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THE GOLDEN RULE more like golden garbage.

The golden rule you know the saying treat people like you would want to be treated well i treat people like gold and i dont get the respect back why cause i play video games . if your in middle or elementary school every single boy acts the same as in that they all play sports and such. What i think of sports is that people need to realise that sports is more damageing to your body then video games. Video game u sit and look at a screen all day talk chat play have fun in sports u get hurt and injured what is so lame about this is. all the people in school that dont provide us with game informer and provide us with sports garbage garbage AND MORE GARBAGE . If your differnet and like the things that i like as in video games and death metal and heavy metal then make way you will pretty much get made fun of like it or not you will . I treat people with respect but because i am differnet i dont get the respect that i need . WHY DONT YOU GET OF PLAYING SPORTS AND SIGN UNDER HEAR TO BAN SPORTS AT SCHOOL EVERYWHERE LEAVE A COMMENT OR LEAVE A MESSAGE IF YOU ACCEPT OR DECLINE.

dragonfable and runescape and funorb made by runescape and jagex not jetix.

if you dont know what dragonfable is ,its a mmorpg game thats free but if you want better weapon and such there is pretty much no one who can beat me on it my name is noonein2 on dragonfable im a level 40 max level you can get it in the game u can find the game on my other account in the other game is runescape my username is the same but feel free to add me if u will my level on runescape is 80 not max level u can get in game but close u can find the game at funorb is from the producers that made runescape the site is pretty fun but only 30 games to choose from im pretty good at chess prepare to lose my username is also noonein2 feel free to comment.

10 commandments.

1. thou shall play 24 hours of video games.

2.thou shall not play big rigs over the road racing.

3.thou shall not watch super mario bros movie or the wizard movie 5 times.

4.thou shall spend more time on star wars.

5.thou shall TASTE GODS raith (bOOM explosion scene ).

6.thou shall play wii and and PC.

7.thou shall not leave negative comments on my youtube page.

8.thou shall enjoy playing video games.

9.thou shall play a mmo game at least.

10.thou shall i dont know what comes next.

redline u mean deadline(aka my thoughts)

awww look at that enzo awww.

this movie is a bad movie why u meant ask. the plot is really stupid throught the open of ten minutes to this movie are equal to a = gurgle choking infested heart attack the guy pays 1,000,000 for his medication thats right i said 1 million dollars. after the million dollar medication we go to the airport where these gangsters come and attack this guy in a ferrari they should of called this movie.ATTACK OF THE FERRARI MEDICATION GANGSTERS. really so then they win racing and The world comes to a end.its like ok gangsters i know u dont have a 200,000 ferari but life is unfair deal with it (chokes guy).

1/5 i hoped u liked it see ya.i know gangsters i know what u go through.

how to get scar-ed for life for dummies.

to get scared for life u have to watch the most baddest tv shows.

that gets rated the lowest,step 2 get a miley cryus album or britney spears album.

step 3 watch fake sci fi shows that get low rateings.

step 4 watch really bad movies like super mario bros or batman and robin.

bam! pow! lame!

step 5 do what i did only 50 times better.

now u know how to get scared for life.

favorite band! |m/

favorite band yes i do have one.

i personally like heavy metal sum rap.

my favorite bands are

metallica,system of a down ,scars on broadway, nirvana,serj tankian,insane clown posse, twiztid,korn, limp bixkit, tool,megadeth, iron maiden, so on.

plzz comment back.

worst movie ever hmm let me think.

its probally the ben and arthur considering that its about.

sorry guys but i cant say it on gamespot.its ahhhh to aww lame to say really do u want me to get banned yes or no. so wats yours.

scared for life is not cool kids ok dont watch it.

gracias megos.