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Rest in Peace Michael, hero of my Childhood

Its sad news today, one of my favorite idols, which I used to Imitate (vocally only) for many years is dead, and gone, but not his legacy as one of the most charismatic and Iconic artists of all times, How to Become Legend?, just learn from Michael Jackson.

The News about his untimely death are a bit rare too, because a guy who jumped and danced like Michael did, should had a extraordinary Cardio Rate, and a Cardiac Arrest just seems a bit odd to me, remember Bruce Lee?

I dunno much, but I know that Michael was on a downfall already, canceling contracts, concerts, getting lawsuits, and then suddenly at the peak of the problems, death itself claims him unfairly Early.

Just a bit of thoughts and Ideas, because I think a man like Jackson deserved it from each of us who saw him as more than a Black man wanting to be White, but as the person he really was, and the Child he remained because of his stolen Childhood. A man of power and brilliancy on the stage, a vast entertainer and a sweet person, allow to me to say the least.

He was my Idol, and he will be as he will be Remember in Time.

God Bless you Michael.