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Stranglehold is a messy awsome fellah!

Just bought the game today, and i must say a word or two about it, let me just start with:

- I wish they will make more titles of this games and more often.

- I wish that they could fix the online issues as i think that this title has great possibilites online.

-I wish that they could have added some more of stealth tactics and some melee or kung fu stuff.

All this three things will have make justice to a great game that somehow got underappreciated and underrated, if i take on account the professional reviews, maybe i will never buy it; probably i will have it rented or something else.

John Woos's Stranglehold is a great game, no matter how short, less is simple, and simple the best . They got all the ingredients that went right on previous games like:- Enter the Matrix, Max Payne, Rise to Honor, etc to pull out something just fantastic, you got to tear appart in pieces everything you see to understand exactly what i mean.

You are Inspector Tequila and it's time to pop up some heads, or... /guts??!!

/this game offers you lots of packed-messy action, throwing at you many kinds of weapons and explosive environments like never before, besides the traditional bullet killing, you can kill your foes withChinese neons, with electrical posts, with random rumbling stones, with gasoline tanks, with their own chemical drugs, etc, just think of everything.

hundreds and hundreds of chinese mobsters to kill, with some "quailos" as well.

Tons of cool moves and specials, rolling on choping cart, throwing yourself from the wall, the traditional cover and shoot, whatever; and besides that the awesome maxy bullet time (Tequila Time in this game).

The specials will make it up to you taking up the bad guys, like the barring, which is a special shooting spree (not on Elle Magazine) that will be very useful and handy when outnumbered.

The kinda Snipe-with a Pistol one, that is so cool, that you will gasp as the bullet reaches its intended target, your enemie's throat or skull or other more intimate parts of the human anatomy, it all depends on where you aim.

And there's the classic Chinese-Spin move, that as the name indicates will have Chow Yun Fat (Inspector Tequila) spinning-shotting their heads off.

You will also have some "refreshing" missions where you will findyourself blowing out heads from the sky, more specifically from a helicopter, yes, they even throw that out, some Ghost Recon stuff.

So what can be wrong with this game except that is a bit short, the Original movie Hard Boiled is only and hour and a half and is a classic action movie of all times, there you are, be ready for bullet time!!!

One more thing, you get to play as Chow Yun Fat.

bought Bioshock, but not for keep

i tried out the Demo of Bioshock, and to be honest is one of the best games on graphics concerned of this gen, but actually, outside the very good story, and sound effects plus graphix, i don't like the playability very much, and besides that, i saw nothing new or interesting on it, first person shooter, many guns, some "spelliarmus" powers, blah,blah,blah. Nevertheless i bought a copy of the game. But i gave it to my friend.

I don't know, don't get me wrong, but nothing really exciting when playing the game, so i'm going to give it to a very good friend of mine, later on if i get excited, i might buy it again, and give it a try, but for now, i'm giving others a chance to enjoy what they appreciate more than me.

This is all based on my personal taste, i do must congratulate, though; whomever wrote the story line, excellent, it will make a great best seller- movie, or whatever, even the game it is already.

All the best.

"Chopping" at the Mall Impressions and frustrations

Well, i just bought the game today(DEAD RISING), i didn't plant to get it, since i'm not a Capcom fan, (except for that wonder call Resident Evil) and some Devil may Cry, but i was very curious, and finally dropped the cash to get it, and i must admit that i really think it deserves a lot of reflection and comments; don't be scared though, i'll be brief.

The game looks and sound awesome, specially the last quality, lots of different sounds for everything you throw or toss or hit with.

The character dialogues are very uncommonly realistic and natural, giving you real sensations of fear and sorrow, and other reactions.

the environment and everything on it is quite physically responsive, compare to other games, there's huge amounts of codes in details, physics, animations, shops, Zombies, and virtually you can use anything available (with a "get object icon") to cause some real damage.

There's is this Latino Tarantino mix of Eros and Horror in the Story line that makes it pretty interesting and puts the game very much on what it is our world today.

That and many other ingredients make the game almost perfect, besides the fact that you can slaughter 53 thousand something Zombies, ain't in your head.

But what really pist me off is the fact that this game have the most horrible saving loading feature i ever saw, long gone are the times when you game over and you have to start again, nooooooo... excuse me, Capcom!

I just wonder what were they thinking when they don't allow you to save a game at will were you die every 5 mins as a weak character that you actually are when you start the game, mean, it would have been perfect, perfect! Why to twist fate like this?

At this moment, i'm very frustrated with this, and i hope that some of you guys that played the game; can give me some advice to reach as soon as can, Infinity Mode, so i can really enjoy this.

Thank you.

XBOXLIVE!!!! Rocks, i'm in!!!

i'm on XBOXLIVE for 1 year from yesterday, my username is the same, i usually play Shadow run, Gears o war and Fifa07, my user name is the same, (cocomacoco) please add me to your friend list and invite me to play from time 2 time, i'll really like to get to know you guys more, at the moment i S*&^%% so hard that is hard to stay alive, but in Fifa i'm quite good. please spare me a few lines and send me lots of invites, i need you, and i want to join u all, Scott, see ya soon on Xlive!!!!

Peace, ...

Consoles that you own?

i will like to know what do you have guys? i have a X360, a PS2, a PSP and a NDS, and i have pretty a lot of games for my psp, which i only like a few so far, PRO EVO 6 is my most played game, and i love Gears Of Wars and the GRAW series, on the Ds i love Castlevania and Mario, plus Mario Kart, tell me about you.

Love C.


Did anybody say Halo???!!!

My good friend who likes Video games like me or maybe a bit less brought me a Halo copy, is the first time i had this game on my hand, the cover i great, the Manual is great, very much into details, i read it through very nervous, and then Hands On!!!!!, what a great Game, very good graphics for the time, the playability is excellent, i don't really like FPS, but this one was like a call of duty stuff, and maybe even better, is a lot of fun, and now i know what everybody feels when they go to their warthogs!

Overall i'm on the second mission, Halo, i like it much and i'll make a review, bye for now.!

Spidey 3 is a joke...

Well folks, what a disapointment with Spiderman 3, the Videogame, is totally lack of everything, the camera issues are terrible, the combos are so old school and hard to watch, that i even consider to watch Gracey's Anatomy instead, lol.

Besides the beautiful environment of NY City, and the nicest so far "living city", i must say that Activision needs to focus and take more seriously our friendly neigborhood's Webslinger. Swinging is the only thing that so far gives you excitement in this game, like i said, it looks very cinematic and is real fun, but, man!, wooo,

Who in the world will conceive this "criminal rip-off" that it is S3? I was So excited, was my birthday present, i did the update that comes with the game, and puaff!, no more emotions, everything was gone, and if i tell you the worst list for video games of 2007, i wouldn't know any game until now, because i assure you that Spidey is in advance classified for the Podium.

Sorry guys but i felt it was my duty to let you know about this mediocre game, in case you didn't notice, and don't believe the hype of 6.6, i will give it a 5.5, and those points are for Peter and the swinging whole thing, Damnazione!

Anyway, i feel vindicated as i got today my FEAR game and i will forget about this mistake for sure. Well,hope so...

i've been away

Sorry, i've been away for about two weeks, and i will still be, because of a lot of work that i have to do now, as soon as the pressure is off a bit, i'll comeback, sorry haven't read or post in your blogs, all the best




God Of War 2 Rocks!!! Who agrees?


 Well, i started playing GOW2, a bit sckeptical as i knew that after you're playing GRAW, a few more things can make you happy, but i admit publicly thaT i was wrong, i had some problems with my primary order, so it came a bit delay, i was very excited and very afraid at the same time when i unveiled the DVD. As soon as i started playing it, oh, what a joy!

 The Gameplay is a bit repetitive, that i must say, the combos are pretty linear and its not really fun to scramble footed semi-monsters, but the cinematic experience of the game is incredible, and quite huge for a PS2 platformed game.

The battle with the Colossus is exhilarating, and hillarious, i will give a two thumbs up just to watch this two-legged mithologic giant really pist-off at you, throwing bodies alive of soldiers, and blowing you off at the same time, dude, can't get better than this anger, even at a anger management session.

 I haven't progress to much in the game yet, because i'm playing in the hardest difficulty available before Titan Mode, but, i must add that also the interactive CGI is a beautiful thing that they made since the previous version of this game, and this time is excellently executed, as the big guys you execute, lol.

Brutal and tiring is what i call the button mashing session you'll experience by playing our favorite after-Hercules-Demi-God Kratos, but nevertheless God of War 2 is a really chilling experience. Don't miss it as you wouldn't miss Smalville.

Love C. 

Level 18 And Up!!!

Well, i'm a flicky at last!, it took me a long time and a lot of reading your blogs you guys to achieve this level, i believe level 17 was the longest stalemate i ever experieced, lol, and today i woke up with some sadness as my God of War 2 game order isn't coming yet until next week, something happened in the way, which i found very weird, first time this ever happened.

 On the other hand i reached the amount of 955 G points on my Xbox360, all this points are based on my 4 games achievements plus some in Hexic,but i don't have a internet conection yet:| as you all know i'm away from home during this whole year, so i can't really yet share my "might" with pretty anyone. I think i might get a internet connection pretty soon, at least for the meantime.

It also brought me sadness to realize that The Tomb Raider Anniversary game is only coming out for the PS2 and in may, which probably means i'm not gonna play it as i will sell mine to a friend (after i finish God of War 2) and i don't have a powerful pc But a Laptop. And that is a total lame situation as i love the Lara Croft games dearly since i have use of reason. A total letdown for me.

My progress on Gears of War is excellent, as i haven't finish the game yet simply because i don't want to, as i really like it, and i am "saving" it for the best, because i know that when i finish a game, i am finish!, finito! and i must say that though is slightly overrated, is one of the most intense and beautiful games i've ever played.

Fifa 2007 for the X360 have been a good substitute for "love"- translation Winning Eleven PES series, as i don't have the latest mention but on the PS2, i really think that EA is going on the right track regarding football simulation, althougth they could use for the future a little bit more of the EUPHORIA stuff, as the game is pretty much based on animations, and contrary to the hundreds of Phisycs in Konami's version, EA's Fifa is quite repetitive and simple in this matter, but overall is quite a entertaining and graphical experience, so like me, you won't regret it that much.

So here i am, on my i believe best quality blog so far, love you all and await for your comments.