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Return of the Gamer

Okay, as it is, not much has happened in my gaming realm since my last post. I got lost in Vana'Diel, found myself in Stormwind, hahaha! Yeah, but I didn't spend too much time there was too expensive, and I wanted a PS3. well, I finally shelled out enough money to get me one, unfortunately, now I can't really afford a decent library to stuff it with....yet. I'm so close to finishing Enchantment Arms, I can taste it....Oh, I already beat it, saw two separate endings so far, now I just want to go collect all those damn golems and see this "god" golem (I believe it's called Omega), you know just basically kill any desire that may possibly still be inside me to ever play that again. I bought the game new for twenty bucks, I thought, hey, that's not a bad deal...Well, it's not really, I got a twenty dollar game for twenty bucks. Methinks I'd have been sourly pissed off if had dropped the current price of the game for though (sixty bucks???!! Are you kidding me?!). Oh, yes. and Resistance: Fall of Man....surely this is the reason to be in possession of a PS3, yes? On the side, I've been navigating the frustrating controls of my daughter's WII. I made myself a MII, that was neat.....and the online functions seem to be coming along nicely (it's about time Nintendo stepped it up). So, right now, if my daughter will relinquish control of the tv, I'ma get my game on.....if not....well....damn....