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What A World! (Blah...)

So, it is snowing nonstop for the next two weeks here in Indiana and I am not too thrilled. It's cold in my house and I am covered in blankets as we speak and I really don't want to do anything. But I won't have to. I was laid off temporarily by my job on Tuesday of last week. They are bringing me back in when the holiday season is over. Hurray for just sitting here and freezing and doing nothing all day. However, it is nice to catch up with you all and write a blog for once. I was going to introduce my newest phone, the HTC Hero.

HTC HERO ANDROID Pictures, Images and Photos

That's the older version of it. I got the newest version with the Android 1.5 capabilities. It's really neat in my opinion. Though it does have a big update coming soon, to Android 2.1! It was only 99 dollars upon new contract that has everything I need on it. 69 dollars a month is not bad compared to what I was paying last time. Woohoo.. it's a nice phone, and I like it. That's not the main thing about this blog though.

road rage Pictures, Images and Photos

I just thought I would rant about stupid drivers who do not even try to be drivers. These kinds of people upset me because they often wreck and blame it on the other person even though they did all the problems. In such case, my mom was sitting at a red light wanting to turn to the left and in the middle lane. It was dark and the lights were on and the signal was on as well. This was before all the snow came, by the way. Some guy ran into her from behind at full speed (about 30 mph) with his van and didn't even slow down. No skid marks on the road. Her tiny little blue car spun out of control into the area where she was turning and nearly got hit by other cars coming the other way. She almost hit an antique store that was across from her.

He got out and apologized over and over, some onlooker called the police and an ambulance. My mom went into shock and the ambulance had to take her away. My dad arrived on the scene as fast as he could. He realized that the lights were still on and went to talk to the police. The policemen told my dad that the man said that she was sitting there with no lights or turn signals on and he ran right into her because of it. My dad was like, "how do you explain this?" The lights were on. They looked for the skidmarks and there wasn't any. The light was red when my mom was sitting there, so even so, he'd have to stop to turn.

We found out later that he did this before to someone, and sued them and won. Although, he still had to pay the other side money for what happened. So, more than likely, he's going to ride his case if he can make some money off of my mom. She was released from the hospital about 2 days ago and is doing better, but still hurting a lot. She was lucky that she wasn't hurt a whole lot more than she was. Though, she is afraid of what might happen to her from this creep who could be a con artist... Swindling his way through life. My mom was an innocent bystander in this and he could have killed her. Does that even matter anymore to people? Isn't this supposed to be the time of goodwill and peace? I would love that if people weren't so inconsiderate such as that man... All I can say is, what comes around goes around, and he is not winning this one.

Thanks for stopping by and listen to me rant about my job and my mom's accident. But hey, at least I got a brand new phone out of it.