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  • CyberRobotnix wrote a review of Hyrule Warriors.
    User Rating 4
    Good idea, badly executed

    I honestly found Hyrule Warrior to be an excellent idea, but like EXTREMELY BADLY EXECUTED.First of all, the animations are not top notch, (It's not that big of a deal, but it's still something).Secon...

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  • CyberRobotnix wrote a review of Destiny 2.
    User Rating 3
    Thank you for nothing EA

    The game should deserve 9/10, but EA (a.k.a I love money the corporation) ruined it, so it's straight up 3/10.There's absolutely no fun in this game because you always get buttraped by other players. ...

  • CyberRobotnix wrote a review of Hello Neighbor.
    User Rating 1
    The unique likable thing with this game is the neighbourg reminding me of A Hat In Time

    I'm giving it a 1/10 because the neighbourg looks like the mafia guy from A Hat In Time.(Also, it should have deserved a 0/10)Because it is glitchy, boring, uncreative and overall outright terrible.Go...

  • CyberRobotnix wrote a review of Sonic Unleashed.
    User Rating 9
    Not a bad game, just a bit too hard for many

    This game has many good things, notably a great ost, good graphics and a good story.The werehog is also great.My problems however are how fast Sonic is and sometimes the level design makes the game e...

  • CyberRobotnix wrote a review of Sonic Colours.
    User Rating 9
    Too many colours 7.8/10 IGN

    Pros:-The ost is nice.-This game has brand new levels with creative ideas, basically the likes Unleashed, Sonic 06 or Sonic The Secret Ring.-The game is well balanced in terms of difficulty.Cons:-The...

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  • CyberRobotnix wrote a review of Gone Home.
    User Rating 2
    Not a game, just some bollocks

    Pretty hard to rate this "game" accurately. To me, it's not even a game, but a boring simulator, even Twilight is probably more interesting than that piece of junk, YES I SAID IT!The unique reasons th...

  • CyberRobotnix wrote a review of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D.
    User Rating 8
    Interesting new gimmicks, but still a rehash with nothing special

    The game is a rehash of OOT with a few new gimmicks and a story centered on masks.The issue with the game being nothing special other than a rehash by a fan (do researches, it's literally a fan game m...

  • CyberRobotnix wrote a review of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.
    User Rating 6
    A terrible sequel to Wind Waker

    This game was disgustingly disappointing in every way. Which is even more true when you think that this could have been an excellent sequel to Wind Waker.The controls are janky. You need to use the to...

  • CyberRobotnix wrote a review of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD.
    User Rating 10
    Great underrated Zelda game

    I generally don't support HD remaster of Nintendo's games because it is a cheap money grab tbh, however I am not dissatisfied to play this game on the WII U than playing it on a Gamecube emulator (Who...

  • CyberRobotnix rated jcunningham368's review for iAn awesome interactive sic-fi epic, as not helpful.
  • CyberRobotnix wrote a review of Fur Fun (Early Access).
    User Rating 1
    Fur fun? More like Furfag fun amiright?

    This game is such a piece of crap made by a retard that cannot handle criticism.It has awful voice acting. It has broken physics. You can go through the ground whenever and wherever you want. The game...

  • CyberRobotnix wrote a review of Sonic Adventure.
    User Rating 4
    What a wonderful shit.

    This game is dreadful glitchfest without anything good or interesting, it is your typical bad Sonic game.The unique good thing with it being the soundtrack.Some stages are boring.Also gotta love how n...

  • CyberRobotnix wrote a review of Sonic Adventure 2.
    User Rating 7
    Game is a mixed bag for me

    I'm really mixed on this question: Is this game good?Yes and nah.Pros:-The Chao Garden was undoubtedly one of the best things in this game-It had an interesting story.-It had excellent bosses.Cons:-G...

  • CyberRobotnix wrote a review of Life Of Black Tiger.
    User Rating 1
    How did this Playstation 1 game ended up being on a Playstation 4?!

    There's nothing and I will repeat NOTHING good with this pile of junk.To begin with, it is the ugliest PS4 game I have ever seen, this is literally the same graphical quality you can find on a Playsta...

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  • CyberRobotnix wrote a review of Mass Effect: Andromeda.
    User Rating 1
    Is this the modern Sonic 06?

    This game is a glitchfest with awfully animated models and had very high price.However, it has a couple of good musics and kinda a cool story. This game reminds me a lot of Sonic 06. (And I guess tha...