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Got Madden 08!

The game is great. The graphics improved a little bit, but it's noticable. The controls changed from what I liked, but it's easy to get used to. For some reason it's easier than 07. There are updated rosters (obviously), in Hall of Fame mode you can be a real rookie. But sadly when you make you guy you can't customize his build (or at least I didn't). All the teams are in the 80's in stats though. The game is great overall, and I might write a review soon. I'm going to go play it now!

Transformers: THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!

I watched Transformers on Friday and it was the best movie ever!!!! Everything was amazing, amazing action, great fight scenes, the Transformers looked beautiful, it was really funny, it had a great storyline, and everything was sick. You will die laughing at some of the things they say, and the whole movie was the best part of my almost 13 year-old life. There was nothing bad other than one of my favorites died. If you don't mind me telling you some spoilers, I will, but otherwise you should just go watch it. Correction. You HAVE to watch it. Jazz has one of the most random funny lines ever, and you'll never expect them. This is a must see, a must buy, perfect.


Man, I can't wait for Transformers the movie and game to come out! I've loved Transformers (like my most favoritetist shows and toys and everything ever) Almost my whole life! The Original, Beasties, Beast Wars, Armada and all the other ones! I can't wait to see it and then get the game and for my first time ever actually PLAY a Transformer! I've never played the PS2 game, so you can imagine my excitement! I can't wait! How about you!?

I am now officially Popular!!!!!

I had waited for this moment ever since I saw the emblem in the Emblem's Union and in like 400,000 people's profile. I'm popular! I got 53 friends as of now, and hopefully I'll get more! I also got the Tagger Dubbler or Dabber or something. Update on my life: I am now on the last campaign of MOH Vanguard. After a long drought of not playing Wii, which lasted about a few weeks, I beat a campaign. And the last one is hard, there's a hidden MG-47 (like the most frightenening gun in the game to your troops, they start yelling: "MG-47!" or "They're reloading the MG-47!", but I don't find it hard to kill them normally, easy targets, but a new guy always goes to it when one dies) which I can't find, I saw it once, but it started shooting and I ran for cover and went back after gaining some hgealth, but got hit by a grenade smack on (It always happens, there's like one spot with a mine where when I step there {I think it's there, or I just suck} I blow up. There's a lot of grenades there). That's pretty much it, I play basketball with my frioends outside, and GO PISTONS, GO DUCKS!

I got MOH: Vanguard!

That's right, I got Medal of Honour: Vanguard for my Wii! Even though people say it's ba, I went against them. I'm done the first campaign already, it's not long. When I got it at the beginning, I was so frustrated with the controls. The parachuting lasts a little while, but it's pretty fun. The controls take some getting used to, mainly the aiming part. They aren't all that bad, after a while everything is normal except the grenade throwing. It's pretty fun, I don't see any reason to give it a 5.5. You should actually try it, it's fun, or rent it, and if you do, don' get pissed off at the gam because of the controls and stop playingit. Get used to them, they work pretty well. Don't use too many other gestures though, they aren't so reactive. And almost ALWAYS kill the Nazis with yous scope thing. It's much better and easier, adn sometimes when shooting adn you hit, it doesn't kill them. That's all for now, I have to do homework and beat my first ever shooting game! (I have played them many times at ym friend's houses).

I'm Toobin' and convival

Yeah, well now I am level thirteen, after a long few weeks. And I got 21 friends so I'm convival too:). I'm still waiting ffor Vanguard's review to see if it's better than the Godfather and choose one. That's all I have to say toay, so, bye!

I'm getting a Game

I'm getting a new game in the next two weeks, and I don't know which one to get. The two that I have narrowed it down to: Medal of Honour: Vanguard or The Godfather: Blackhand Edition. Which one should I get?

Finally Pro in everything in Wii Sports!

Well, it took me this long, but I finally did it. I am pro in all Wii Sports sports! Trust me, it gets hard when you're playing boxing and getting pro. Especially when you face someone with 2000 skill. The other sports are easier, especially golf. So, did anyone else get pro in all the sports?

I didn't get any new games, still just Madden, NFS and wIi Sports. I'm waiting for Medal Of Honour: Vanguard and Supper Smash Bros. Brawl (when is that coming out?!). If you know any good games for Wii, tell me and I'll check them out. Anyone else get new games?

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