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Nintendo Gamecube

Out of all the gaming systems I have, which I don't much of, I think the Nintendo Gamecube is the best gaming system I own. This system, has games with the best graphics. Not to mention very cheap in costing, only 100 dollars, and I know why. It only comes with itself obviously, and only one controller. That's like the only thing that stinks about it. You have to go out and buy a game to play, a few more controllers incase your game is multiplayer and you want to play it that way, and you have to buy it a memory card to hold all of the game and memory data. Plus, the gamecube is really small and holds very little space. And, you could go and buy the bottom piece of the game cube to play game boy advance games on it by attaching it to the bottom.:D You could also attach your gameboy advance or your game boy advance SP on it to play your gba game.:shock: To learn more about the Nintendo Gamecube, look on the manual.

Neurotically yours - I love Foamy!

Neurotically yours is the best series of flash movies ever! My favorite character is Foamy the squirrel. He's so funny and is so characteristic. My favorite flash movie is when Foamy buys a haunted toaster off Ebay and shows Germaine. And then they inserted a slice of bread into the toaster. Seconds later it comes out to something totally different, it's so funny!

- You can find millions of free flash movies at But make sure you watch out for the rating.

Warriors and Guardians are the best series of books!

Warriors and Guardians of gahoole are the best series of books ever!:D There sort of alike, except in Guardians the characters in the book are owls. In Warriors the characters are all cats.

  If you want, you can go to There is no website for Guardians, but I think they should make one.

In Warriors, there are 6 books in the first prophecy, and 4 or 5 books in the new prophecy. In Guardians, there are just 9 or 10 books. I haven't read all of both of the series, but I'm sure the rest I haven't read are going to be fine.:wink:

Love thy neighbor

 I finally got my second gamespot medal! It's called Love thy neighbor. To get it, you have to have a good amount of friends and a community as a whole is better off for them( that's what it says ). So technically, this is the first medal I earned myself. I'm so proud of myself and anyone else who has this medal.:D is the best place ever! You can watch flash movies, and play some mini games. Some flash movies are violent though, so watch out for the ratings, there on the side. The ratings are: everyone, teenagers, mature, and adult only. I prefer only everyone, and teenagers. When it gets to mature, it kinda gets inapropriate things.:twisted: You can also become a part of Newgrounds by clicking to the Website, and go to your top right hand corner. You can log in or you can sign up to be a part of Newgrounds. Go see it for yourself!

P.S: I'm not part of Newgrounds, if you are could you tell me about it? thanks.

What's your favorite gaming system?

Does anybody have a favorite gaming system? If you do, than might as well share it. Because this is gamespot, were here to talk about games and things that relate to them.

My favorite gaming system is the PS2. It has great graphics and very fun to play games. Also, The Nintendo DS is my other favorite gaming system. It's a really great hand held. I like it how it can fold up and stuff.

Feel free to write your favorite.

My retainer

I just got a retainer on may17,2006. It sometimes gets pretty annoying. But my brother has a new nickname for me, its "metal mouth". He really thinks it's a good name for me. Also, I had 3 choices to choose a color, red, blue, and green. Also you can choose sparkly or non-sparkly. I chose green and non-sparkly. I chose green because green is my favorite color. I also chose non-sparkly because with the sparkles it looked kinda girly ( no offense girls ). So metal mouth is gona be my nickname until I don't need my retainer any more.

Dark eco community

This is for the Dark eco community. If you'd like to join, write to me a comment that you'd like to, and I'll tell Fireball Matty.

My new computer

On May 13, 2006, we got a new computer, and it was mine! We put it in my bedroom. It's a compaq with a memory of 500, WOW! Also, it's a flat screen computer. Right now, it's all I ever do. Oh, and don't think I'm a mother because I got it the day before mother's day, I sware, I'm not. I'm a male, the opposite gender of female. Also, I didn't mean to brag about this. I just wanted to let people know.

What's your favorite video game?

I'm kinda curious what your favorite video game is. Feel free to write some comments.

   My favorite video game is probably either nintendogs, or super smash bros. melee, there a tie.

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