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MGS4 is heading to the 360!!!!

Xbox 360

An Xbox 360 version of Metal Gear Solid 4 will be available about a year after the PS3 version.

Blake Snow, GamePro

Thursday, January 03, 2008 9:15 AM PST

Please Wait...

According to XboxFamily, MGS4 will be coming to the Xbox 360 within 12 to 14 months after the PS3 version hits retail this spring. The information comes from a Konami representative while speaking at an undisclosed distribution meeting, says XboxFamily.

"No, the rep will not be named, but this is pretty concrete," reports the fansite. "This is not a rumor."

Microsoft then provided a long-winded response to XboxFamily on leaking rumors and announcements before ending with "no comment."

In November, Konami's Ryan Payton told Reuters, "if you want to play Metal Gear Solid 4, you have to buy a PS3."

Though unconfirmed, the rumor makes sense. In 2005, Capcom released Resident Evil 4 on PS2, a year after the once-exclusive GameCube game hit stores, as Nintendo failed to sell a satisfactory number of consoles. Similarly, Sony has so far been unable to meet sales expectations of the PS3.

I think this is all great news for everybody who wanted to play the game without spending the big bucks needed on another console, just i think patience is virtue for all of us. Though i must add that there's a bit of Bogus here, but it makes sense, if the game doesn't sell well on the PS3, alternatives must be found, i'm not saying the game will not sell well, but the amount of PS3 units in the whole world might give the E to the equation.

Happy new year everyone!!! Some Fanboys locked my topic, i believe is childish, where is the freedom of speech here????

Goodbye Jeff

Well, i haven't blog about sad news like this one for a long time, Jeff was a good entertainer, something that is lack of jugdement and ethics of all kinds have happened to you, and i have a say about it to the whole community.

Yeah, the guy sometimes was a jerk, and i got irritated, but hey!, noone is perfect, and i am nobody to judge him or criticize him, he did something that many of us here at GS dream about, and that no many have achieved, bring the video game experience to a wide audience, and in the coolest approach like he achieved, it takes a lot of guts to do this kind of journalism, knowing about fanboyism and developers crucifying you every single day for just one unadequate word or opinion, and no matter what his attitude or opinion was, it was always fun to watch and either praise or bash him, was also pretty satisfying, he wrote GS newsletters, reviews, video reviews, starred GS shows, everything you can imagine to entertain us, and the way he got banished, it just doesn't seem right, whatever the sins.

Therefore Jeff, you'll be missed by many who like me respected you above all your flaws, and ridiculous comments (joking),I sincerely admire you and see you as an example of what could have be, and never was, or might be possible to achieve, you mean a lot to us, and i just though i give my word and respect to you.

Good bye Jeff, and though i have never met you, almost as if i had, i wish you the greatest luck, a happy life and many many games ahead, and please, let us know where you'll be chanting mashing rithyms again.

Sincerely Yours:


Good bye Jeff

Mass Effect got Pawned by GS,What to do? Help!!!

I have terrible news today, my most eagerly expected add to my collection; Mass Effect got ripped off on a review today, 8.5 for an RPG is just not good, i can't play anything but Oblivion and Kingdom Hearts, those are the only two RPGs i liked in this Era.

So...; I'm really stuck here fellas, should i buy it, do you think the game got underaprecciated?

Can anybody give me some personal opinion, please, because i'm pretty frustrated right now, and usually GS hits the points excepts on several ocassions like with Scarface.

Anyway, before hand, thanks a lot for your time .

Beowulf Impressions

Games about movies were rarely great, so it is Beowulf, my judegement says : "Good" as it can be a movie related game.

Posted Nov 15, 2007 12:17 pm PT

Difficulty: Easy

Time Spent: 10 Hours or Less

"Worth playing" Beowulf is a Norse warrior, young, rude and arrogant, plus drunk and mythical as those remote times were, himself along is a package of a 30 man's strength, which you can use very well, at the expense of a few gory combos.

Your single goal as Beowulf is to search for fame and glory, with your small thane' s army, you will roam the Norse world looking for something to kill, eventually, Barbarians and Monsters Lord-Of-The-Ring type of them.

Along the History line your achievements will be also balanced into what kind of King you are:

A fair loved one...

Or..A Despotic hated One... Is your choice.

Choose wisely...

At the beginning of the story line you'll be launched into a hands on tutorial, where you'll have to race like a monkey with another guy that wants to challenge your arrogant self, after the race that honestly was really difficult to
keep up, you'll have to face a group of idiotic semi-giant crabs, as well as your rival, and the one who kills more crabs will be chanted, obviously, this part is very easier than the previous one.

After that you'll face a group of underwater giant snakes, that you will not be able to defeat without the Help of the first unlocked power:

Carnal Fury: This Red view Raging power, will give you an insane momentum, where you can be able to smash anything including a Giant Sea Snake.

Now, i am not gonna spoil the story line for you, i'm just gonna give you some teasers, like there's a bunch of beautiful sexy Angelina Jolie's alike characters that are going to seduce you, there's a frankestein Troll that you're gonna have to dismember, and so on, you'll experience one of the greatest bosses fights you have ever seen before, and some, even better than in God of War from Scea Co.

The gameplay is quite mature, and though graphically it looks like an enhance PS2 beat them up, it has a new camera features that are awsome, and that is that for the first time in a game, the things or characters, or enemies, doesn't matter what, close to the camera, will not look empty holed, or bugged, they (Ubisoft) added a nice cinematic effect on the close object cameras, is like the nice blurry effect you get when you get something to close to your eyes, and let me tell you, that's a revolutionary perspective of a video game camera feature.

Obviously this game is better than Conan, and it has a very unique **** currently all beat'em up games is about mashing buttons, but this one is about your controller memory, you gotta press specific buttons, not only on boss fight but every time you grapple something, in order to:

B: Blow them up in bloody pieces with your fists

Y: Dismember them (smash their brains and spread them all over when in Carnal Fury mode)

A: Steal their weapons, if they have one, and then kick them back their feet.

X: Throw them away somewhere.

All this button special moves are achieved after you grapple a foe by smashing the B button several times.

Pretty cool uh?...

The combo buttons are pretty simple combinations of the same buttons with another one.

Commanding your Thanes or soldiers is simple by filling up your hero meter, holding down LB and clicking the command button of your need or choice they will "rejoice" with you in battle.

You'll also have to aid them in battle, when you hear them cry out for help, no matter where you are, and Gear's alike, pressing one button will view point you in real time, where you gotta go to help your mates.

You'll get several weapons and locked attacks that will unlocked so on you finish the different episodes.

Now the only thing i must add is that this game doesn't feel so tight, and the action is pretty scarce, as are your foes, not very engaging combat controls, and the supporting Ai is pretty useless.

The frame rate is not terrible but is quite unfinished sometimes.
To many lags or holes on the story, and even though voice acting is quite accurate with the historic time on the game, it lacks impact.

When you get enraged in Carnal fury, you can't control yourself, therefore you'll also kill your mates (they can be revived after you finished all the enemies in the area)

the game is waaaaaaaaaaay to short, is got two acts, divided in episodes, and i finished Act I in two hours on Legendary difficulty. So, guess how long is gonna keep you busy.

Now, why i like this game??, because of the Bosses fights, they are quite epic and polish, giving this game a whole new character in what's Carnage About.

That's all for now, i recommend this game a buy if you're interested in great Boss's Fights and as a Bonus to the film you might buy, Beowulf the Movie.

Otherwise is well worth a weekend rent, as i consider it a Must Play, before next week's great releases like Mass Effect, and if you wanna try something else than God of War.

ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz.....Check out my review and recommend it if you like what you read, scroll down the page and see my contributions, there's the review....

FIFA 08 is Great!

Bought it few days ago and i must confess that i was doubtful.

After many dissapointments with EA Sports games alike, since FIFA 05 i haven't been able to play a decent game of Football from this developer, i was all the way down to roots with PES series, known as WE in Asia.

Fifa 08 is a really guilty pleasure, after i found that this time they delivered a super simulation of real life soccer, i believe after i've played it that this single time, [Konami is in trouble (joking)] this was the best choice available for me on the market.

The game looks and sounds so real that it gaves me the creeps, and the players and their plays are so real, that sometimes at first i was hypnotized and had to realize that i was playing a Video Game.

The features here are very tight, and the online even got its 2 new ones, where you can "represent" your favorite team/club worldwide!

The phisycs in this game are brain damaging; as the ball moves totally realistic, and the sensitive to the every minor detail is present.

Creating your character was never so much fun, as he really looks like Me!!!

Dunno why they said (Gamespot) that the game was slow-paced, its really fast!, and you can also think that running-sprinting is not the best choice to scape like before, they brought back the fint moves and the first touch they had on Fifa 05 with really next-gen- yours truly- visuals, and they have so many, i.e.:

Heel to Heel

Reverse Flip Flap

Scoop Turn (standing Only)

Up and over Flick

Juggling (Standing Only)

and.... The best! the rainbow flick

this moves above mention will be all about timing and fingered skills, besides you will depend on your 5 stars team mates to make them work, so use them wisely.

You can also do Combo-Fint moves holding down the Lt and performing the desired curve on the Right Stick

On your Management side of the game you will have plenty new tool to help you down and other old ones that got upgraded, i really like the Team mentality tool, which gives your players the right strategy to follow on the pitch.

the good old updates and news are here, where you can get real rooster, real news and insider tips on your favorite league/team.

And there's a new pretty interesting game mode called: "Be a Pro", with a all new gameplay, and a all new Visual Camera like if "you were actually on the filed", in this modality, you choose to be the player you support the most and get ready to control him, and only Him, the only thing that your teammates will do at discretion, is your commands, like , pass me the ball, shoot!, etc. This means that you have to be a Team-Player and possition yourself accordingly to help your team to eventually succed, which is a very realistic element, the real life players will never make it without been Team players. Besides the importance of mastering your position you even choose how much ground to cover, whether to only attack/deffend on be a key element on both (be a Hero) nevertheless sometimes your mate will make the best decission to make, disregarding whatever button/order you gave.

The online Multiplayer supports 2-8 players.

Graphically this game is awesome!, oh, my!, you can even see how the shadows on their clothes moves as the walk.

Replays are back, and the good thing is you can upload them for the world to see! as small clips via Ea servers and Xbox Live.

Whatever you say, i ain't getting any other football game this year, it will take a lot of hard job from others to defeat this wonderful thing, that is FIFA 08.

Halo DS???

i saw the video blog by a IGN guy who said this game existed, but will never go out for unkwnown reasons... check it out. (possibly old news) but i didn't know about it, i will love it if this was true.


cheers and please don't mod me, i just want to know about this as i am a Halo player.

and it looks sweet, i mean, imagine the possibility of playing Halo everywhere...

BladeStorm Demo is totally surprising!

finished playing the Demo Version availble for Download at XBOXLIVE, and the game was pretty fun, though some camera and mapping issues, and some of myself timing ones the game looks promising, it changed the tweaks of what you know of /dinasty Warriors and W-omega force, in this game, you could call it a strategy-war with strong elements of RPGS, you have a lot of customizable items and you earn experience, fame, reputation, skills, books, money to hire troops, points to upgrade your troops, etc.]

On the field, you are a Male/Female mercenary of the Medieval times, you could serve either side of the coin (England/France) and earn money winning battles for both countries.

On te Demo, they let you create your character, name it, and jump into one tutorial mission where they'll explain to you the moves, you can command a group of soldier, archers, or chavalry with one single button, avoiding the annoying drag and drop feature of many strategy games, and they'll follow you wherever you go, and generally you can give them three tactical orders,

- Slash Attack



(this three are a example, belong to the Horseman squad)

This three commands generally have a timing scenario and can only be executed every certain amount of time, or the pain you cause to the enemy, like the charge attack, so you got to use them wisely. When this attacks are used they will create; if rightly executed, combos, that will eventually give you more momentum and more points at the end.

your objective is to capture enemy bases (as per your mercenary contract given to you by a Barkeep at the very beginning)in order to do so, you must destroy must of the defenses on each base to lure out the base Commander, by defeating Him/Her you get to finalize the conquering of that base, and perhaps the contract, therefore the goodies are yours.

You can choose to do ranged attacks(Crossbow Man /squad), infantry attacks(Spear men) or "Butchery" attacks with the Sword Horse men, the last one i found it really fun and quick to achieve victory, the other ones most likely will have you dead on higher difficulties.

After you finish all this with succes, you get to go back to the tavern and the barkeep, where you can interact/gossip with other mercs, or buy/sell goods to the merchants, or simply upgrade yourself with what you have/or you found at the battlefield and sign a new contract to go and "serve for the money".

One thing i must say though, contracts are not the only missions to play in this game, you can pursue fame, and respect by doing other side missions, which will help you to upgrade and improve against the clovering times you'll have ahead.

To summarize this preview, i must say that this game might be succesful, because of the new and enjoyable gamplay features, and i think it will be fun and lenghty enough to receive a decent score. though they do have to fix some minor annoying issues on the gameplay, but, nothing really that bad anyway.

Ok, hope i could help in a way, i really loved the Demo and i wanted to let you know, because i don't usually like this kind of games; so for me BladeStorm is totally surprising!

Halo 3 First impressions

Christopher Colombus said when he discovered Cuba in 1492:
"this is the most beautiful land the human eyes has seen"... Well, i guess he will say something similar if he had step on the intro Level of Halo 3, where you get to a jungle full of natural wonders and colorful vegetation.

This game is gorgeous, and i mean it by saying that, i haven't see so much detail and spark, dedicated hard job on every inch of the electronic world that you're playing like in Halo 3 before.

So far i have played the game for about 5 hrs, both the campaign and multiplayer mode, and is just mind blowing. I will talk about both features separarely.

Campaign: Already having mentioned the graphical quality of this game i'm gonna put together some of what i think the most important aspects of gameplay. Despite all the thoughs, i have found this mode one of the most impressive and challenging ever, everything counts, the environment, your skills, and your shooting, The Ai is very, very nasty, and though they don't have great mobility, they can kill you in the spot from any angle, with just one shot.

The weaponry is state of the art, and you can pick up anything on the field, just like the original Halo, you can also double wield any kind of handguns by simply pressing two buttons at the same time, and let me tell you that if you want to kill effectively, you can't stick to basis, covenant's weapons are deadlier than those you posses. So keep your eyes on the floor for any goodies.

Another thing that is very important is that you can't just kill anyone with the same weapon or just moving and jumping around, you gotta stay moving in/out of cover, and you have to switch your arsenal accordingly as the enemies are located, weapon range is something you must master well in order to get that Head Shot, otherwise you will end up with your brains all over the place.

Covenants are very well organized and they form a triangle of death that is difficult to avoid:

A few of them will sharpshoot you as good as the top ranked players in /Rainbow 6.

The small ones will be many and as the best gang of GTA will spread you with nice plasmid shots

And the big fellas, will blast big explosive plasma balls with evil to get you down on your knees.

Sometimes you'll kill a few of them to find out that your taken out by a head shot or a blasting ball that another covenant throw at you while you were busy taken on the others. They won't run anymore, from small to big, they are ready to take down. One of the funniest things i saw, is when the grunts come running at you with both hands holding a plasma grenade on a kamikaze action, so...wait a minute, their cause is more important than their lives, and nothing will stop them from nailing you, even death.

I'm playing in Heroic difficulty and i must nevertheless say, that is slightly easier, or you get better odds than in previous halo titles, nevertheless:
You have to play it nice if you want to survive.

Online Multiplayer: Ain't gonna talk about the Forge edit, or other excellent things that you already know. I'm going to talk about the gameplay.

Whether you play the diverse gamma of mini-games that you have available for your online mayhem (slay, Flag Capture, Juggernaut, or Territory Offense/defense) you're going to feel the need for speed and accuracy, as sometimes controlling the way you move and aim, is the only key of survival, you also have the advantage of some stealth elements as you can take out fellow players with a single blunt blow on their necks. Online was never so movable, as here, you have warthogs, 3-wheeled cycles, covenant ships and even energy sommersault to make you jump like a human cannon ball.

the online connectivity is quite automatic and fast, the population is only of 11 thousand something users but you get to play your game.

Though Halo 3 Online multiplayer is not as realistic and sometimes paused like /COD, or RB6V, is greatly an enjoyable experience with up to 16 players supported for the different modalities, there's no visible flaws so far, or bugs, even for a newborn game. You'll fly a lot, specially when blasted away by another player, and you get to see your battle, at the Theater Mode, where you can view, edit, share content of your fight with the whole world.

I think you don't get much better package than that on any other game/console so far, so... Take on my word as evidence that Halo 3 is one of a kind, and therefore a must buy for any player, whether Casual or Hardcore.

One thing i must add though, is that the original Halo felt a little big wider and big on open field, but i can't confirm this until i advance further in the story.

That's all for now, and Enjoy your piece of Bungie.

A long long time ago... Master /Chief lived the tale

Well, i must say that regardless the thriving supporting community of an alien planet located at the S.O.N.N.Y. (Superticious Owned Niche that Never Yields) Quadrant, the galaxy and humanity are safe for all thanks to a residual and handsomely attracted individual called Master Chief, and yes the super weapon called Halo did exist and was destroyed after 9.5 years of search, yet to believe that Halo was never Over Hyped and lived the trail.

The Quadrant Xbo-X will not rotate 360 degrees and their sun will prevail, thanks to our heroe marines and our beloved master Chief.

the Story goes on and haven't died, stronger than ever, Halo3 came back to regain what it rightfully his, The Hype, the Fame, the Galaxy, and what probably will be the mother of all multiplayer games in the future, yet to state, there's one intriguing menace on the horizon, near the reluctant MG-s4 constelation, but nothing that our heroes and supporters of the Live Resort, couldn't handle.

Now, words are a plus... Over and end of transmission.