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No DX11 in Crysis 2? It's a joke, right?

After the Fallout New Vegas bugged release fiasco, I've decided not to preorder ever again. Not that it's a bad game, but you must agree, there were more bugs in FNV than in your backyard. The patience has already paid off, the lack of DirectX 11 in Crysis 2 is beyond pathetic. I've been hearing it's still coming in a patch, I'll just wait until it does before laying my hands on it.

Discovered Bulletstorm

Just saw a preview video of Bulletstorm, looks pretty promissing. Graphics look Crysis-like and action Borderlands-like only with more kicking and some man-eating plants. Details are still scarce. The game is scheduled to be released in Q1 of next year.

FEAR 3 is coming out

Good mother of mercy, FEAR 3 is coming out! I'm trembling in fear... I mean, of anxiety. Sweeeeet. I've played them all, even the short but intense FEAR2 DLC Project Origin Reborn. This one is definetely on my list.

Ubisoft's abysmal DRM

I've read a number of articles online as well as in printed medium such as PC Gamer and Maximum PC about Ubisort's abysmal copy protection system. A lot of people are pissed off about it. First of all, Ubisoft's DRM is way too restrictive. It requres a constant internet connection during the entire gameplay even in single player missions. Secondly, their DRM servers are having constant technical problems. Many gamers are reporting of being kicked off in the middle of a game because either they had a connection hiccup (Wi-Fi users are most susceptible) or Ubisoft's DRM server went offline. Besides, not everybody has a reliable or even a high-speed conneciton. What about those people? And what about if I want to take my legally-purchased 60-dollar game on the road with no Internet connection available at all? And by the way, what happens after a few years when Ubisoft decides to take down DRM support for an out of print and out of support game? What happens if I want to replay it then?

I've decided to stop purchasing Ubisoft games until they change their copy protection mechanism. I don't want to depend on their dubious and unreliable DRM system. When I spend my $60 on a game, I want to own it, not rent it from a publisher. It's a shame though, some of my most favorite games such as FarCry and Rainbow Six series came from Ubisoft.

How Ubisoft screwed Settlers 7

Wanted to get Settlers 7 (was a huge fan of Settler III back in the day), went to read user reviews and the first thing that caught my eye were complaints about the most intrusive DRM yet. Bad enough it requires a constant internet connection even for single palyer missions, their DRM servers are having connection issues literally on the daily basis. Every time there's a problem, a game crashes mid-level. Nice. I went on Amazon and bought a 3-year old Settlers 6 instead, saved myself $40 and some headache. Perhaps after a year or 2 after Ubisoft removes DRM from Settlers 7 I'll finally buy it for a bargain price. Way to punish your paying customers and keep potential buyers out with bad DRM!

New gaming rig

Got my brand new and shiny gaming rig 2 weeks ago. Screw Intel and Nvidia (actually, I haven't got anything against Nvidia), I went with 2 underdogs, AMD's AM3 810 and ATI's Radeon 4870 x2. I'm catching up on games I bought last year but had to suffer playing on mid settings. Now I'm blasting through FarCry 2 and Crysis with all settings maxed out. What a difference indeed! Next will be Assassin's Creed and STALKER ClearSky, and then I'm off to stocking up on my wish list. Fallout 3 is waaaaaaaaay overdue on my hard drive.