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My good Friend won his UFC fight Tonight!

For those of you that dont know, I have many friends around the world that are top level competitive fighters. I am very respected and well known amongst the community. One of my good friends and a bit of my idol Rich Ace Franklin won his fight tonight against The Axe Murdere Wanderlei Silva in a Unanomous Decision. The fight could have gone either way but I am so proud of my friend. He is former Middle Weight UFC Champion of the world, now sporting a record of 27 wins and only 4 losses.

I havent talked to him in over three weeks because he went to Germany to train hardcore and needed this win to make a statement since he lost by decision his last fight to Dan Henderson of the UFC.

Two former great champions stood up and took center stage and made the fans go insanely wild. The loudest I have heard them since Randy Coutore vs. Chuck Lydel back in 2006. This was definitely a fight to cement Rich's Legacy and I truly believe that he has the potential to wear the gold around his waist atleast one more time.

A friend, mentor and an idol has once again shocked the world.....

My 8 Month Secret Revealed

Hello everyone, and here to hoping that you are all well. Now for the past eight months I have riddled you with a secret that over and over again was postponed due to almost not happening multiple times. I am excited and overjoyed to tell you that after a lot of hard work and perseverance it has finally come to pass.

For many of you that do not know, here in Puerto Rico houses are built different simply due to hurricanse. We get hit with an average of 19 hurricanes or tropical storms a year. This meaning that homes can not be built the same as they are in the states or other parts of the world.

This meaning there is no insullation for things like central air conditioning, being able to properly install hot water pumps, it is even a luxury to have a bath tub. The homes are built out of solid concrete and steel pipeing to endure even the worst of hurricanes and not budge.

Needless to say for me being an American born and raised and obviously in horrible health, it is very difficult for me here to say the least when every dayis pushing 110 degrees plus humidity making it hard for me to breathe or even walk around my own home. The only air condition is currently in our bedroom.

Now dont get me wrong. By Puerto Rican home standard this is a decent home. More of a middle or lower****by the islands standards, however would be consideredvery low****by state standard.

Now onto the main thing..... For the past eight months I have been saving money, working hard, investing in stock, and hustling like I was back on the streets of New York as a kid. Well and the work paid off.

I just bought a home for 600,000 dollars and it is estimated at 895,000. It was brand new and built for me in a very private community. The community is away and cut off from civilization and is an AMERICAN MADE HOME! Thats right. American investors bought this land last year and decided to make the most luxurious homes here on the islandaway from all thepoverty, drugs and crime that is so rampant.

The home is a three story small mansion. Yes built by hurricane standard of reinforced concrete but also has the dear sweet nectar of AIR CONDITION!!! Sunk in Jakuzee bath tubs, My walk in closet is the size of a studio apartment. I have a seperate shower that is also a steam room. My son has his own bathroom for his huge bed room. I have HOT WATER FROM A HOT WATER PUMP!!! NOT A SOLAR POWERED PIECE OF GARBAGE PUT ON A ROOF! I have over an acre of land witch is damn near impossible on this over populated island. The third floor of the house the wife said is mine.....

My plans with the third floor are as follows. Turn one area into a home theater that you only see on MTV's Cribs. Have another part of the third floor as a pool hall and wall mounted LCD T.V.'s for viewing football games and other sports. For the Last part of the Third floor I want to make into my own private music studio. What many of you dont know about me is that I have been a musician for most of my life. I write a lot of music. I have written over 1600 songs so far and have actually recorded a couple of C.D.'s.... however was never picked up from a major lable.

The community is as such..... There is a 10 FT. Cement wall surrounding with constantine wire above so no one can break in. At the main gate there are two check points. One for the security and another for Puerto Rican Police that always have to patrol cars 24 hours a day every day. Once you get through both checkpoints they call and verify with me. No persuading or question about it. If I dont authroize then that person is screwed. If someone tries to tailgate me into the community then the police will arrest them and charge them for tresspassing onto private property with no questions asked.

The community offers an olympic size swimming pool, a massive gym, two full basket ball courts, three full tennis courts and a country club. They also teach things like Yoga and Karate.

Also my home is a smart home, witch means everything is run through the home that can be command through a push of a button or by my voice recognition. I have to take a two week ****just on learning how to use my home.

Another luxury is having the washer and dryer in its own laundry room upstairs where the main bedrooms are located. You must understand here in Puerto Rico most people only use a washer and not a dryer because of electricity costs and it is hard to run here. My washer and dryer are on opposite sides of the house outside right now because thats just how things are done here.

There is so much more I can go on about. Bottom line is this is my dream home. The home where I want to raise my children and the home my wife deserves. This is the home that I want to grow old and die in. It is a dream and a huge step up in my life. I focused all my energy for the better part of a year now into getting this home and honestly if it didnt happen then I would have gone into a far more severe state of depression and then only Lord knows what couldv'e happened.

The reason why I couldnt tell you all before is because it kept getting close to happening and then postponed. However I never gave up and kept my faith strong in God with endless praying. I should be dead right now and long ago. However, God gave me many lives and opportunities to sit here type this, help other people and give my wife and kids the life that I never had the luxury of having in my past.

You have no idea the sacrifices and permenant scars and multiple times ive flatlined in hospital beds to get to where I am today. I know that I will die at a young age. However now I know my family will be okay then I am happy. It was all worth it. My whole life of pain and torture was worth it leading up to these moments. I sit here right now typing this to you, sweating my ass off, in severe agony and unbareable pain. Yet, I can smile because I know its going to be alright. Maybe not my health but atleast my family is secure for when I go or if something happens to me.

The plan is to move in two weeks. I have to do final inspection of the home. This means im going with all my tools and magnifying glass to make sure everything is perfect. Once I say yes then the key will be in my hands and I can start officially moving into my dream home.

You want to know something..... I literally broke down and started crying when I first saw the home and my wife knew exactly why I was balling... My life has been an utter nightmare, Nothing has ever been handed to me. I have been stabbed, shot and then in war was blown up. So many times has God saved me from the grasp and clutches of death. Now I know why, God had a plan for me. Hopefully he will continue to let me live and fulfill more plans he has for me. I am now content and happy. For so long was I sad and depressed over struggling for a better life. As little as two years ago when I first moved here to Puerto Rico, my wife and I lost literally everything. We sacrificed so much to help family here and just to do our duties.

Now after losing and sacrificing my life in the states, we are moving into our dream home. Karma is real and so is Gods will. Ya, now I have games and t.v.s and consoles. However this is all recent as to a year ago. Anyways I dont feel to comfortable going into detail about my life on the web so you get no more info on my past....

Anyways, all I can say is this....

Thankyou God.... Thankyou.....

MY PRE E3 Blog!

Alright guys so you know every year we have the special E3 and it is very special indeed, as it is our giant nerd convention that we cant help but love. I have watched E3 every single year since it released and have not missed one show. I use to watch it on T.V. then when xplay on G4 used to broadcast it. However now I use gamespot for the first showing and watch repeats on Xplay. Both offer great coverage in different ways but gamespot is so much more personal and not payed off like the crap on G4. Thats why I like gamespot much better then Adam Sessler and Morgan Web. BESIDES WE HAVE BRIAN!

Alright so those of you that have known me over the years in real life are well aware that I spare NO Expense with my Electronics. Right now im on a 52 inch LCD 1080p Vizio with a sweet surround sound sytem. Next month on the 15th of June I purchased and will have finally installed a 20 thousand dollar home entertainment system that is only available in IMAX Theaters. I had Samsung who is the worlds leading T.V. Developer custom build me a one of a kind 1080p with over 2.5 million contrast per megapixel. Its an LCD that tramples anything and everything on the market. It also is coming with a special electronic source called a MONSTER! that produces and cleans its own electricity to all my electronics.

The surround sound is obviously custom built and only made for HD IMAX theaters producing the best, most loudest and most clear sound ever in the entire world at this time. So this is only the tip of the iceberg on everything. Its coming with a remote control to the entire house simply by my voice command only. I also bought several other LCD 1080p T.V. sets to put around the different areas of my home and all will be handled with my master control...

HA HA HA TRUE POWER! The monster will handle all electronics in my home. It is not the average monster at your local store. Oh No... this was a custom built one to handle absolutely everything. This means I can play in a lightning storm, have my home struck by lightning and continue to play without a problem.. HA HA HA HA! There is so much more but I want to leave the rest as a suprise.

Also the 15th of next month I will reveal the secret I have been keeping form all of you for the past eight months. The only people that know is my best friend in real life zblood, and Brain who is head of gamespot. Brian, dont you dare tell anyone what I told you in that message please. It was about that very expensive thing.

So to everyone, not to shabby for a poor boy from the bronx lol. If you have a dream follow it. It doesnt matter where you come from. Anything is possible as long as you work hard in life for it. I never had anything handed to me, my entire life. Everything is because I ahve put blood, sweat, tears and fought tooth, and nail for it.


1. Pepporni Hotpockets... This is a must and if you dont have them then you suck lol!

2. Doritos... Nacho cheese, nothing esle cuts it. Chees is the best.

3. Chocolate Fudge Poptarts.... Kellogs brand. Must be Kellogs Brand!

4. Donut Sticks... the Kind you buy in a box at walmart form little debbie.

5. Lots of meats for sandwitches.

1. I live in Puerto Rico so I get Authentic Cuban sandwitches here. Ya, Cubans live here to and they all open little diners. You have never had a sandwitch until you tasted a cuban made by a real cuban.... mmmm good...

6 Go to a place called Sams Club and buy all the essential beverage..

1. Tons of Diet coke or Regular Pepsi and or Mountain Dew.

2. Plenty of Corona with lemon and or lime. ( only if you are of age for your country) Dont be stupid.

3. Plenty of Heineken.

For the above beverages, the alcohol must be in glass long necked bottles. Dont get can or you suck. Spend the extra few bucks and get the good stuff. The taste is so much better from a glass bottle, instead of a cheap aluminim can.

Also the start of E3 marks my sons birthday. After E3 is over I am taking him to Chucky Cheese. (Where a kid can be a kid) Then on the 10th when all the family gets here from around the world we are throwing him a huge party. We are renting animals, jungle gyms, those huge moon jump things, clowns, a gian clown version of Spongebob and pretty much buying him allof Toys 'R' Us. Thats right people. I give my son everything I never had. Is he spoiled? Absolutely, however I discipline him as well. If he does something wrong I sit him down have a talk. If he does something extremely dangerous and wrong the you better believe its a good old fashion smack on the ass.

I tried to post some pics on my blog but it would not let me. I will post some pics later on, of me down below with the other images.I dont know why it did not work now.

Bottom line is Get your Electronic Entertainment Expo on (E3) from gamespot, here, live, starting the first of June. If you dont get it from here then you suck.

God Bless and have a Lovely Day.



1. My main thing is I have heard rumors of Xbox expanding its party mode to up to fifteen people and also fixing the servers so parties dont crash.

2. Sony is supposed to introduce a party system with voice chat similar to xbox live that will not force you to exit your games.

3. Final Fantasy 13. I want to know witch console will have better graphics and more content. That is the one I will buy it for.

4. My favorite Fighting series. Tekken Six Baby!

5. Seeing Nintendo bore us with more lame charts and brag how they stole money from us lol.

6. Microsoft to dominate motion sensing with its new ZCAM. It will revolutionize the way we play games the way Nintendo tried to do and failed miserably.

7. Sony PSP 2. I want to see its sexy new design and how it will operate with its counterparts of PS3 and cell phones.

8. Rumor is Microsoft and Sony will expand there friends list to 200 people instead of the little 100 that both consoles offer now.

9. Halo ODST. I am a hardcore Halo Fanboy.

10. Kojimas big secret... Is it a new metal gear for PS3, Is it for Xbox, ora new IP?

11. EA's turn around and actually making the madden games fresh and new again now that the old redundancy is gone and Madden is being remade from the ground up. I might actually get back into series.

12. The New Batman game. It looks awsome.

13. Marvel Ultimate Alliance Two.

14. Sony and Microsoft are rumored to discuss there new consoles set for release in 2012. I cant wait. Hopefully both companies learned from this gen and will become even more incredible.

15. Gears of War 2 Expansion pack for July 28th.

16. Gears of War 3 and hopefully it has better online mode then part two cause it was simply Painful.

17. Sony is rumored to release a Slim Line PS3. I wonder if they will put the old PS2 and PS1 back in. I personally have a luanch one but I dont know how long that life expentancy will last for. Then what will I do. They obviously dont make my model anymore.

18. Hopeing to see Nintendo issue me a public apology for stabbing all its loyal gamer base in the back that supported them since day one over 20 years ago. Thats right. I said it. Nintendo Wii is trash. (This is my opinion and the opinion of all gamers that are as old as I am. This does not reflect everyone).

19. NETFLIX! Rumor is that it is going to other consoles. This possibly means it may work for me in Puerto Rico. I want Netflix so bad. Ya not the movies in the mail people. I want instant Streaming. Doesnt work outside of the 48 Intercontinental States. yes there are 50 states but only 48 are intercontinental and support Net Flix.

20. Resident Evil 6. Said to be a next gen remake of Part one only for xbox and ps3. Nintendo already has there versions coming out later this year in November.

21. Being able to laugh at Shaun White again this year as he comes out and tries to make Nintendo look cool.

22. Hearing what Gamespot has to say and hoping for a lot of smart ass comments and bashing stuff they dont like or agree with. Thats always fun lol.

23. Heres a big one people. Champions online MMO for 360. It will be coming out but no release date has ever been confirmed as of yet for xbox. only for pc.

24. Star Wars MMO,

25. PS3 Super Hero MMO. Not sure of the name but looks impressive.

26. Seeing if Nintendo will redeem themself and annoucne they are making a new console that will be up to par with microsoft and sony.

27. Hearing what all my friends have to say about it obviously.

28. Star Trek MMO. Praying its not just for pc but will release on any console to.

29. Anything related to a decent MMO on a console. I have never been involved in a long term MMO. However if there is a good one for a console, I really want to get into that.


This was my E3 blog update. Hope you enjoy.

I Kicked Ass At UFC Tournament Last Night!






















Yesterday Memorial day and Today a new start!

To those that have fallen we bid you a garry owen and may you dine in old kings fashion. God bless and I will see you soon my fellow fallen brethren. I miss you and still see your faces every day. Although you are gone, your memory lives forever through us, in our hearts mind and spirits. Every night as I lay thy head down to rest. Images of all of you are bestowed upon thee. We will dine together again and rejoice for all the smelly iraqi bastards we killed. I love you and I miss you, my friends, my brothers in arms, my family. GARRY OWEN, AND FIDDLERS GREEN! HUAH!

Now to everyone else. I was ashamed yesterday. Not of my country, not of my family but rather most of you. Half of you didnt even know what day it was. Let alone care. I had people sending me messages through xboxlive and PSn saying F##k soldiers and blah blah blah. This is atrocious. The sad part is that most of these messages came from teenage americans. It is sad to see that the youth of today is so disrespectful, spoiled and wanna be gangstas, as they put it. A part of me is showing pity yet another part of me wants to just pick up a gun and let them see why they should appreciate the sacrifices that my fallen soldiers and myself have been forced to make. We can never go on living a normal life. We can never go out to a public place again and feel the same. We cant connect with hardly any body cause no one understands us and it makes us feel very uncomfortable. Most of you here on gamespot are very nice and respecting. However the majority of American Youth are disgraceful, egotistical, punks that I would love personally to rip there guts out and watch there faces in terror as I eat them!

So what is this message going to be reported. I dont even care anymore. Simply because if it does get reported it just goes to prove my point even further about the youth of todays society. Idiots.....

Life in general...

So here we are again, looming eagerly, awaiting the time shift in all of the space in our galaxy. Time will only tell as if though man has reached its limits. Only God knows if man is over with. We are embarking on a new way of life. This is the journey known as mankind. Conflicting with morals of sub conciouse behavior tormenting our most inner darkest secrets. Judgement is upon us beckoning for the transgressions and sins of mans past. Doomed are we to seek salvation when non of us are legitametly worthy. Egotistical lude acts of sarcasm and hatred spewed with ashes of blood melting away the grains of sand seeping lifelessly through the floor boards. Awake you are staring into the dark abyss praying and hoping that the vortex that has swallowed us whole will only pass you by quitely skirking as mellon cholly vengeance causing rippling shivers shattering central nervous system. Arise, Awake, Persevere....

Life has been funny lately. I have been farely busy playing games and living day to day. Grateful for life. For my family as in wife and Child. Slipping in and out of darkness struggling not to be consumed, venturing, clawing my way to the light. So much weight and no one to help lift it......

Life, News, Events, and Happy Easter!

A man that struggles with bare sanity,

Obscene gestures and mouth full of profanity,

Disturbed with it all and left mentally checked,

Refuses to walk away from a fight when there is a lack of respect,

Only thinking of himself wanting to break his opponents neck,


Doesnt remember what happens and wakes up in a cement room,

Rushes of cold, lonliness and regret,

Losing his freedoms all because he didnt know how to act while being upset,

Judge shows no sympathy and reads off a sentence of more then thirty years,

The man looks back only to see his wife and kids broken down shedding a flow of tears,

Rushes to give a hug but quickly restrained,

A man lost everything cause he lost his temper again.....

That was a poem I just wrote right here right now off of the top of my head. Hope you understand it. In other news I recently bought several games including getting yet another platinum trophy for WWE Legends of Wrestlemania. My health continues to gradually go south but I am fighting as much as possible. I recently have been going through a lot mentally. To be quite honest, I was watching the news and saw that the amazing President Obama was pulling the troops out of Iraq. However, I felt horrible when I then learned that he is sending them to Afganistan. A part of me felt as if though I need to go and belong over there. Yet, Thats just not possible. There are many things that I have to consider. First and foremost my wife and kids. Then my health wouldnt allow me to do much, I wouldnt be able to lead the front line anymore. Thats what is eating me up inside. My wife says that I have done my part and I am already with my injuries going to be suffering in pain for the remainder of my life. It just makes me feel bad as if though I am not doing what im suppose to. Ya, I have done more then my fair share in War, actual war not just sitting on my ass, but it just feels strange that there is a fight that I can't take part in.

I have been a fighter all my life. From the streets, to my violent upbringing and childhood. To the boxing ring and inside the Cage of the Octogan. Its just hard to swallow that there is a fight that I am not a part of and yet feel obligated to do something but simply cant. Obama is doing his best but the other nations are giving hardly anything to aid in this everlasting war on terror. It really pisses me off to end. The world always looks to America to lead and solve everyones problems, but the minute that they are asked to step up and help, they all would rather turn tail and run like the french.

Showtime and rockstar has sponsored a new cage fighting organization called strikeforce. Tonight was the debut with over 15 thousand people selling out the arena. It feautures Fighters that span from UFC, Wec, Elite XC and Pride. All the fighters that left the organizations and were payed much more to come here.

In attendance was The Huntington Beach Bad Boy Tito Ortiz. With Jimmy Lennon Jr, is the main announcer and spokesman for the new organization. Every fight was absolutely brutal and legendary potential. The main event feautured a veterand of ufc and a legend of all of MMA.

Frank Shamrock.... NO NOT THE BUM KEN SHAMROCK.! IT IS HIS HALF BROTHER WHO IS A MUCH BETTER FIGHTER AND A LEGEND IN ALL OF MARTIAL ARTS! Nick Diaz the older brother of Nate Diaz and Nick is also the one that UFC let go and did dirty so to speak.

Nick one of my fav. Fighters of all time not only beat the bonafied legend but utterly destroyed him. Nick obliterated him and the ref stopped it in Round 2. Frank was humble in defeat despite coming back after two surgeriesand being out after a year when his arm was broken and knee cap shattered in a fight with ..... cant remember name at moment..... this was in the elite xc.

Normally these other organizations are small and cheezy especially since they are popping up everywhere. This is great, the atmosphere and presentation was better then the UFC. witch utterly shocked me. I am so happy and lucky to have witnessed this momentus ocassion.

Next time on strikeforce will be saturday june 6th with jake shields vs. Legendary Robby Lawler and also Bobolu Sobral will be fighting for a middleweight title. I am so excited. Also Elite XC was thrown into the garbage. I say good riddens, and good riddens to there lame front showman, Kimbo the fake wanna be street fighter Slice.

Have you been watching the news. Some disgraceful and sick things have been happening. It seems like there is one kidnap and murder after another. This stuff is becoming more and more common. There was a little girl two weeks ago that was crossing the street to go to her friends house and just dissapeared in the blink of an eye. They found her a week later on the side of a road inside of a briefcase cut up into little pieces. HOW THE HELL CAN SOMEONE HURT A CHILD! THAT IS JUST SICK AND HORRIBLE! I personally would love to find one of these sick wierdows and show them the true meaning of torture and pain.

Anyone that would intentionally hurt a child, Kidnap, Rape etc. Has no rights in my eyes to walk this earth. The punishment should fit the crime. Everything they do should be done to them but ten times worse. Then they should be made to live paralyzed from the neck down and repeatedly punched in the face. Criminals such as petifiles and rapists make me sick to my stomach. I hate people because of the horrible things like this.

In other news there was an asian man who went inside of a Civic Center in New York State and went on a shooting spree and then killed himself. WHAT THE HELL! Even worse then that on the news last week was a father that killed his five children in cold blood and then drove to a parking lot and proceeded to kill himself. The mother came home from the grocery store to find her five children, witch they were little kids all brutally murdered and splattered. WHAT THE HELL IS THE WORLD COMING TO. WE ARE NOT SOUTHERN AFRICA! WE ARE THE UNITED STATES! This is the example and precedent that we set for the world to see. It is sickening to see all this, and the people that take there freedoms for granted.

I am still waiting until next month to install the 20 thousand dollar custom made home theater system. Also I am so excited to tellyou all the big news that I have left you suspended in suspense for over six months. It is almost time but not just yet. I have to make sure everything falls through the way its supposed to. I should be able to tell you all the BIG news next month around the first week hopefully. It is technically Easter as of right now as I write this so Happy Easter and God Bless all of you. Understand what this represents and never take it lightly or for granted.

Yesterday I finally decided to sign in and play xbox live only to discover my profile had been suspended or banned. I called Microsoft and was immediately given to management when they realized who I was. Turns out someone had reported my profile for talking about how I will hunt people down and kill them and how I hate bush and hopes he dies etc. Turns out by the time I was done with them they were apologizing for bothering me and all reports for my profile on xbox will no longer even be looked at. The reversal was made and I put whatever the hell I want inside of my Bio. I gave them hell and every other word out of my mouth was the F bomb and I was honestly pissed off very seriously. As previously stated, when they relized who I was and who they were dealing with I had them pretty much begging for my forgiveness.

Have you seen the lineup for Xbox this year. It is horrible and sad as well as extremely dissapointing. There is only one game I am looking forward to from Microsoft this year and that is Halo ODST. As for Sony, the PS3 is dominating right now. Offering over 100 exclusives this year and estimated 45 of them being released for U.S. and Europe. Simply amazing. I was a huge Xbot since 2000 and now after my PS3 since purchase over two years ago was a paper weight so to speak until this recent December. Now that they have trophies it changes everything. Did you see the sales numbers for Feb, and March. The PS3 sold 55 thousand more units then Nintendo Wii and damn near 100 thousand more units then the Xbox 360. This momentum is much needed right now and I honestly feel as if though the surge in sales is due to trophies and the fact that Developers are now recommending and prefering PS3 over any other console including PC. The Blu Ray Technology and capability of the PS3 is unparralled and they are finally discovering how to utilize this technology to an advantage. Developers during many interviews are excited and preferring PS3 saying that they hated having to limit themself on other consoles and PS3 holds limitless capability. Needless to say as of right now I am all about my PS3.

Another big thing to me is the arcade and movies. Xbox for about six months on the arcade is utterly attrocious. As of Janurary they fired the lead manager that was incharge of arcade for xbox and brought in a new hotshot. He is doing just as bad. What Happened to Microsoft? There quality of gaming has just went straight down the toilet. PS3 each and every weak is deliver quality arcade games and many exclusive games as well. The movie selection beats Microsofts completely and the movie quality is amazing. You can buy a standard movie for 9.99 or 14.99 off of PS3 Video store and it will still upconvert to a 1080 p. Picture. It also offers fast movie downloads and hundreds more in its selection over xbox. Sure now, Microsoft has Netflix right? WRONG! It only works within the inter continental U.S. witch means 50 States. So no one else can utilize it. What a shameful waste. This is a huge deal to me since I am after all a movie buff.

I talked to Netflix as of just three days ago cause I heard a rumor from my local gamestop that the problem was fixed for here in Puerto Rico. WRONG AGAIN GENIOUSES! I was furious about this and I am out ten bucks. Netflix said they would refund it but have not done so as of yet. So I am pretty pissed about that. All I know is Microsoft needs something Big at E3 this year or its over for this gen. I prefer xbox over sony ps2 all day long. However as of right now the only thing that is missing from the PS3 is Voice Chat from player to player while playing different games. Then its all over in my opinion. Microsoft needs a new console. Have you seen Killzone 2? The graphics make gears of war 2 look like an out of date game lol. Seriously, and this is still barely tapping into the potential of PS3. Also I want to comment to all the PC fanboys I hear ranting.

Game consoles are just as good and offer in some instances better graphics then the PC. Here is a good example. Graphics on Xbox 360 for Fallout three were absolutely perfect. Flawless in every sense of the word. The pc barely paled in comparison to the 360 version. Consoles have caught up with pc witch is AWSOME BABY! I cant stand gaming on PC. I use to PC a lot back in the day for FPS like Quake and Unreal when I would play in tournaments. However there is no need to anymore considering consoles are just as good and offer just as good quality.

My wife and I have been playing a lot of video games lately witch is simply great. She destroys me at wrestling games. and it just feels great. We decided to play video games every day again like we use to. We have been playing for about two to three hours a day, and my son loves to play video games with us.

I recently bought a PSP game from Gamestop that was on sale with 50% off. It was Mortal Kombat Unchained. The game is better then the PS2 version offering better, more solid gameplay and even better graphics. The PSP version also offers six more characters then the other console versions, witch is awsome when your crushing people and doing fatalities with GORO!

Midway recently filed for Bankruptcy as you know and I have been reading the comments in the news article threads and am shocked at how disrespectful some of the slime balls are here. Midway happens to be my favorite game publisher and I have been playing and supporting there games for over 20 years since they were just an arcade based company. Midway has been around for roughly three decades witch is 30 years. Thats longer then any other gaming company in history that has been able to stay intact. This all happened simply because the economy hit a rough patch and the current CEO at that time sold his stock that was estimated at over 200 million for only 3 hudred thousand dollars. This caused the companies stocks to plumet and essentially making the company worthless from being one of the top dogs in the gaming industrial world. They gave there best efforts and released some really good games and some poor ones. A recent great game they released was MK VS. DC. Anyone that says that game isnt good is just insane cause the game was amazing and probably the best MK title released. They were going to release many character packs but obviously that wont be happening now. Also the last thing they did before they had to put the company up for auction for a measly 30 million instead of 500 million was release a game pack called the Titan pack for Unreal Tournament Three for PS3 and PC giving exclusive content and all the stuff that was on xbox 360. It is awsome stuff truly.

Recently games that have dissapointed me are the fact that I bought a 50 cent game for the PS3 only to find out from my best friend that the game doesnt have any trophies. Good thing Zblood told me before I opened the damn thing. I returned it today and even though it was two weeks ago since I bought it, they gave me full store credit. Also the case was open but thats how it was sold to me since it was the last copy they had and it was a display box but brand new non the less. I was really pissed about that. I love 50 cent and couldnt wait to play the game. Now I will just buy the 360 version. I am starting to get a little bored with my PS3 and am starting to have the urge to play my xbox again finally.

WRESTLEMANIA 25 was amazing. The most entertaining spectacle in all 25 years of Wrestlemania and every match for all four hours was breathetaking and people really got hurt. Ya WWE is mostly fake but when you jump from 20 ft. in the air and land wrong.... Your Screwed lol.

So thats it for now and I will update you more. There is much I havent said simply because I dont feel comfortable talking about it. Especially in regards to my health. All I will say on that note is that I may be gone for a couple of days next week due to treatments. Anyways, God bless all of you and Happy Easter.

Truly back where I belong..

WOW! Hello Gamepspot and to all my online homies. How the hell are ya. Yep, Hard to believe that it was on Feb. 24th that my pc messed up on me. Heres a quick recap of what has happened. My pc had a new form of a virus. A new type of worm. The only way to fix it was to recover my pc. Once doing this the PC was good but would not connect to the internet.

My internet provider claimed it was my lan card. They were wrong needless to say. So in that period of time I had to use my ps3 temporarily as a pc to contact you every once in a while via pm messaging. It was a pain in the rear end. So finally today I took my pc up to my friends at best buy. They fixed my computer for free. You want to know what was wrong with my pc....... NOTHING!

My Norton Anti Virus had set up a firewall. Thats was it. One click of a button and they fixed it.Needless to say that I felt completely stupid. I spent hours going through every application except for my anti virus software. So they did that for me and hooked me up with some software and upgrades. Also they tweaked my pc and installed all the latest software and updates saving me a ton of money so now my pcis even faster then ever.

I will be on gamespot daily and now keeping track of your blogs as I previously use to. Iam not going back by two months of your blogs cause thatwould be insane.


Well, Im still working on that big thing that I have kept secret from you. Hopefully by the end of this month or beginning of may it will finallyhappen. Then I will tell you guys. Again, onlymy best friend in real life, Zblood knows. I have been playing my PS3like crazy. I have to be honest to you. I use to be such an xbot. Seriously,nowas of December I have turned into a Sony Fanboy. The trohpy system is crazy addicting. I already have 4 platinmus and I could have6 right now if I wanted. I have over 400 trophies already.

I am extremely dissapointed with microsofts lineup for this year. They have a total of 8 exclusives. Sony on the other hand is dominating.. They offer over 105 exclusives and about 45 of those are being released in the U.S. and European territories. Also Microsoft haslost a ton of exclusvies to Sony for this year including Ninja Gaiden 2, Red Alert, Left 4 Dead and several other ones including RPG titles.

On a positive note I will be using my xbox for something other then a dust collector. I am going to do the netflix thing with it. They finally fixed it forPuerto Rico witch is great cause I love movies. I have purchased a ton of games in the pastmonth in a half. To many to mention so I will just name the ones that I have right off the top of my head from yesterdays date. Yesterday I purchased Mercenaries two, and the new 50 cent game. I alsoreserved and prepaid forgodfather 2, infamous,batman arkham asylum, and my MOST ANTICIPATED TITLE OF THE YEAR...... UFC UNDISPUTED!

I am obviously increasing my blu ray collection rapidly. As for a personal level or note as some prefer. Honestly I am doing good in terms of happiness. I have my wife and son witch are the most important people and things in my life. Thats all I need in the long run. However my health is getting worse and worse. Every day is more painful then the last.Especially my back. Dear God I love you, please help me with this pain.

My son is growing so fast and he is bilingual learning both spanish and english at the same time. He is so intelligent and has more energy then the energizer battery. I feel like im starting to get really old even though im not. I bought a couple of new music cd's. I bought the neyo (year of the gentleman) album and its pretty good. The newest single really struck home for me so I love it. Today I bought T.I. Trap Muzik. It is AWSOME! Lyrically its provacative and poetry. He speaks of his life and growing as an individual as wellas his personal experiences. Its brilliant. T.I. was just sentenced to one year and one day in prison. Out of facing a possible thirty years he got off extremely lucky.He should get out sooner then that on probation and parol if he has good behavior. T.I. We support you and will be hereawaiting your release. Stay strong homie. Your atrueOG and a certified man who has my respect.

He use to be a gangster and changed his life. These charges were old charges that were brought up. They had to convict him otherwise it would set an off balance. In other news Obama is on the verge of saving all humanity after Bush destroyed it. Obama is the savior of humanity as of right now. This is the most critical time in our country since the ww2. We are all actually on the brink of the most important economic and global climate crisis in human history. Our mother earth is at its limit. Obama is doing everything. He is incredible.

My union and Clan union will be completely redone interms of positions in power. During my absence I saw who was doing what and who wasnt doing anything at all. Lastly, remember to love yourself and those around you. Except for Bush. We all should hate Bush and spit in his face.

Good to be back.....

Flesh of a man...

Ripped from reality, gripped by pain, a man opens his mouth and disrespects the wrong individual, all of a sudden a man goes missing....... Isnt it a beautiful thing.... Flesh? So soft, so durable, and yet so easy to cut. The power of flesh knows no limits and yet is so easily pierced. Flesh carries lingering scents of perfume, cologne, and is also very decomposable. Flesh is such an amazing thing indeed. So I havent been on lately. My pc is messed up and needs a new lan card. I will have it repaired next month. I am using my PS3 to write this. Remember my email is if you need to reach me. My xbox and PSn ID's are both the same. combatcsoldier so if you want to play hell ya. Recently I have been playing Killzone 2 nonstop. LIterally non stop. I recieved a special trophy for being one of the Top 1% in the entire world as of right now. That is pretty exciting. I am just so good at the game its scary. Killzone 2 is honestly the best game I have ever played in my life. Hands down. Revolutionary on every cylinder and perfect in any way. Offering the best online with no lag and no cheating. Flawless... The Single player is amazing and the story is short and sweet and the graphics are beautiful. Best looking game ever. Makes Gears of War 2 look like a nes game honestly. I have been a gamer for 20 years and nothing in this world comes close to the perfection of Killzone 2. I prefer it over Halo. Yes I said it. Speaking of Halo, I have Halo Wars collectors edition and it is still sealed in its plastic because of my love for Killzone 2. It literally offers hundreds of hours of gameplay and never gets old. I recommend it for everyone. If you dont have a ps3 then go out and buy one. Man I cant wait to fix my PC. Cause the PS3 works a computer but just doesnt feel the same. In other news. As of April 6th I have purchased a 20,000 dollar home entertainment center. Custom built for me by Best Buy. A custom made Samsung 52 inch with 50,000 resolution per 1080 p mega pixel. Also a clipse surround sound system only used by HD movie Theaters. This is going in my home lol. The subwoofer looks like a chest seriously. So they had to call there production company in Texas to have them custom make and ship it to Puerto Rico. HA HA HA! No one and I mean No one will have an entertainment system like this in there home... except for George Lucas. I will be posting more blogs but remain barely active in the unions cause its annoying without my pc. I miss you all and am still here. I have some very dark and deep poems that I will share with you in future blogs. To answer some questions, Yes all my poems are 100% authentic and all me.