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The valiant never taste of death but once

"But that the dread of something after death, —

The undiscover'd country, from whose bourn

No traveller returns, — puzzles the will,

And makes us rather bear those ills we have

Than fly to others that we know naught of?

Thus conscience does make cowards of us all;

And thus the native hue of resolution Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought[.]"

- Hamlet, Act III, scene i

Many of you may have noticed my inactivity here on GS. I still log on, check out the game reviews, download a demo, drop a random post. The activities of life have overwhelmed the free time I once had and rightly so. The journey I take is one all GS forum posters must make. It is inevitable, unquestionable, one could almost believe fated.

I made a AMV (animated music video) the other night when I couldn't sleep, and have posted it on my youtube account and here on GS. Enjoy :)

New Avatar

Yeah I got tired of looking at myself all the time. I made this new one in photo-shop. Its a star wars character, a zabrak jedi to be specific. So comment away people.

****OfFicIaL cOmRaDe AnNoUnCeMeNt****

Yes fellow gamespotians, comradex is victorious again! Those who would dare stand in my way have been pushed aside for I have triumphed over darkness! I have surpassed my goal of posts for the month of January! I persevered through one banning and several moderations! I have survived storms and power outages! I even tolerated work! All must pay homage to my feat and stand in awe of my awesomeness!

Thank you for your attention, return to ur previous activities. Remember, do things the comrade way! comradex out.

A most needed vacation

Imagine my surprise when I logged on sunday morning to find that I had been suspended from GS on friday! My inbox was chalked full of moderations. I am even getting some as we speak. But I will let all know that this administration does not negotiate with terrorists! In order to be comradex I must push the envelope, as it were, and find the limits of this universe. Unfortunately, imo, my stalker(s) are not unknown to me. It is human nature to gloat over ones supposed accomplishments and thus not hard to find.

At first I was angry, but soon that gave way to a profound sorrow for those who would see me suffer. I take no action against those who would slight me. Only warn those who would attempt to interrupt my entertainment any further, I will not be as forgiving.

I also messed around with photoshop a bit and have a new avatar pic I am thinking of using I'll put it on here to get some opinions later.

KOTOR 2 on PC cont... cont...

Yes its been awhile, i've been taken my time so far I am only as far as Onderon (visited Nar Shaddar first) only one weird glich to mention. At the Telos Jedi Acadamy, as soon as I entered it, I had some options presented to me i forget what they were, something like confront atris this way or that way. Once I chose one Kreia and atton did not end up imprisoned and did not have the conversation were u find out he was a jedi killer. They just stood next to the enterence of the acadamy and did... nothing. when i tried to leave, the game said i needed all my party members present. well kriea and atton were stuck at the flipping enterence and were not moving! after reloading the game several times, from the assassin droid fight, i finally got atton and kriea in the force cages and they had their conversation. Once I freed them they would not move. had to keep switching back and forth between characters to get them to the ship! After the ship takeoff cinematic the game started to load, once loaded I was presented with a picth black screen. I kept reloading, and reloading to no avail. I had to do the stupid telos acad all over again and this time it worked. so one nights work of enjoyable game playing down the drain. nar shaddar was exactly the same as last time on xbox but prettier, thanks to my awesome graphics card! Got thru it pretty fast, gotto's ship was a breeze (maybe medium difficulty isnt that challenging afterall, or was it the cheats?). Duxen jungle was awesome, I have to say one of my favoirite levels. Game still runs good no glitches since the telos fiasco. overall big improvment over kotor 1 for pc.

KOTOR 2 on PC continued!

The game came on four cds. Didn't take to long to install, around 10 mins. Already had patches and cheatsready to go.First thing I noticedwas that there really wasnt a graphics improvement over the xbox.The real difference was the speed (thismost likely depends on indivaual computer speeds and hardware)load times were almostinstantaneous. Gameplay was exactly the same (no duh) but with the addition of a lightsaber and awesome jedi robes made peragus much more fun (thisbeingaround the 11th time i have played it). All the cheats worked great. I could not bring myself to adjust mycharacters stats to a godlike level however. Peragus would have been a breeze andreally no fun.

KOTOR II for the PC

I am going to buy KOTOR II yet again. I loved it on the xbox even though it was laggy. My thoughts are that my PC, being only a year old, should kill that lag and offer me better graphics. Some of the reviews for PC kotor II aren't kind. They complain of many the same problems the xbox has. But I just can't believe them; I won't believe them till I have seen it with my own eyes! Plus I am looking forward to cheating a little. Get some awesome Jedi swag, the lightsaber I always wanted, all of it in an instant! So I will write another blog on my quest for kotor perfection very soon!