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Some more pics from photo mode in Infamous. Such a great little feature. More games need to include this on PS4 and Xbox One.

@scottpsfan14 I may have to agree with you. After looking at the Infamous photos in this thread, the Watchdogs screenshots don't look so good any more.

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I took all of these today on Infamous: Second Son. That photo mode is addicting. I'm really happy with these. Such a great looking game.

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I felt the opposite. Most open world games just drag on for me with an unnecessary reliance on padding the ****er out. This one could have been longer, but not by much. At least for me that is. I loved the side activities, a big improvement over Infamous 1 and 2. Instead of some random side mission you focused this time on actually removing influence from the district as well as lots of combat opportunities to enjoy and expand your move set. The game is obviously built to be played through twice and that's exactly what I did. About 20 or so hours of content for me and a platinum trophy. Easily worth the asking price. Best core gameplay in the series by far.

And on to the topic... more of TLOU! Count me the **** in. I will absolutely purchase this day one. Can't hurt to own another copy (plus all multiplayer and single player DLC, visual upgrades on disc) of the greatest game ever made. I recently purchased the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and had a great time, absolutely beautiful game on the PS4. This one though should be even better.

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Play what you want, whenever you want to. Just keep having fun. Every time I walk into my local retro game shop I just grin from ear to ear. Gaming has a history and I damn well like to play and remember it. Don't be ashamed at all. If anything... be proud.

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Origins gets a lot of hate, but the only thing I feel justifies that hatred is the lack of polish. It did contain game breaking bugs and many other issues. But that stuff aside it was a solid entry to the series. It was missing Riddles and a number of other things the series had become known for but that does not warrant the pile of crap that gets tossed on it. I actually enjoyed the story and it's characters quite a bit. I felt the tone of the game was perfect and some of the boss battles were very memorable.

This goes back to that Ricky Bobby way of thinking so many people have. If it ain't the best... then it must be absolute trash. People seem to have no middle ground any more, it's either 9.5 or a 1.0. I agree that Arkham City is the better entry, but Origins is by no means terrible. It was a good game that disappointed. That's all.

Also, I agree with Lulu about Bioshock 2 as well as Max Payne 3.

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Well here we go...

1. The Last Of Us - This was the title that truly felt like an experience. It was more than a toy. I did not feel like a super secret agent weapons specialist. I was just Joel, an ordinary man in a world gone to shit. The mechanics and design reflected this. Enemies felt alive, they made mistakes, they were scared, cocky and sometimes even reserved. They communicated with you as the player and each other in a way few others games can match. They were human... not robots to dispatch or play whack-a-mole with. The story and its characters kept me riveted the from beginning to end. The sound design and the focus on stealth and crafting, the perfect U.I and even the brutal, grounded nature of the whole thing. This is a masterpiece. It's not about fighting giant invisible snakes or Ogres or infected Gorillas and boss battles. This is truly an experience... not a toy.

2. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - I'm a sucker for that action adventure, blockbuster experience. This series captures that more than any other. While I typically get fatigued playing most shooters (even Uncharted 2 dragged and overdid it in the last 2 hours) this one never even approached this issue for me. It gave the player more reason to move around the combat space utilizing the different mechanics than previous entries. It had improved puzzles, animation, graphics, more intelligently written villains, better multiplayer and so on. This game wows me every time I play it and after 7 playthroughs I still want to go through another 7 times.

3. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory - This one constantly changes between CT and Pandora Tomorrow. But Chaos Theory provided such an amazing stealth experience. It mastered everything the original set out to do and become one of the greatest games of all time. It's a stealth fans wet dream and remains a classic even to this day. With wide open levels, great A.I and the feeling of being a spy, espionage behind enemy lines... it was just perfect. It really did put the espionage in stealth.

4. Hitman: Blood Money - I have played through this game over twenty times and yet I still adore it to pieces. It's almost infinitely replayable. Massive levels and so many unique ways to approach a target or complete a mission with a large and upgradable arsenal at your disposal... this game just never ends for me. Pulling off the perfect hit, hiding in plain sight and walking away with a smile on your face, few games could ever be so satisfying.

I'll end it on the top 4. After this it becomes more of a chore to list and explain. I'd also end up putting a few games on the list that belong to the same series as 3 of the 4 games I mentioned already.

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He was the reason I subscribed to the channel. Hopefully Tara Long gets more screen time then. Dear god... the thought of Bromley getting more just makes me want to unsub in advance.

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I don't enjoy the Saints Row series. The shooting is unsatisfying, the vehicles feel like RC cars and planes, the sound design and the music leave something to be desired, poor vehicle damage and physics, brain dead enemy A.I and lackluster jokes and references to top it all off.

The game feels like quantity over quality. They keep adding to the experience rather than getting the most out of what they have. This is why I enjoy GTA. Just driving a vehicle, going off a jump and crashing is more satisfying than anything in Saints Row. The damage modeling is insane, the A.I is way above average for an open world game, the physics are amazing, the music selection and sound design make SR cry itself to sleep, the online offering is far superior, the story and mission design is leagues above and the side activities are to a much higher quality all around. I can't think of anything that Saints Row does better.

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Trials: Evolution. This game is made my 360 for months. It's was like a good ol' peanut butter and crack sandwich. So addicting.

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I was thinking the exact same thing while playing it. A game like that back on the Genesis or SNES would have easily gone down as one of the greatest games of all time. But it only came out 20 some odd years too late lol. Lots of fun so far though. I love the prone mechanic and the roll. Being able to pick your missions is nice as well.