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New banner, description, and a blog post!

So I finally made a banner for this thing. :[ I know Andy used to harass me about it and now it's done. That said, I need to update this more often and I probably will if I can figure out how to RSS-feed it over to Backloggery. 8D;

I've done a lot since that last post. Man, new PSP, a bunch of new games, beaten a ton more... yeah, this hasn't been updated in a while. XD; I have only one more DS game to beat before all of them are beaten (for now) so I've picked up Final Fantasy III again in the hopes of getting somewhere. :[ I checked a FAQ and I'm only like 60% through the game baaaw. It's not too captivating but I'm going to finish it, damnit. XD

And I guess that's about it for now? I'm getting a new PS2 this week, I think. Nothing really wrong with the old one but my brother really wants his own PS2 so he's going to pay most of the price on the new one and then we're trading. o_O; I don't understand his logic there but he does owe me a fair bit of money so we'll call it even.

It's like midnight. I should eat dinner.


I discovered Backloggery the other month and it's made such a difference for me. For the most part, I tend to start playing a game and if it's not utterly riveting, I'll usually put it down for days or weeks or months at a time. Even years, in some cases. So I have a lot of unfinished games lying around. Gamespot has always made me feel a little guilty to look at my list and see "oh, I should probably PLAY that game since I own it" but... Backloggery takes it to the next step. With each game added to your list, you can set it: unfinished, beaten, completed, or mastered. For some reason, actually SEEING a full list of everything in my unfinished section really gets me going to beat them. Before I got it, I had a fair few games where I'd nearly gotten to the end when I quit. So in the last month or two I've gone back and beaten them. It's great to prioritize my gaming like this, since it kind of reminds me what I should be playing and what I'm doing. Plus it's so satisfactory to go edit a title to bump it up to "beaten". Mind you, it's also making me a little lazier as far as gameplay goes. I'm not doing EVERYTHING anymore, which is something I often do. Like in Assassin's Creed, I fully intended to do absolutely every little thing in each city but... now I just want to BEAT it. Especially since in two weeks I won't have access to the console. Also with my laptop broken and being sent off for repair, I'm going to have a lot of free time in the evenings--I'm back to SHARING computers with the family. :( I'm very tempted to lug the old, old OLD desktop up to my room and configure it wirelessly just to have my own computer. But I'm not that desperate yet. XD Anyway, I've checked my e-mail so it's back to Assassin's Creed. ♥

Why do I keep doing this?

ERICA STOP ADDING TO YOUR LIST OF GAMES TO PLAY. Though in my defence, one of them was already on it. Stopped in at EB Games today to pick up Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicle and found DISGAEA (PS2) of all things. NEW. FOR $30. I almost died of happiness. n__n I've been searching for it for ages and gave up after finding the cheapest copy for $60 used. I also picked up Shadow of the Colossus for $10. I also got a new PS2 controller. It's silver and wireless. My first PS2 controller is, uhh, held together with duct tape. No joke. My other one, the one I got for the release of KH2, is dying too. The rumble's broken on one side and the L2 or R2 button (or both?) has stopped working properly. I haven't used it yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Now off to... I dunno. Something.

What was all the hype about? >:\

So I finished Super Mario Galaxy last night. It was a good game, of course, but with all the hype it generated when it came out, I was expecting so much more. I mean, it had (and still has!) such a good rank on all the big sites and everyone's been raving about how it's the greatest game to come out in years. I thought it was okay, but nothing awe inspiring. o_O; Granted, I didn't search every nook and cranny of the game. I was getting everything I could--completing every galaxy, etc--for a good half the game. I usually ended up going to the new sections of the starship and was able to unlock the boss planet as soon as it opened up. I did get bored of that pretty quickly and upon finding some planets that I really hated, just stopped altogether and half-assed the end. XD; But I really didn't enjoy the game as much as I thought I would. I'd prepared myself for the best game ever and was let down quite a bit as a result. I thought the levels were too linear. Now... I started on the Mario franchise at SM64. XD I never played the 2D ones which were probably rather linear themselves. But this game was... pretty boring. There was no real exploring of the worlds. They were pretty, yes, but there was really just the one objective in each one. You couldn't branch off and grab another star instead, save for the few hidden stars in certain levels. D: I found that pretty boring. I also just suck at platformers, so some levels I found really, really annoying. I do plan to pick it up and go for perfect on the game eventually. I'll probably do it slowly over the years when I'm bored, like I did for SM64. In the mean time, I'm going to start plowing through the Final Fantasies I own. I've restarted III (I never really got anywhere with it anyway) and after that, I'll move on to VII. Then VIII and IX (never touched IX before... I'm excited! :D). I guess X comes next, but I'm still paranoid about playing it in front of my brother. XD I accidentally deleted his perfect file once--he had all the secret weapons and everything. I felt so bad and haven't played it since in case he picks it up and asks where his file is. Though I did the same thing with his perfect VII file (I FAIL AT SAVING, KTHX) and he believed it glitched, which I think the memory card eventually did, since I lost a file too. But I digress--I guess I can play X when he's not around. Then X-2 where I get to FINALLY FINISH THAT STUPID DUNGEON so I can beat the game. Then zoom through it again and pick up that 0.4% that I'm missing so that I can get that perfect ending. No, Andy, I won't just download it. :C So that should keep me busy while I fail at looking for real jobs and end up with a crappy Tim Horton's shift or something. :

First game of the new year!

So I beat Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass today. I looooved the game, but I was getting fed up with getting perfect. I only had a handful of power gems to get and a few treasure maps to hunt down, but after the damn shooting gallery minigame and the fishing quest, I ultimately decided that having all the hearts was plenty of completion. XD I think it may be my favourite Zelda game to date, but I haven't played MM or OoT in aaages so I'm reluctant to say that. I need to go back and play those pretty soon. 8D; Anyway, it's the first game I've beaten in 2008. Well, actually that's a lie. I beat the career mode of Guitar Hero III twice already, but that's... Guitar Hero. I don't count that as beating the game since there IS no beating the game for me in those genres. Next on my list is probably Super Mario Galaxy. I'm not sure where I'm going from there, though. Maybe I'll force my way through Tales of Legendia just to say I've beaten it. D:

In which Erica hates university...

...for all the wrong reasons, of course. I have so little time to play video games! D: I'm trying some new things in time management starting this weekend, so hopefully things won't be so hectic, but in the last while, the only chance I've had to play games is on the weekends. It doesn't help that all this new KH stuff has made me go back to KH2:FM+ to try to finish it for the new secret ending. I'm playing on Critical, so I don't have to do that much (like completing the damn journal and whatnot), but I'm finding the Organization and--Terra, is it?--so very hard. I'm getting up there in level, though, so hopefully it won't be too much longer before I have... at least some more footage of these new characters I'm seeing aside from magazine scans. On top of that, I'm doing another play-through with my friend in Tales of the Abyss. It's really grown on me. I... do believe it's above Symphonia on my list now, which makes me a little sad since I've been such a big fan of Symphonia for years. But... Jade. ♥ He's definitely my favourite now. I can only aspire to be as awesome as him when I'm older. We're doing all the sidequests, so I'm seeing quite a bit of new content now. I rushed through it, for the most part (while simultaneously wasting, quite literally, hours playing poker in the Keterburg casino, ahaha), so I didn't get the chance to do all these extras. They're very amusing. I've also been playing as Jade instead of Luke and I must admit, I never realized casters were this fun to use. :D I'm used to melee characters, but I could get used to this. I do get a chance to play DS in-between classes and before bed every night. I picked up Brain Age 2 for the extra styluseseses (stylii? XD) a while ago, and I also bought Puzzle Quest a while ago too because I got hooked on that PC demo. It's pretty good for when I just need a five minute fix to tide me over before the professors start teaching. Um, aside from that... I don't have my Wii with me here. My friend has his, but we're playing PS2 games so it hasn't been touched. We pre-ordered Brawl (which comes out right as our exams start... so looks like we're failing this term D; ) and it looks like my brother's bought Metroid Prime 3 while I was gone, so I get to take a stab at that while I'm home for Thanksgiving this weekend. And now it's 4 AM so I should get to bed. XD


So, my final exam was Friday and the graduation ceremony is Wednesday. Basically, it's summer! I'll be gone for the first week of July, but I'm going to try to beat Tales of the Abyss this week before I leave. I beat Final Mix+ (haven't gotten my secret ending though...or done most of the extras) and Diamond, so I'm making...okay time. Now if only I could kick myself off the computer to go downstairs and play PS2... XD;

To-Play List?

So, I'm nearly done with Pokémon. Well, done the plot anyway. I'm at the last gym and I'm procrastinating on it. XD; I got addicted to the underground though. IT'S NOT MY FAULT. :[ Anyway! I think I've figured out the order in which I'm going to complete the games on my to-finish list. :D 1. Pokémon Diamond 2. Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+ 3. Tales of the Abyss 4. Super Paper Mario 5. Tales of Symphonia (PS2) 6. Final Fantasy VII 7. Final Fantasy VIII 8. Tales of Legendia 9. Disgaea 10. Baten Kaitos 11. Dark Cloud 12. Final Fantasy X-2 13. God of War I just learnt today that I got into my top university choice...which means I'll be living away from home starting in September. My brother and I pretty much share all our game systems so the list may change. I've told him I'm taking the PS2 with me when I leave, so I'll only have access to the Wii on random weekends/holidays unless I can convince my friend to get a Wii. XD; But yeah. There's my to-do list. Hopefully I'll stave off on getting...too many games before it's finally done. edit: Ahaha, picked up FFIX the other day. Gotta factor that in too now. :[

Pokemon and a DS Lite~

The other week I pre-ordered Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. I really only pre-ordered so that I'd get the bonus, but it turned out to be a good idea since when I went in to pick up my games this afternoon, they only had Pearl left and Diamond is the version I really wanted. ;D Pearl is for my brother. So anyway, I picked up both games, my bonus (two Pokémon DS cases), and I also got my hands on a DS Lite. Now we've got three DSes in the house. XD My DS Phat is ugly and when my brother and I shared it, he took such awful care of it that it's kinda chipped and dented in places. He got a black Lite for his birthday last month so I bought myself a white one so we wouldn't get them mixed up. It's très sexy~ I'm only about an hour into Diamond. Started with Pochama, of course. (I hate the English name and won't call it by it. XD) I'd forgotten how much fun the PKMN series is. I'm in love with the game already. Now off to play. ♥

I have a blog.

Um, right. XD I didn't even realize this was here until the other week. Oops. Oh well. Anyway. I have too many games to play. :[ Usually that'd be a good thing except that I want to play them all at once. DX I was already in the midst of Tales of the Abyss, but I dropped everything to play Re:Chain of Memories when my imported copy of Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ arrived. @_@; After I finish Re:COM, it's on to FM+. Then I suppose I'll end up back at TotA...except since then I've also gotten more games to play. I've got the Japanese PS2 version of Tales of Symphonia to start and complete, then I also have the original Japanese Final Mix for the first Kingdom Hearts game. I've got Rayman Raving Rabbids for the Wii, and today I picked up Super Paper Mario and placed my preorders for Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. This added to the backlog of games I still haven't finished...God of War, Final Fantasy VII/VIII, Disgaea (downloaded that and have to see if it works :B), Dark Cloud, and...probably a lot of others. I've NO idea how I'm going to complete all this before next September. XD; Too much to do. ;_; I don't know where to start...especially since they're all practically RPGs. XD;