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Star Wars Battlefront

Started playing the game today and it's a lot of fun, some missions are more difficult than others, and viceversa, it doesn't matter the order of the missions, almost every game that i know, you advance, you get more difficulty, but this one, by the contrary, i found that it gets vey dinamically balanced according to difficulty, the game is semi-epical and very nicely follow the path of Star Wars most epical battles,

it features untill now what i've played in 5 hrs the Historical Campaing, which i beat in about 2 hrs or less and Galactic Campain, or Quest, i don't remember as i already turn off my PS2, Lol. And is all packed of action and fun, it has a two viewed angle, one in third person, and another very similar to the one on my beloved game RE4, Chappelleshow2 talk about yesterday about this game's sequel Battlefront II, so i got interested, and i lended this game i bought almost one year ago to a friend of mine, i bought it and i didn't played more than 20 mins, then i hear like i said this friend user talking wonderfully 'bout this game,

and i called my friend and ask him back my game, and what a great thing it is now, i am having a lot of fun, and i'm relaxing a little bit of Scarface, which is my number 1 choice nowadays to play, just thought to share this in case you haven't played this game, or did the same than me, GEt it!, or Get it Back now!