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Got excited about new Xbox coming out 2013

Hi guys!

So much has changed since 2005 when I first joined GS, imagine!!! Here I am writing a blog in my legs on my IPad 2 and so forth, is amazing how technology works and is also funny that I haven't write anything at all here for a few months, but well. After beeing a gamespot member for more than 7 years I felt I had to compel and write something at least dumb sometimes, seems the days are counted for the 360 and is a welcoming sound of changes that are ahead, the current Gen has many limitations and way too many ported games that lack quality or innovation to keep people intereste

PLaying my new PS3

Well, I did it, bash me all you want, but I got into temptation and I have 6 games already, my favorite so far, Killzone 2, though its got a lot of frame rate issues and loading times are huge sometimes :))))

My Review of Batman Arkham Asylum, long time without writing a review!

Batman: Arkham Asylum Reviews

Batman is a great game, but will be over soon enough

  • Posted Sep 5, 2009 5:16 am PT

Batman Arkham Asylum from Eidos is a masterpiece of level design and the Freeflow combat system is a great new way to portrait combat and flashy combos without the need of complicated control schemes or stupid button mashing.

Kudos to Rocksteady and Eidos for this wonderful super hero game which will feel almost like an encyclopedia of characters from the Batman Comics, right back to when Bob Kane used to create the firsts Dark Night comic series.

Batman Arkham Asylum is a sandbox ****game, with a lot of freedom as well, but; thankfully, the story has a sequence of orders and even the dialogues and characters will help you to progress and not to be confused, the map view is also compelling and simple, with doors and way points highlighted for your convenience.

Our favorite hero (at least for me), the Dark Night is thrown into a trap set by nonetheless than the Joker himself, and guess what?, many supervillains are here to help his nefarious purpose on bringing a new great threat to Gotham residents and Batman itself.

As the word describes, the World Greatest Detective will have an array of moves and gadgets that will come slowly as the story progress as a way of unlockables and other items, and some areas before impossible to reach will become available after such gadgets are in your inventory.

The exciting thing about been the Batman, is gliding around, execute vertical takedowns, and of course, the Batarangs are present, deadly friends and very handy when disposing of foes in more than one way, yes, this game has a few types of takedowns.

Besides that and as I said before, The trade Marked FreeFlow system embeded with this title, is responsible of some of the coolest looking auto animations you have ever seen, as Batman jumps and kicks and elbows foe after foe after foe, cool isn't it?

As well designed as the above mentioned, the Invisible Predator mode of the game, is both the most challenging and strategic of the game, as you have to observe on a special Predator ****the moves of Armed Enemies below you and strike from above, whether with a explosive Batarang, Hanging out and vertically taking and enemy, or Simply by Gliding/Kicking them like a Hunting Eagle, all very sexy indeed.

Artistically this game really feels with the Watery colors and technique of its original source product, once the best illustrated comic novels in History, Arkham Asylum is definitely an stand out again, with Rocksteady superb taste and re-creation of the ****c.

The Audio in Arkham is what you expected it to be, specially on its villains, I gotta stand out for Harley Quinn, The Scarecrow and the Joker's impersonators as the best ever on a video Game, there's so much dialogue and catchy phrases you could easily learn English properly with this software. I certainly improved mine.

When you enter Detective mode, for me the best aspect of the game, you can discover many hiding things and items, and riddles from Mr. Nigma (the Riddler itself), and of course patient interview tapes that gives the game a bit of Audio Book value and other cool stuff that will keep you entertained for hours, as some are difficult or partially hidden.

The only complaint so far I have after finishing the game and finding around 80 percent of the Riddler items, is that the game is way to short for the amount of developing time and wait, as I was eager to get my hands on this piece for over a year.

The game will be over way to soon, it took me two or three days playing about three to four hours to finish it, and I was really , really hungry...

Despite that I dare to say it is indeed the best Super Hero game of all times, and the best executed for its simplicity and its beauty, regardless of the shortness of content and the many, i mean many missing villains that you will encounter Bios as Riddler items around the game; there's the challenge mode, which is a Refreshing plus to the campaign, as you can take on tasks that you did over the game in a Arena **** or Gladiator **** and can even unlock a new suit to use for Batman, that I will be happy to have use in Story Mode as it is superb.

In Many words, I love the way they did this game, and I just felt that they could have thrown a couple of two more super villains and two or three more minor ones, as it felt a bit lack of action some times and as Gamespot said: "a lot of missed opportunities" were there as many villains are only in the game as a Bio Character.

Overall, I vote for this to be best game of the Year, but only 8.0 out of 10 because of the missing details i thought will have make this game perhaps the best third action person of all times, I hope that for the sequel they throw at us fans more content than this time, in a year that have been clouded with poor releases due to the financial turmoil in the world and low quality games, this is definitely a Standout.

Congrats Eidos, you did it this time!!

To Sony Fanboys...

Before reading this blog post please bear in mind that regardless whatever console you play, that's your favorite and period, there shouldn't be crying mongers among us trying to destroy your opinion by bashing and ranting lavishly all over the forums and game discussion about their preferences, now this is a message to all of them Sony Fanboys, because Sony betrayed me, a previous PS2 owner, by many wrong things they did, and just when they saw no exit, they changed.

My apologies to any of my friends whom like and own a PS3, nothing to do with them, like I said there's freedom of choice.

i dunno why Sony Fanboys defend ps3 sooo much, yeah, live we have to pay, but microsoft has cut down prices many times already in the last two years and that has made it affordable for us gamers to buy a 360.

Also has created the falcon chip to put on hold the RRODs issue and succesfuly so, and as a result the rate of failure has gone down to minimum.

There has been free give aways of games, even premium ones like Carcassone, and Undertow on Xbox Live, and on top of that what Sony wanted at the beginning was to even charge for Demos, and they did charge for Gran Turismo prelude without any honor left.

PSN is a dead network, and playstation home is a disaster, even critics say there's nothing interesting there.

Xbox360 dev kits are a favorite of developers because of the friendly interface and the better graphical and extensively proven already, power of the 360 to deal with more heavy engines like Cry Engine (*even better than the PS3 does)

You can read developers commentaries on the prestigious UK magazine Edge if you have any doubt of me telling the thruth here

Xbox Live is a success, more than 17 million users including myself are there every week, if not every day of the year.

Tons of content for games this summer, though I must admit that during this crisis time it has been very quiet on Xbox Live.

That said there's plenty of exclusives on the 360 that are my favorite games ever.

And just to remind you of something, when PS2 was the dominant force in the market and I did had one, and was one of the best consoles in history, Sony didn't do any cut prices but after almost 10 years, so there's your support and care for their customers from truly yours Sony.

Period, anyone had anything to rebate against this? don't think so. Stop Fanboyism like a trend, long live Microsoft!.

Batman Arkham Asylum

I have played the Demo through and the Game looks good enough, but is rather repetitive and it feels a bit lacking of substance, I wouldn't dare to say that this is the best Game ever made of Batman, I think I will have to wait until the game comes out because the Demo was really uninspired and empty, just my thoughts though, but I had great expectations about this game and so far I'm hungry for a great Batman game

I've got moderated in GS for being nice to people!!!!

There was this dude who was asking for good games that he could play offline, and I gave him a few choices from my experience are the best games to start playing when you buy an xbox360 brand new and without xboxlive like he doesn't have the service, and I got moderated, and for disruptive posting nonetheless!!!, what the hell is wrong with this post:


Someone please say something to me because I couldn't get this!!! GS you should apologize to me really...

Rest in Peace Michael, hero of my Childhood

Its sad news today, one of my favorite idols, which I used to Imitate (vocally only) for many years is dead, and gone, but not his legacy as one of the most charismatic and Iconic artists of all times, How to Become Legend?, just learn from Michael Jackson.

The News about his untimely death are a bit rare too, because a guy who jumped and danced like Michael did, should had a extraordinary Cardio Rate, and a Cardiac Arrest just seems a bit odd to me, remember Bruce Lee?

I dunno much, but I know that Michael was on a downfall already, canceling contracts, concerts, getting lawsuits, and then suddenly at the peak of the problems, death itself claims him unfairly Early.

Just a bit of thoughts and Ideas, because I think a man like Jackson deserved it from each of us who saw him as more than a Black man wanting to be White, but as the person he really was, and the Child he remained because of his stolen Childhood. A man of power and brilliancy on the stage, a vast entertainer and a sweet person, allow to me to say the least.

He was my Idol, and he will be as he will be Remember in Time.

God Bless you Michael.

65 million years without Dinosaurs and maybe Consoles for Video Games

Onlive Service unveils to the World and a lot of Shake ups Happened on this GDC edition.

Everyone knew that the future of Video Games will be going on a clear path like happened to Music and Movies before, high demand means faster and more feasible ways to bring entertainment to consumers, and minimize costs and others production budgets.

The video game Industry is not willing to be kept behind in this Digital Era. And I think most of them Video Game Moguls and Publishers saw their solution to not be giving up money to Retailers and Logistics anymore with Onlive, a Service that will provide On Demand "Streaming" of Video Games, without Requiring any powerful Console or PC, but by simply compressing files of Software, Video Games, and send them over the Broadband Services Directly to your Home TV/PC or even to your laptops, or who knows if Sony 's Little PSP will be benefitted with this trens as this doesn't require the End User to have a powerful Hardware.

Revolutionary is all that describes this new unveiling Company, and a lot of fears and tasks to be taken on account, because it will be very difficult to imangine how can you store your Digital Games on Onlive Servers, and a lot of more questions that can stir the brains of gamers all over the world, we don't know what's in store for us, or will we gamers be benefitted with this alone with publishers, and Onlive service etc, as long as its better for consumers, and cheaper, I think it will be plausible, and just the question remains; will Onlive Service make the Video Game Industry very succesful and access to Games will be even Easier than Ever Before?

here some thoughts I had before the above written...

this can be very tricky, with ups and downs all over it
first you'll be in advantage of your discs deterioration will no longer be a worry, because is all digital you will have your game always there stored for you if you buy it(hopefully).
But how much memory will they give?
How much will it cost to have increased memory to store your games? Because this is a formidable way for them to gain money over publisher's fees.

What about service breakdowns, and accounts DRMs?

Even with Microsoft polished Xboxlive service, there are a lot of issues by changing accounts, broken consoles and a lot of stuff going on with Digital Rights Management.

But that said at least you have the Hard Copies of your games there to save your agony, now the downloaded content will be gone if you are not connected to Xbox Live you're just left with a trial of the full game you bought with a previous Console/HDD but now because was licensed to another console is not your unless you are online.

This can be a very major problem of a online charged "streaming" of Video Games to a whole lot of users, meaning in the future the whole world, and it might be more costly overtime for consumers, and there's no way this is going to be popular with some folks.

Me, i'm very scared of this trend, and I predicted it a few years ago here at GS, and I know it will happen, there's nothing we can do about it, because people will be idiotic enough to kill the magic of choosing which console to buy, and to have your game collection, and the millions of friends we have gained lining up at every new launch.

That said, it saddens me the future of gaming will be completely virtual, and out of control for that been said.