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coolion005 Blog

Q and A, Video included

whats up ladies and gentelmen :) long time no see ! , im doing a Q and A and i would love it if you participate in this thang :D ask me anything about anything (gaming , life , etc) and ill gladly answer :) thanks !

---- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -

The Video is Herefeel free to comment your question here ^_^ ! thanks again

a thing that happened to me the other day

The other day my friend laughed at me because i bought sonic generations instead of call of duty... they said i was stupid for buying this and i replied, screw that call of duty it is the same every year just with new graphics and like 1 new mode, this is a full game which probably will only come once in a lifetime so you go play your little gay call of duty and il play something original and fun,, besides with call of duty you all get pissed off and shout, swear and get angry anyways

-darkwolf961 :D

just wanted to share it for some reason :l *boredom*

minecraft 1.8 pre release impressions

so everybody knows that minecraft is a big indie game ... i mean a BIG indie game that everyone played ... i think . anywho i and more than a million people waiting for a month and a half or something for the new patch ( 1.8 ) A.K.A the adventure update ... lately there have been a leaked version of 1.8 A.K.A pre release ... that everybody went and downloaded ... after downloading it being anxious to see what waits for me in 1.8 ... some stuff i liked and some kinda disappointed me :l ...


1. villages (good in survival ... to hide and what not )

2.the enderman (this game did need a new mob ... and this one is creepy ... WHICH IS PERFECT )

3.abandoned mine / strongholds (thats why its called adventure update )

4.EPIC mountains !

5.sever browser (finally ! )


1. experience point (whaaaat ? )

2. mandetory hunger bar in survival ( why mojang...notch ! i am dissappoint ! )

3. again ... enderman ( wasnt as scary as i wanted it to be :( )


yep thats it :D i hope they make that village habitalbe :P

thanks for reading this crappy blog ^_^

a up to date update ... get it ?

hello one and all :D how have you been , hope your all good , life have been good for me , summer vacation was awesome but everything have to come to an end ... i start school at 4/9/2011 which is 9 days away ... a part of me excited to go back because of friends and good times ... but another part of me just want to stay basically because of tests that im gonna have ... o well :P .

playing lots of LoL (league of legends) and team fortress 2 , might go back to halo combat evolved ... yes .... that :P and also i cant wait for alter ops :D 6 months of waiting though :(

im gonna make a live commentary of ascention ... idk itll be fun XD

here is some links to contact me outside of gamespot ... just wanted to post it for no reason... ill mostly be here but meh xD :

1. youtube( a sub is appreciated :D .. and a like goes a long way ^_^ )

2. twitter

3. steam

4. leagues of legends (just search darkwolf961)

5. xbl (xdarkwolf961x)

you can contact me on any of those sites :D ... if you want

peace !

thanks :)

i just noticed that last month was my 3rd year annivarsary on gamespot.... wow... 3 YEARS , i had such good times here :) , and very fun ones , i thank all of my friends on here who made this site the most enjoyable site i ever visited :) , thanks guys :D and i hope i stay here and talk to you guys longer and longer :D

-thanks :D

-coolion005 A.K.A darkwolf961

first summer blog ! (updates basically )

sorry for being late for this blog ... was busy gaming in past couple of days xD ...


- playing team fortress 2 ... now that its free ... the download took 29 hours ... but man it was worth it ! SANDVICH FTW !


ahh DIS IS GOOD ! :P


got my test results ... or "report card " ... did well .. i tought i would do worse O.O (the average was 92% ) NICE !

oh also remember that scolarship exam ? well i got 25% off of that school payments ... which is good :L


didnt go to watch movies since a long time :O


i am addicted to MTV shows at the moment ... from punk'd to cribs :P ... they are cool xD and sometimes funny .. i like seeing celebrties scared ... its fun :l

* oh also one more thing ... the gamespot steam achievment system is now working :D ...YAY !

first day of E3

#1 : MICROSOFT confrence :

MS announced some nice games ... first a new halo trilogy (YESSS) a halo CE remake , ME 3 and COD MW3 which i wasnt that excited about ... why ? will basicly this happens--->"hey! the town is being attacked and destroyed and we want u to do objectives , now destroy that submarine ! " i mean the thing need to change -.- but the WW3 idea is nice though :D.

ryse looks cool .

ghost recon ? meh i need to see battlefield and cod first

and whats up with spaming kinect games ? not that i care though ... i play on PC , oh and tomb raider ? ... meh not interested -.-

#2 EA confrence :

didnt watch all though ... bioshock infinte FTW i like how they took the series to a new area :D vita looks cool too , bet that there will be some cool games on it , street fighter x tekken for examble :P , and also ... SLY IS BACK HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11one . even though i have no ps3 but still :P

#3 ubisoft confrence :

assassin creed revelations , ezio and altair together ... 'nuff said !