and harmful. Watch out for those random joins.