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so glad

im so glad i got to lvl 5 becuse im only 1 lvl away from making a union or maybe i am going to wait until im lvl 10 its a wise choice to wait untill lvl 10 but mabye making a union straight away is a good idea aswell:roll: i will decide !!


I badly and desperetly need help of putting images in your blogs it ses insert or edit image i click it it comes up as image url and image description i really need help on how to put the images in:|

i should be the no #1 star wars fan

I should be the no 1 star wars fan because i am absolutly bonkers about it i meen i have one compotions been to new star wars confrences i have one prizez out of books of star wars for as long as i was knee high to a grass hopper


Hiya:twisted: i love fable and rpgs games and i really want to be the KING OF THE XBOX 360 :lol:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!