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Welcome to 2007!

Happppppy New Year all! I hope everyone partied hard last night and was able to stay awake for the New Year, because I did and it was pretty sweeet!

Also, I would like to say Happy be-lated Christmas to all. I hope everyone had a great one of those too! Mine was pretty dead but, what can you do about it. :( Nothing.

And I apologize for my very long un-noted absence. I do not promise I am back for good but I will try and make more appearences to my unions and stuff of that sort. Thank you to all who have taken this without offence. :D

Blogs Are Getting Boring.

Yep, it has been a very long while since I have made on of these things. Why? Because they are kinda pointless... And I really do not just feel like making one of thee everytime something good happen (or bad). Like how some people make a 5 word blog. I cannot stand that. But that is just me. So that is why I make blogs when I have multiple things to say. But d o not worry, I will continue making blogs, just not as often as I used to. So that sums that up to those who think I might be dead (or addicted to my Wii).

Anyways, what has happened since last time... Oh yes, level 23! Yay. If I were in level 20 still, I would be at like one third done. Yikes. But ti is still great to see my level grow 4-5% a day.

Also, what is up with this Turkey emblem. I think it is pretty dumb, and I am not an American, but I just think of getting it way back then for the Canadian Thanksgiving.

More emblem stuff. I have accumulated two other emblems for watching the PS3 and the Wii launches. I did not even mean to get the PS3 one, but they gave it to me, so I told myself at all means, I have to get the Wii one because I did not want to look like a Sony lover. Because that is sure not damn true. I would be ashamed to have that title!!

Now to the boards. I am well past 4k posts, and in a week I will have 4.5k posts. Yes, that is good, but the greatness shall come when I hit that 5k mark! I will hold a party here at my blog, when I make one for 5k posts, and I will bake cookies, and provide the drinks for all who come! You are likeing that, arn't you! ;)

I have accumulated a few more games to my collection, with FFIII and Yoshi's Island DS. And of course, the Wii! I probably will write more in the future about it and Twilight Princess. Once I play it a bit more.

Also, Nintendo pwns right now. You all have to admit. I think the majority do admit. With the Wii and its launch lineup (biggest of all time), no one is even in competition right now with it (well you could count the PS3 but because of its low production). I do not know, I am just seeing great things with Nintnendo in the future. Also, if you do not have a Wii, and are considering getting one, GET ONE! :o Please do, you do not know what you are missing! And if you are not considering getting one, you might to think twice. With the price it is at, it is a bargain! Really.

And does anyone want to make me a few things for me if I give them want I would like in text and you change it into the best of your ability?

Last thing I hope. I there is anyone out there who has reviewed The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for the Gamecube, please tell me here and I will read it and probably reccomend it. Thanks.

I know somewhere amongst this post I am missing something, but for now, this is what is new and that is in my head that can now go away. Thanks for reading, until later, bye-bye. :D

Wii comes to Gamespot!

Hmph... We now have something on our profiles called profile views... I am not sure 100% how it works but I know what it means... I guess we will all find out what this new feature is over the next few days as we all explore this feature.

Also, I have written two new reviews. One of, I do not care for that much but I wrote it, and the other, it is pretty good... Not the most lengthyest of reviews, but long enough to get the word out.

Almost forgot! What is my title all about? Well, if you could not have been on Gamespot earlier today, you missed a great show! Yes, Gamespot had a mini Wii marathon!! I was able to catch the majority of the show! What a waste of my day, but was it worth it! I can't believe I saw what I saw! It is only a matter of time now before what I saw will become realtiy for me. Only another week and a half, to two weeks for me before I get myself a Wii. Oh yea, if you would like to check it out, go to the home page and it is right there. You won't regret it.

Tagger Leader

I had no intention at all of achieving this emblem. But I did end up with it anyways because every now and then I will tag something if it is worth tagging, and once it all piled up, I guess it reached enough for me to be granted of this emblem. But yea, I like it and it is better than the one before and for I really did not like the colour combination. But this one is good for now, until it gets boring.

In other news, I am over half way done until achiving level 23. Also, I have been givien a new header. I am sure you have seen it and personally, I like it. It is very nice and I would like to thank Burning_Shadow for making me it. He is also supposed to be making me a new avatar, profile image and a banner... When those will come, I do not know but I will be waiting.

Happy Hallowe'en

Yes, the time has come! The time of year where you do not need an excuse to get away from your house to go to a party or hang out with friends. This time of year bring some fun and lots o' candy! Unfortunately, I am not going anywhere as for I have to stay home because the weather right now is really bad and the roads are a mess and very icy. So I am just going to stay home and sit on the computer as like any other night. :) Fun, fun! :D

What are your plans for Halloween? Going out for candy? Going to a party? Staying home? Let us know.

In other news, I should reach 3,500 posts today. Also, I wrote already two reviews today to bring my total up to 28. I am 1/4th of the way to level 23 and I have been promoted again in a few more unions. Also, check out my first union which I am the actual leader of and join. :) Post in the H-n-H and have fun! :)

Teh Blaster Master!

That is right... I am now level 22! Yay... It still feels so good to be out of level 20! It feels like I am going super speed almost. Anyways, I am at around 3.25k posts... And I am not too much sure about what else. Also, I do not feel like writing right now so I will end it now...

Oh yea, check out my union. And supposively I am the leader of two unions now, so check 'em both out. =-)

3k + Baseball

Hey! I reached 300 posts! Amazing! It almost seems like not too long ago was 2k posts... But oh well! Hopefully I can reach 4k in a month... Or maybe a little longer.

And with just that said, that would be a pretty boring blog... And wasted, so I wanted to add something else. If anyone is paying attention to the MLB right now, tell me what you think so far of the playoffs and tell me who you want to win... If you make it interesting enough, we could get a cool conversation going with hopefully multiple people... So just let me know anything and I will respond with my thoughts and what I think and who I want to win... TIGERS! :)


Yes, I do just feel like making a blog so I might as well let some people know what is new.

If you look to the right of the screen, you will see that I am half way done level 21. :) Yay. Also, if you look at my emblems, you will see I got a new emblem. I kinda like it because it adds to colour to my emblems insted of having the same colours. You could have gotten that emblem if you tuned in for Gamespot After Hours yesturday night. I ended up watching it and listening to it for a few hours until I watched a movie of my own...

Havn't really done much more other than get my post count 50 away from 3k. Also, I in the last week abouts I have been promoted officer in 3 more unions... So that brings up my toll to 18 I think... :o

That is all that is really new for now and I hope in the next week some new stuff will occur so I can write about it. Well then, bye for now... ;)

Happy Thanksgiving

Yes, I know... All of you Americans are like... WTF? It isn't Thanksgiving for another month and a half...

But you are wrong... For everybody but us Canadians... The 32 million (approx.) of us. It is Thanksgiving for us. So I just want to say to all my fellow Canadian friends... Eat all the turkey you can fit in that stomach and celebrate with family... And enjoy yourself a holiday... Too bad it is almost over now... And then work or school resumes tomorrow... But enjoy it while you can...

And something else cool happened today... Only today you will be able to experience this... I don't know how often it happens, but it seemed pretty unique to me... If you look at my level %, it is at a whole number... Pretty cool if you ask me...

Hell's Been Doused

That's right! I have slayed hell! Oh boy I am good! Incase you do not know what I am talking about... Look that way. -----------------------------> See? I surpassed level 20!! It only took me 2 months to do it... But I did it! This has probably been my greatest feat. yet! Now... I do not have to worry about anything and it should seem weird to me, going back to like getting 5-10% a day... Well... That is all I have to report for now... And my life is quite boring... So I won't bother boring you with anything else right now...