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My new dog

During April vacation ( 2006 ) I got a new dog. It's a Shi tzu ( Shi maltese ). We named it Oreo because of it's black and white color. Right now it's only 10 weeks old and is a male. It's good because some of our neighbors have dogs and can be playmates. I hope Oreo has a great time living with my family.

How I got my gamespot name

One day I was wondering what my little brother was doing, so obviously I checked. He was watching TV. It was a show called Crashbox that was very weird, very. But I thought the title was pretty cool. So another day my twin brother was doing the computer. I asked him what website he was at and he said " Gamespot ". Gamestop "? I said. " Gamespot " he said. So I made my own profile. I thought of my file name and thought of Crashbox. I didn't want to totally copy it so I just put in Crashbolt. That's how I got my name.

P.S: Fireball matty is my twin brother's profile's name.

I hate being a twin

It stinks to be a twin. No one can ever tell you apart, except people who know you really well like your best friend or your parents.Sometimes my parents don't know which is which. But the worst twins are siamese twins. There like glued together, but they have to eat together, sleep together, go to the bathroom together. God, I'm glad I'm not one of those.

Monday's STINK!!!

Monday's suck bad. It's bad enough that it's the first day of the school week, but the worst, come on. The weekend goes by wicked fast and school goes by so slow, it's like hell. Monday is the slowest.It's like 7 hours of boredom. It's crappy enough if you forgot your home work and then the next thing you know, fricken detention. I despise Mondays so much, If I became president, I would eliminate Mondays so there would only be 6 days a week. That's how much I hate 'em. So zip it nerds who actually " like " Mondays.

Sly Cooper

Hi, my name is adam and i love the sly cooper games. i beat all 3 but the third game was so damn friend is still stuck on the 2 game, you know where you have to steal back that clock guy's crap and defeat guy's like dimitri and rajan and offense creators but dimitri looks like a retarted lizard that anyway, that's all i have to say, and if anyone gives a crap that im typing wrong, kiss my @$$!
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