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To Sony Fanboys...

Before reading this blog post please bear in mind that regardless whatever console you play, that's your favorite and period, there shouldn't be crying mongers among us trying to destroy your opinion by bashing and ranting lavishly all over the forums and game discussion about their preferences, now this is a message to all of them Sony Fanboys, because Sony betrayed me, a previous PS2 owner, by many wrong things they did, and just when they saw no exit, they changed.

My apologies to any of my friends whom like and own a PS3, nothing to do with them, like I said there's freedom of choice.

i dunno why Sony Fanboys defend ps3 sooo much, yeah, live we have to pay, but microsoft has cut down prices many times already in the last two years and that has made it affordable for us gamers to buy a 360.

Also has created the falcon chip to put on hold the RRODs issue and succesfuly so, and as a result the rate of failure has gone down to minimum.

There has been free give aways of games, even premium ones like Carcassone, and Undertow on Xbox Live, and on top of that what Sony wanted at the beginning was to even charge for Demos, and they did charge for Gran Turismo prelude without any honor left.

PSN is a dead network, and playstation home is a disaster, even critics say there's nothing interesting there.

Xbox360 dev kits are a favorite of developers because of the friendly interface and the better graphical and extensively proven already, power of the 360 to deal with more heavy engines like Cry Engine (*even better than the PS3 does)

You can read developers commentaries on the prestigious UK magazine Edge if you have any doubt of me telling the thruth here

Xbox Live is a success, more than 17 million users including myself are there every week, if not every day of the year.

Tons of content for games this summer, though I must admit that during this crisis time it has been very quiet on Xbox Live.

That said there's plenty of exclusives on the 360 that are my favorite games ever.

And just to remind you of something, when PS2 was the dominant force in the market and I did had one, and was one of the best consoles in history, Sony didn't do any cut prices but after almost 10 years, so there's your support and care for their customers from truly yours Sony.

Period, anyone had anything to rebate against this? don't think so. Stop Fanboyism like a trend, long live Microsoft!.