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back and better than ever

Hi again, everybody! i just want to let you know that i haven't been on gamespot for a while and hope you can forgive me because there really was no particular reason i was gone. Well, know im back and hope gamespot hasn't changed a bit in my absence.

I'm going to Tennessee

Tonight I get to go to Tennessee for my family's family reunion. I can't wait for it. And it's going to be a great experience for my family and I as we go to a new state that we've never even been to. Also, I'll be gone for a week and that means no gamespot for a week! Oh well, it will probably be worth it. Because we're going to do wicked fun stuff there. Plus there is a water park not to far from the campsite. I LOVE water parks!!! Anyway, see you guys in a week!

P.S.: I just got to level 10 today. I'm now a Phoenix Down.

Luigi's weaponry

What is your favorite weapon to use in Luigi's mansion? Mine is probably the Ice element. It's really fun to use in the game along with the other elements, the fire element, and the water element. Also the polergust3000 has alot of equipments and stuff. It also works as a charm as a ghost vacuum and flashlight. And the gameboy horror can really come in handy incase you got lost in the giant mansion, or if you found a door key and you don't know which door it goes in. It really is a copy of gameboy color, only a haunted version of it. I love the Gameboy horror. And the boos, you probably couldn't even find half if it wasn't for the Boo detector created by Professor E. Gadd that's equipped to the Gameboy horror. That's about all the weapons I know of in the game.

First day of summer

Well, school's out for me and it's officially the 2006 first day of summer, Yeah! June 21, the first day of it, and I'm lovin' it so far! I love how summer has warm weather, beautiful flowers and gardens ( along with spring ), and time to sit back, relax, enjoy the summer, and " chill. " How I love summer. But I'm not gonna be on gamespot much, and I know you guys 'll understand, won't you? Everybody loves summer, and people don't sit down and focusing on their PC. Anyway, have a great summer everyone!

Just got new super mario bros.

Well, i just got the New Super Mario bros. game today. It's really fun, amd i'm almost done witrh the second world. This game is great, and there's tons of fun activities and things you can do in this game. This is one of the best mario games they've made, so far. And the graphics are good too. I'm not that far, so I guess I don't know about the game.I love it!

My brothers new computer

Just today, my brother got his very own computer for his bedroom! Congratulations, brother. He always wanted his very own computer in there. Though, about a long time ago, our grandpa gave him a laptop, which was pretty much broken and he got bored of it. Anyway, i have my own computer in my bedroom also, and i made a blog about it a while ago. I feel great about it and for him. And i'm sick and tired of his jealousy that i had one, and he didn't. I'm glad that's over.Finally. This is probably one of matty's greatest days yet! Plus our computers are almost opposite colors. Though i would'nt say the best, because matty had some really great days, you know.

World cup Fanatic emblem!

I just got the World Cup Fanatic emblem for taking part of Gamespot's 2006 world cup festivities!:D As you can see, this is my third emblem I've ever gotten! this is great! Plus I love the design of the emblem. I feel great for everyone who has this emblem.


The Wii

There's a new gaming system coming out pretty soon.:lol: It's called the Wii and was developed by nintendo. This gaming system already has 4 games for it.

They are:

    Zelda: twilight princess

   Super smash bros. Brawl

  Metroid prime 3: coruption

  Super Mario Galaxy

Those are the games for this system so far. And obviously they'll be making more. Hope this system turns out well as a hit and gets a 2006 system of the year medal.

Beginner luck

Have you ever had a time, where your friend cameover to play a certain game that only you have, and he doesn't? And then, you start playing it, and you find out that your friend seems a little better than you? Man, I hate that feeling.:evil: And then, they get that particular game, and they catch up to you really quickly.:x man I hate that.
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