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I pre-order 3 copies of Gears of War 2

Gears of War is my favorite Campaign Game ever, and is a 3rd person shooter, proving me right on my classic favorites, I have played it over 7 times completely, I don't have all the achievements because I didn't have Xboxlive then and my Xboxes (4) got replaced too much, but this is true, 7 times played through.

Before Gears there was a game from Eidos (I have Reviewed it) called Rogue Trooper that for me was the First Gears of War ****game. It had superb cover system, blind fire, a alien set up and it had a lot of nice gadgets and tweaked gameplay.
But this one wasn't very popular.

Is not then unbelievable that I will love Gears of War for the Xbox360 a few years later, been the first game I had for the 360, and the only one I can play over and over because of its rich gameplay ****and adaptive Ai,

Therefore, the Level of anticipation I have for this game since I finish the first one is enormous, I can say that I was a bit Hyped and Overreacted to Halo 3 before, but What I Feel for Gears is truly and deeply pure fan core stimulation.

I pre-ordered 3 copies, you might think I'm crazy but I'm not, I order one for each of my two friends who live in my same city and play together online with me, one of them I just got him pin with the First Gears as he didn't knew of this game, he was just roaming around the BFBC as he's a new Xbox360 owner also because I got him convinced games are paradise. And the last copy I ordered for me, I spent a lot of money (they don't need to give me back) but I do consider this like the greatest gift this xristmas to anyone who likes been kicked online, and I won't play the campaign alone, see you on Horde!


Halo Universe get Expanded, and I got Excited

Halo 3 Recon is nothing else but a great ambitious project from Bungie, where its main Target is to experiement how they do away a bit from The Halo Universe, and at the same time a safer risk as they input the name of the Franchise to target the huge hyped fan core they have already.

Now, I think this game won't be superb, but it will definitely will be something interesting, as they will throw at you certain tactic dynamics never present on Halo games before, but I think it will be alike to the the Hit series GRAW.

You will be a Soldier Platoon Member stranded in the middle of The future New Mombasa, on Earth.
Then you have to plan your way of escape from there as the place is currently flooded with Covenant Hordes, including Their new Allies, the Brutes (this is a prequel which time line is somewhere between Halo 2 and Halo 3 period)
Now, your options to survive will be Minimun if you don't keep it stealthy and smart, as you won't have the protection or kinda super Soldier Status you're use to have as Master Chief, and I believe your shielding options and Weaponry will be that of a lower size and weight, Though as a Human it will be asuumable that you will be able to operate some Vehicles or racked Machine Guns to cause Extra Damage, as you will be heavily Outpowered and Outnumbered both the same.

Gameplay can be expected to be similar, but as this is a new Risk Horizon Vert for Bungie, they might add a few tweaked mechanics and CONTROLS as well,

Regarding this, I don't like to speculate, but you can expect Bungie to learn from the masters Ubi and Infinity W. So you can expect a contrast on this between excellent Halo Combat Evolved Mechanics and other Developers already succesful technics, but Of course Bungie has always been revolutionary, and this game I will like it to expect to meet this standard.

Melee Combat will be added as well?, I guess you will be limited to this one, as this ain't 7 footed Master Chief, and I will like to think that they will delete this from the Formula and come out with a substitute, that might be something energetic and Powerful enought to drop a Brute on his knees, I'm Calculating something similar to a Riot Enhanced device to Paralize or something like that, which will be cool.

Overall, the Best thing we can do as Halo Fans is follow up closely the developement of this game, and the previews, just Avoid the Hype, as this proved to be wrong before, as I think Halo 3 though a great game, was a bit Over the top to be honest.

Glad for Bungie


Unreal Tournament 3 has proven to be a great game for me

8.5 great


Not for the fainted hearted, this game was designed to be the on-off line multiplayer you want to comeback to.

Posted Aug 4, 2008 2:43 am PT
  • Difficulty: Just Right
  • Time Spent: 10 Hours or Less


Unreal Tournament was back a few years ago, one of the most loved games, and a must have for almost everyone as insane as me.

Though i never owned it, i played it a lot, and enjoyed it greatly as well, so its obvious to deduce, that i was more than eager to get my hands on this game, specially with the plus content added on the 360, and other things.

I must say that the game is a blast nevertheless whatever you heard, and even though is fast, you will get your nice kills withouth trying to hard, because i played the first time online, and i got 6 or 8 kills, so it was satisfying to find i still kick despite been a pops.

There's a lot huge looking maps, which very good looking effects and shortcuts designed to really master your strategy, and knowledge of the maps is dominance of the game, which is real warfare, there's nothing more advantageous than the knowing of your battlefield. Regarding this map there are teleporters and jumpers that really fly you out, and there are all the collectables that really enhance your survival possibilites, and besides that there are slowing time warp zones which are really cool.

The characters are not that pretty looking once you are on the game, they look a bit old school, but that doesn't mean that your FP view isn't great, the gun you're holding is really detailed and cool to fire, you wouldn't be dissapointed a bit, every time you shoot your gun, is like been in paradise with Carmen Electra, much to say.

There's plenty of Guns and ammo and armor and health enhancers, which is really good to collet, because you won't die soon, contrary procedures will get you kill in a breath take.

Actually Gun difference in power is very well balanced, this is not Halo 3 were the one with the Flame Thrower will waste you quicker, this is a game were you move fast, think fast and you have to be accurate, even with a Pistol, your gamer skills will give you the kill if you are the best Jedi in the Arena to put it somehow, of course there are very powrful weapons, with very damagin Radius, but that shouldn't be a trouble, and if you're skilled enough you will get many double kills like i did.

There's many vehicles also for you to hover around but i haven't try them yet, i will comeback soon with some details on this.

the campaing mode and the online mode are the same, the only difference is online you kill other players, offline you kill simulated AI, which is quite better than your teanmates, so is pretty much the same experience Off-and on the net, which i find very interesting.

Overall this game should get you entertained and comfy until my most awaited ever game comes out, GOW2, Hell Yeah!

I bought a WIIII!!!!!!!!!

Bought it yesterday, i got it together with 8 games, Zelda was my first pic, and Super mario Kart, reason why i bough it, someone very special for me likes to play Wario, Cooking Mama, etc, let me tell you that i also got Metroid Prime Corruption and Red Steel, but i hardly like them, i really prefered Zelda and Mario Kart, which like always was a blast, i'm thingking of getting the incredible Hulk for Wii, because i imagine raising my arms and shoulders and scream : .."Hulk Smash!", hahahaha, i gotta say that i also will set it up online and i will get the next PES09 to play, ok, anybody any opinion of games that are good, i don't like very complicated controllers like MP3C, but i definitely thingking on Farcry, anybody? Wii sports is fan, but i just did a home run and wow! exciting...

Calypso Casino Multiplayer map is back with a Vengeance

I must say that in terms of innovation and fun, the first Rainbow Six vegas delivered a multiplayer experience that few challenged until COD4 arrived, in fact, i did like more R6V1 than any other multiplayer game, despite the lack of guns and other modes, it was the greatest fun i had, and the online was great, despite the stupid people kicking you off the game constantly, and even Red Dots worked well, now Calypso Casino was everyone's favorite, altogether with LVU Campus, and i did say IMo why they didn't put Calypso in this time?

Well, the answer to my prayers was given by half, because they didn't include LVU, but this has made me very happy, because this map really brings Rainbow 6 V2 to the level it should had, great graphics, great cover system, very similar to the first installment, and simply great fun and good memories, ahhhhh!!!!!

The map looks a bit darker this time, with certainly improved lightning, specially on the underground tunnel, that lead the Assalting team to the casino area, and it certainly gives the game a feeling of SWAT team squad on late nite trying to sweep some big smuggling operation, which is great.

Some other recicled elements look just terrible recycled, IMO, slot machine look aweful and they don't have that caracteristic jackpot sound they had before so often, which makes it a bit silenced and boring.

Despite all this things, the map is great and the UBi team have been improving considerably their network spaces, as now you can play this game withouth so much lagginess and very certainly brings a experience as satisfying and darker than the first one, so for this time around, i can say R6V2 is back and with a Vengeance!!!

Enjoy and see you online. C.

I'm turning 29!!!!, $ucks to be me!!!

Well, sadly, i gotta say, that my time in this world is getting shorter, buaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

next month i'll be just a step away from the 30's, and not the Bogart ones, but my own, and i feel like Video games time will be getting shorter also, as one ages, i believe the brain can't react as quick as before, nevertheless, ill keep on playing and kicking arses online, happy life. Enjoy your lifes!!!

i'm gonna enjoy mine...

#4 360 on its way, Reflections and experiences on RRODS(Helpful)

My Fourth 360 is on his way home, to me, and i was thinkgking on welcoming him a bit differently than before, here i think about the oblivious past bad luck.

I start with a question:

Does anyone knows if the vertical vs Horizontal thing is really a fact?, because the world is divided into these two things, and i believe this plus the constant dashboard updates, to be a major factor on the 360 s breakeage rate, i truly believe, that Xbox360 consoles that are not "exposed' constantly to Xboxlive hazardous updates and other issues, are less likely to die.

First one died on day one with Gears.

My second X360 wasn't connect to the online wonder of Xboxlive for half a year, and that time was rrrods free. (8 months)

my second one broke on Vegas 1 multiplayer.

my third one was broke on Vegas 2 multiplayer. (aprox. 3months)

the second one was Horizontal most of the life time, once when was switched off of coursed, i turned it Vertical because a prfessional was advising to do so, and then it showed me the RRRODs after 5 mins of beeing on, i turned it off, switched it back to Horizontal position and worked fine for two more months, then died.

with the exception of the first two, the third one was vertical all the time and died considerably sooner than the second one.

If we overlook the first one that died on the first day, and see the little episode on the second one and the little lifespan of the second one, i think i can conclude, that positioning your X360 horizontally its the way to go.

Now the games i was playing, are very similar in power usage, so i think the better the game and graphics, phisiycs etc, the console's GPU and CPU will suffer greatly more, therefore i think the next console i will have, i will play less this games. Or less Hrs.

I think i should try, with pain in my soul, because i love it; for me Xboxlive is just my second way of life, a extension of my Universe, to connect online less, at least not everydayso i don't get the dreadful in my opinion, updates.

Now, this factors might not be reason at all for my three failures, but the problems are too coincidental and sistematic to ignore, and every disease have symptoms, so why not a machine? All These aforementions plus the fact that to my disgust i have become an expert on RRods, against my will of cours, should be taking notice i believe, to avoid this lamentable error.

I must add that i will not destroy MS because of this, because they have been very nice and helpful in all these three situations, and i have been treated like a person, not like a mere customer, to make you laugh, the Customer Service supervisor have handled my case since the last time, and we have become friends on his request. He even comforted me and said that i didn't bother him at all, but was his duty to honored a customer of MS, and the fact that i chose their console over the others.

More nice things from them, they really face this problem, and that i think its very coragious, they haven't accused me anytime of misshandling or breaking the console, they have always admit, there's a Hardware Problem.

That's all i have to say, and i hope my fourth one doesn't suffer that fate, if anyone can give an advice, please, more than welcome, i love playing games, and that's what this note its all about, not to start a flaming thread.

Thank you before hand.

Krathology: Beat up Everything on your Goddly path( Matures Only)

God Of War Chain of Olympus:

The best game i have ever played on PSP console, a must buy, must play, and must love, i like it even better than the previous versions, even though is lacking some ingredients and formulas is way more simple, and no more dazzling puzzles baby!!! Is gore and combat 98% and that's just what i dreamt on a GOW game.

I'm a new fan of something i called from now on Krathology, as Greek Mithology was one of my favorite subjects at School, but i never thought you could twisted so nicely like in God of War. There's also some historical facts, but a little bit of a political message that you should overlook, but, besides that, it Rocks! Sex Minigames are really exciting, but a s Mature guy, i will have like some more spice, not that i'm into virtual erotism so much, but the girls, look great here!!!

Is all about cutting through, and (exception the rolling move), the controlers are so good, excellent way of displaying that the psp platform is not that limited, the game is not as epic as it was in previous Krathology Versions, but it looks very huge for the PSP, and about the lenght, well, I'm playing on Spartan Default, and thought i know( because i figured it out, ), how to beat the giant Lez, i still haven't get the bastard done, is 1 n a half hr already, so i figure it will keep me busy for a week, at most,

but the replay value its what it accounts for, yes, you'll be playing it through, more than once, Keep it up Ready At Dawn.

Reflexions on Vegas and Xbox Live, after a year of great online experience.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 got out a while ago already, seems like almost a dream that i'm saying this words, but it is no dream, is reality and its finally out.

Rainbow 6 Vegas Part I- The beginning:

R6V got my attention via a friend of mine who said to me this game is awesome, i have always known a lot about games, but after dissapointments with games like Rainbow 6 lockdown, i didn't really care about this series anymore. All of this changed after i got my hands on the exicint released version of Novemeber 2006, that featured a superb online multiplayer, and a lot more features that would kept me busy for more than a year, not joking, exagerations appart.

R6V made me be interested for the real first time on FPS, a lot of whole generations of new types of games and older ones like the Halo Saga will come to me as a brand new exhilarating experience, i must say that Halo CE is also responsible for this whole new taste of mine.

R6V brought to me a new incentive, that one of community, fun and online friendship, brought me in touch with many wonderful people around the world from similar and different backgrounds than mine, thanks to the magic of XboxLive, but was this Ubi tactical shooter that made me make this first step into online gaming, because believe it or not, i seldomly experienced any type of online experience before R6V, so this was the catalyspt and the beggining of what i consider my new era on Gaming, and perhaps me dreaming on taking this world and everything in it.

R6V Part II- Back to ground Zero:

"Welcome Back Cocomacoco"..., Reading this message made feel so important and satisfied...

when an unnofficial recognition, (as impersonal as this is), and made by a huge company like Ubisoft and the developers of one of my favorite games to me (you) at the beginning of the first time you ever put your R6V2 disc inside the tray, is something that tells you many things, one of this many things is that you're part of a comunity, or a niche, you're giving away your money for your own enjoyment and leisure, but you're creating something, a relationship, a partnership, with whom?

With gamers, with people like you or not at all, with the developers and publishers, with a older person than me who have a very dangerous cancer, and recieved encoraging words and support when playing games from many of us, (just to make a example of the wonders that no one will ever imagine), with everyone that comes across your scope path through your online experiences. And yes, messages like this can make a diference, it makes you feel you're part of all this, you're supporting all this, and the most important part, is that, that you're part of this, and without you, none of this can happen.

Without Us buying Video Games and All the Rest that comes with them, nothing will be possible, that's why Rainbow 6 changed my Gamer Live, that's why i'm back, to play one of the best sequels ever, that is Rainbow 6 Vegas 2, that is why, i thank you XboxLive friends, players and developers, Thank you Ubisoft.

Thank you Gamespot and GS users.

Thank you all.

Keep playing.

some thoughts about upcoming games

Ninja Gaiden 2 is a joke, i mean Devil May Cry 4 is way better done than NG2, when i saw the Ninja Gaiden Black, i was out of my mind, in complete awe, but this one is so amateurish, so, not cool, that i'm passing over the ball to someone else,

about the Force Unleashed, well that's a game i will see highlighted for many years to come i'm sure, and don't be surprised if they even make a sequel or something, despite Kotor being the automatic pick for most of us, i believe Lucas Arts will do great with this title,

GOW2, is also gonna be a major upset for anyone who doesn't have a 360, or a PC, like always expect it to be a great game.

Bionic armed for the XBLA looks quite interesting in many ways, and i think people will definitely follow up on this.

Street fighter 4 been there done that, with a Artwork, i dunno, too early to say. Sure the hardcore group is going to be knocking themselves up.

Sony's CEO, well, look at the numbers.

Overall, 2008 doesn't promise to be a good year for games except for Rainbow 6 Vegas 2.