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A bit late to say this but...


Kameo and the Elements of Power was one of the firts games for the X360 that came out, and besides that, i didn't know or heard very much about this Microsoft title, but two days ago i bought the game out of a lightning strike of curiosity and impulse, so iwas pretty much sckeptical about the whole thing. 

I rushed home and i started viewing it, so much for the worries! The game is really refreshing and its kind of a new style to me, it's a refreshing experience where you can morph into several cute little monsters that will help you (Kameo), a beautiful Elf to rescue your family members from a King Throll named...(will provide soon) and a traitor of your own race...(will provide name and description).

 In this world of fantasy, all the races, elfs, dawrfs, humans and throlls lived in harmony, but the elfs controlled magic, and therefore they controlled the world, nevertheless they allowed  the Throlls to fill in as they had a great knowledge of technology, but then regardless the warnings to King of elfs, about the Throll's King intentions to finish all magic in the universe,(the Elf king was very busy with other matters), the King of the Elfs, ruler of this magic world "fell sleep" on this warnings and then the Throll king tooked his opportunity, and the war begun. So this is about restoring the peace to this magic world, rescuing your morph allies from shadow throlls who kept them prisoners, and rescuing your family members, plus at the same time, i believe(as i haven't get there) you get to fight a really giant intelligent Throll at the end of the story, presented to us at the beginning of the game, the THroll emperor is a fearsome and formidable adversary, i imagine.

 The graphics are really impresive end detailed, though the camera movement is a bit annoying and causes distress sometimes, but the bes merit is that the game play, though not responsive sometimes, is really funny and ertertaining. So you will have plenty of fingers to use.

 The characters are really funny and colorful, is like a action Viva Pinata, we may say.

 overall this game is great, and after i finish, i'll give it a review, Chao for now.


New to Next gen?

Well, i am. What can i say? , i bought my "XboxHD360" two weeks ago, and my PS2 is eating dust a bit, as i am very concentrated on Splinter Cell Double Agent, which i bought last Saturday, and what a incredible surprise it turned to be.

 Verifying people outhere carefully, i like SCDA much more than the no-brainer and excellent Gears of War, why?, Simply because is harder and you have to really use your brain, and a lot patience, and yet; a lot of good luck to overcome the super-smart-alert-ready-2-kill security in this Ubisoft favorite.

The game is also out on the PS2, which i enjoyed very much, but honestly, the 360 ver changed the curse of my life and my relationship with this acclaimed series.

The graphics are really superb, specially the Fisher's Transpirations details, and get ready to be closer and quicker than ever before. As your enemies will be superman relatives that inherit the Superhero's Superhearing, and they will even find you under trucks.

The missions are long and challenging, and you can even enjoy very nice views from a Caribe Cruiser. As i was saying above, now you can attack from anywhere, and be lethal, or be caught, you have always 50-50, just as the new game system of Trust to build between the two main factions in the Game, the NSA with Lambert, and the JBA with the terrorists, failing to complete objectives with either will result in lost of trust, and if the trust meter reaches zero, is game over for you.

The game is really annoying in some parts, but that's what makes it a good game, and great value for money at 49.99, never more happy to spent it. Give it a try, next Gen games are coming good.

please Which games for X360 should i get?

Recommend me some Last year games for the 360, that you guys loved, except GRAW(i'm getting it) and GOW(already in my collection), and if you please can let me know about the new PES for the Microsoft console, that will be much appreciated, thank you guys.

By the other hand, i will like to add that Gears Of War rule my world so hard, even though i don't like the mine mission, but everything else, is just almost crack up to be the perfecto title of next Gen, the coolest game i ever played, i even enjoy to walk around and have a look to the detailed environments and stuff all over, what a beauty!!!

All the best and stay tuned for a GOW review real soon!!!, i mean, i will enjoy a lot to make one...

My Xbox360 is broke, and is brand new!!!!

My Xbox 360 that i just bought, is broke!!!!, arghhhh, i want to scream, to rip it off!!1. to torn it appart, i dunno what to do, i just feel very bad and down now, i've been waiting for a few months already, since i said here that i will buy one, and then now that i have it, that i started Gears of War, the game that i bought with it, one of the best games to buy, my Xbox, started to freeze, and freeze, and then bumP!, dead, i'm desperate guys, i need your consolation words, buaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Kung Het Fat Choi!!!! to all my friends in Gamespot, i was in Malaysia the whole week, pretty nice place, i went to a Latin Bar called Qba at the Westin Kuala Lumpur, great place, lots of fun and exciting latin music and cocktails, it was amazing, all the best for the new year guys!!!!

2 years at Gamepot!!

Well is been two years since i first took a glance at the window of Gamespot, i am a active member since the second quarter of 2005 , but i created my account and joined since January 4th of 2005. It's been wonderful and good for my gaming experience, as i have learned a lot from the GameSpot editors, and our members and friends.

I know enjoy very much(as always) reading posts by other players/members more than posting, but from time to time a review from me will come out, as i am becoming a bit better doing this thanks to my mentors in the Reviewers legion.

I am a very busy person, that's why i can't comply with all the things i will like to do on Gamespot, but anyway, i am very satisfied as gaming is a very important part of my lifestyle.

i will like to personally thank my supporters through all this time, such as :

and many many more, to all of you and the editors/creators of Gamespot, thank you very much for creating a wonderful domaine full of experience, good taste and sparkling content, just as a good Champagne, This web site has it all.

Love C.

Level 16

i am a Magician lord at last! it took me a while to overcome the level 15 stage, i shall say the longest time ever i've been in a level, i had go through all of them very smoothly, but this one was painful, anyway, just to let you know i'm still here, even though i have tons of jobs to complete, i also got a new emblem for voting in the Gamespot 2006 game awards.

about games, i was playing last sunday Coldwinter, and i must say is one of the best FPS i've played on the PS2, i started playing at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, and i was finishing it around 00:30 at night, so i thought it was a great and enjoyable experience, and the graphics are amazing, alone with the cgi videos on the game, and i started playing the Shield, which is a non interesting at all video game, so i think it's gonna end up eating dust real soon.

NBA live 2007 really told me the lesson that Ea is not the way to go in sports games, so i will stick to my Winning Eleven 9 experience, which i think is the best sports game outhere.

I'm very eager awaiting Rogue Galaxy and God War II, the last one will be my main and most awaited game of all times, and i will not care to spend my bucks on it, as i already know that is gonna be the best game of 2007.

So long, looking good on Gamespot, and i'll keep it that way for a long, long, long time,


Killer Instinct just rock my World even 12 years later

 Killer Instinct is just the best game of 2-d fighting i ever played, i gotta say i'm a MK fan, but when i first got my hands on KI, about twelve to thirteen years ago, i said to myself: "...way to go BB", i felt so many mix reactions i couldn't express them again right now, i only can say, i love it! The Menu Screen of Ki with it's logo, and the nice retro-Electronic voice saying: "killer instinct" is just in my favorite quotas of all times, you might say that is a replica of Mk, but it did deliver its own flavor. The amount of fighters on the game is pretty enough, and the way they look and move its pretty awsome, we got a werewolf, a jason looking-skeleton, Spinal, a pretty slimmed beauty Orchid, a Tyson soft copy named Combo, and many more. They are around 10. The gameplay still freak me out, because of it polished combo-controlled, i must say that till this day, i haven't feel so comfortable to do a combo like in KI. You just seem to feel and intuitive touch the controller to do a brutal combo, with about 12 to 15 blows. The guard system worked perfectly, just pressing backwards towards your opponent, and voila, plus the "scapegoat" Combo Breaker. The soundtrack of this game is just so cool, that i purchased the Cd and played it at parties with my friends, and we used to enjoy a lot (Fever), i listen to it over and over again without getting tired, i think it was the first time that i heard a properly done soundtrack for a video game, and i think that's very important for me. the graphics, what else can i excalimed but a "big Wow!" when i saw the nice detailed characters and scenarios, like Jago's or Fulgore's ones. Besides that when you start a Combo, the character charges back and go forward with a rainbow of kicks and punches, freaking amazing, isn't it? Overall this is my very favorite game of all times, and you can call me any nick-name you like for it, but give credit to my words( like Orchid's song): "...killer, killer", this game is a must have before you say goodbye to this world. Kawabonga!!!!

i'm buying a PS3 0r a Xbox360 for Xristmas!!!, need advice, i got big discount

Guys, i really need your advice, in my company they provided me a gift package that will allow me to purchase a XBOX360 for only 79U.S. or a PS3 for around 329U.S.D., i really need your advice this last time guys, please this is gonna be my movement of the century, as i'm not intended to purchased both of them, but just one, i'll wait your wise judgement!!!!.