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Happy Birthday To Me!

Yes this past weekend was the annual event known worldwide as "My Birthday". The festival enjoyed its 23rd year this year with many in attendance. :D HaHa

Enough messing around, as you've probably already gathered it was my 23rd birthday this week and the importance of this from a gaming prespective is two-fold.

Firstly, Birthday + Gifts = Games (Usually)....and fortunately this year was no exception. I received Devil May Cry 4 as a gift this year and although I have only played it for around 1 hour 30 mins I can honestly say that I am loving it. SO far, I've completed mission 3 and I have to say my fears about the introduction of a new character to the series (Nero) have been quashed as the guy is awesome. Not quite up there with Dante, but the amazing cutscene at the beginning of the game were the two of them go at it, is stylishly OTT!! Am a fan of the series since the original and I'm more than impressed with this latest offering.

Secondly, I took a week's paid leave from work, meaning that there should be extra time for gaming. Now if am being honest, I probably haven't quite had as much time as I wud have liked, I have still managed to get some good time on CoD 4 (Veteran Campaign + Multiplayer), Fifa 08 (Multiplayer), DMC 4 (as mentioned above) and a selection of XBLA titles.

So all in all good news from me. The only bit of disappointment has come from Guitar Hero 3. Me and the g/f completed our Co-Op career with me as Lead and her as Bass, but we didn't receive the Lead and Bass achievements for this. I have looked around online in the forums etc. but no-one else has reported any problems unlocking these achievements, so am not so sure were exactly we have gone wrong. I have checked on xbox360achievements.org aswell and we have done everything the guide describes! :(

Ah-well never mind. Till next time...