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Adults walk about 3-4 miles per hour, and they can walk a mile in 15 to 20 minutes. There will be people who are more efficient than others as well as speed may be affected by gender and age as well fitness level.

It is possible to determine the speed of your walk?

It's a good idea to find out how long it takes to walk a mile when you plan a trip, day out, or preparing for a sponsored run or marathon. Your personal health status can affect the amount of time needed to walk a mile. But, you should be aware of other aspects such as your age, gender, pace and general health.

Walking speed varies with age

It's not the incredible thing that you can walk two blocks while a toddler in just three hours (so many cracks in walls you could see!)

Were you surprised to find out that lively twenty-somethings walk with a slower pace contrasted with their older counterparts , who are in their 30s and forty-somethings? It's real. After Howtoneed reach the age of 50, our walking speed slows down again.

At 2.1 speeds, it would require a 75-year-old to walk a mile at an average time of nearly 30 minutes (28 minutes and 34 seconds) and a 23 year-old could walk at 3mph, and walk for less than 20 minutes.

Speed of walking based on gender


All ages are faster for men than women. This is because they generally have longer legs. They might be more likely than others to be late for something.

Tempo of walking based on pace

Another thing to think about when determining the amount of distance to walk a mile is whether you are walking in a stroll, walking, or simply walking along the street. If you like the air in the country and the fresh air, your pace will be slower than when you are concerned about not getting to the train.

Here are some statistics for various walking speeds:

Fast 100-119 steps per minute/11 minutes/mile

Normal - between 80 and 99 steps every hour/15 minutes for each mile

Relaxed - 60 to 79 steps per hour / 20 minutes for each mile

You can see the mile chart below to get an estimate of the time it will take to walk a certain distance at a normal, fast or relaxed pace.

The final entry of our chart provides the answer to the question "How long would the Proclaimers be required to walk 500 miles?" It takes them 125 hours (7500 mins) to cover 500 miles at a normal pace.