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Support my Comma Hash project now!

From the obsurd title I have produced, I bet you're all wondering what I mean by "Comma hash". Well basically its a game development project in which I'm using RM2K3 to do so. Its very strange. I started the project as a basic practice of some mapping/event skills so I can learn obviously, but as my strange mind expanded, the game had some crube but funny comedic value within it, you need a good sense of humour as well as a strong resistance to extremely offensive themes etc.

Its not an RPG, it has no turn-based fighting whatsoever at the moment, I'm just leaving it as an Adventure game. I'm not planning to make CHB (CHB is the abbreviation for the full name, but if I say the full name people may get offended :)), particurlarly long, probably about the same length as the old 16 bit era of such games as super mario and sonic the hedgehog, maybe a slight longer. I'm more than 50% through this, and should be finished pretty soon so fingers crossed. For more information go here: some things are on there, if I posted anything else I might get a perm ban :?

I'll post some new information and images after I come back from my holiday to Portaventura! So for then! Yippee yay! :P

Officially the most underrated game ever!

Lost Odyssey rocks in all perspectives! The story is engaging, the visuals are stunning, the gameplay reminds me of the old school FF's (FFVII, VII and IX). I really like it! Personally I'll give it a solid 9.0/9.5! I loathed FFXII because of its formula change, LO keeps it all original and I love it! Best JRPG sinc FFVII perm!

Love you Lost Odyssey! :)

2008? A good year !Summary!

Well if you look through my previous blogs you would find my prediction on '08.

Well; I must say 2008 is surprising me; although the big games like MGS4 and GTA haven't led up to my expectations, this first of the year is doing extroadinarily well! This is the first year on Gamespot where they have rated more than one game as a 10! So realistically 2008 is the best year for gaming! Agreed?

We still have another 6 months. What else is in store?

MGS4 A 10! Gamespot have really done it now

Two perfect ratings in a matter of 2 months? Nothings perfect. I always thought Gamespot were strict on their ratings, and that really annoyed me. GTA IV didn't deserve a 10; the same goes with MGS4, I'm still waiting for an absolute epic game that deserves that title.


After a surprisingly long and painstaking journey through level 25, I reach 26! Oh I am pleased :)

Oh poo; I'm 25 again. I'll have to wait another few weeks to get back up there again :(

Back to 26! :D Happy now! Its like a yoyo :roll: Lets hope I go to 27! Watch me grow Gamespot :P

6 Hours of GTA IV...

0-1 Hour: Off the boat.. I didn't think too much of it at this point, looked and felt like the beginning of any GTA game. The driving on the other hand was highly improved, and was much more realistic.

1-2 Hour: Got my first girlfriend! Done several missions! Got use of the mobile! And played bowling! From the dull entrance I saw many improvements in gameplay. And Niko is a very likeable character. The graphics aren't fantastic, but the lighting, water and damage effects make up for it. Roman was starting to get annoying.

2-3 hour: Warm coffee (I won't go into detail). The game is gradually getting better; I watched some TV, went to the internet cafe and played around with the weapons and euphoria engine. The game is truly stunning. I was starting to settle in with the area, and beginning a life of my own, Liberty City is truly a living-breathing city!

3-4 hour: The story is getting more engaging, I feel sorry for not liking Roman, so I took him out to play some pool. The game gives you a free choice on how you play the game, and leaves you with your own choices which affect the story. I start to explore more of the nightlife, and never expected it to be as engaging as in the light.

4-5 hour: Played on multiplayer with my friend, and we honestly never had so much fun on Xbox Live. Aside from some of the minor online issues we had fun slaughtering Liberty's citizens.

5-6 hour: We continued playing online, and it still manages to bring a phenominal experience! There is so much to do! We had so much fun driving the Sanchez's around the airport, we made our own biker related gang: T-riders!

And now I'm here posting this blog; and I'm not on GTA IV!? Why am I not on GTA IV!!!!?

:o They kept me waiting for GTA 4

I preordered it last year from, so I would least expect it today. But no! I gotta wait. I'm not fussed anyway; all my friends are playing it, and I'm here posting a bl**dy blog :cry:
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