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65 million years without Dinosaurs and maybe Consoles for Video Games

Onlive Service unveils to the World and a lot of Shake ups Happened on this GDC edition.

Everyone knew that the future of Video Games will be going on a clear path like happened to Music and Movies before, high demand means faster and more feasible ways to bring entertainment to consumers, and minimize costs and others production budgets.

The video game Industry is not willing to be kept behind in this Digital Era. And I think most of them Video Game Moguls and Publishers saw their solution to not be giving up money to Retailers and Logistics anymore with Onlive, a Service that will provide On Demand "Streaming" of Video Games, without Requiring any powerful Console or PC, but by simply compressing files of Software, Video Games, and send them over the Broadband Services Directly to your Home TV/PC or even to your laptops, or who knows if Sony 's Little PSP will be benefitted with this trens as this doesn't require the End User to have a powerful Hardware.

Revolutionary is all that describes this new unveiling Company, and a lot of fears and tasks to be taken on account, because it will be very difficult to imangine how can you store your Digital Games on Onlive Servers, and a lot of more questions that can stir the brains of gamers all over the world, we don't know what's in store for us, or will we gamers be benefitted with this alone with publishers, and Onlive service etc, as long as its better for consumers, and cheaper, I think it will be plausible, and just the question remains; will Onlive Service make the Video Game Industry very succesful and access to Games will be even Easier than Ever Before?

here some thoughts I had before the above written...

this can be very tricky, with ups and downs all over it
first you'll be in advantage of your discs deterioration will no longer be a worry, because is all digital you will have your game always there stored for you if you buy it(hopefully).
But how much memory will they give?
How much will it cost to have increased memory to store your games? Because this is a formidable way for them to gain money over publisher's fees.

What about service breakdowns, and accounts DRMs?

Even with Microsoft polished Xboxlive service, there are a lot of issues by changing accounts, broken consoles and a lot of stuff going on with Digital Rights Management.

But that said at least you have the Hard Copies of your games there to save your agony, now the downloaded content will be gone if you are not connected to Xbox Live you're just left with a trial of the full game you bought with a previous Console/HDD but now because was licensed to another console is not your unless you are online.

This can be a very major problem of a online charged "streaming" of Video Games to a whole lot of users, meaning in the future the whole world, and it might be more costly overtime for consumers, and there's no way this is going to be popular with some folks.

Me, i'm very scared of this trend, and I predicted it a few years ago here at GS, and I know it will happen, there's nothing we can do about it, because people will be idiotic enough to kill the magic of choosing which console to buy, and to have your game collection, and the millions of friends we have gained lining up at every new launch.

That said, it saddens me the future of gaming will be completely virtual, and out of control for that been said.