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Top 25 Games: Number 7 - 4!

We are moving faster than a train powered by walnuts! Here we go!

Number 7!

THE LEGEND OF ZELDA - OCARINA OF TIME Pictures, Images and Photos

If this isn't in your top 10 then I don't care about you. :evil: Just kidding. :lol: It is one of the greatest games ever created; however, there's more Zelda's that I debated on putting here. I'll have an honorable mentions list and lots and lots of Zelda will appear there. hahaha.

Number 6!

Katamari Damacy Pictures, Images and Photos

The most addictive game I've ever played. I can't get enough of Katamari Damacy and all of its other games. The original one stood out to me because it was the most bizarre, strange, and witty game at the time. It came out for a lowly 19 dollars at first! Now they are all going for 30 at the least. There's nothing like rolling stuff up with a sticky ball! :D

Number 5!

PSX Silent Hill front cover Pictures, Images and Photos

This game scared the (explicative) out of me. Not in a killing lifeless zombies kind of way. More like, this game is closing in on me and I can't breathe. Although the graphics are not the greatest, Silent Hill sucked you into its world and other world and twists your mind like a rag. Now that's a game!

Number 4!

Chrono Trigger Pictures, Images and Photos

I don't know how many hours I've lost playing this game. I can say that it has to be a lot. lol. It redefinied how I saw RPG's with its gripping story and many many many many alternate storylines. It was not cut and dry like a lot of the Final Fantasy games. This was different and definitely deserves to sit here. The SECOND best RPG ever. There will be at least one more!

Number 3 will be on the 15th!
Number 2 will be on the 18th!

The comprehensive list of 25-2 will be on 19th!

Followed by the epic number 1 and my 5th year anniversary on the 20th!