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Top 25 Games: Number 19!

I am taking from a disgusting amount of work which I am still doing. I have a 20 page paper, a presentation on that paper, a 10 page paper, a journal based on it, and French composition that I've been slowly working on. It's fun! (Barf) I somehow squeezed time in to bring you this blog! Does anyone know how to put a link on my headline? I'd like to put the LOL King on there for easy reference. Before I bring you Number 19, here's the last 5!

Number 25: Sonic Mega Collection
Number 24: God of War
Number 23: Echo Night
Number 22: Mario Kart Wii
Number 21: Resident Evil 4 (GCN)
Number 20: Halo 3

And here's Number 19! :D

Mega Man Anniversary Collection Pictures, Images and Photos

I mentioned that that there would be two collections on my list. This is the second and final one. I promise. I chose it over the Mega Man X Collection because I didn't like those as much as the original series. This is a throwback to my time in the NES. I had Mega Man 1 and 2. I wound up renting all of the other games on this list. Yes, I remember the days that you could rent NES games. Those were the days...

Mega Man Pictures, Images and Photos

These games were tough and I mean tough. Growing up I would get so upset because I was careless. It was easy to be careless in Mega Man games. They defintely required skill and precision. Something I had to hone and work at. This is the game that helped me pay attention to details. Every little bit matters. ;)

Mega Man Pictures, Images and Photos Mega Man Pictures, Images and Photos Mega Man Pictures, Images and Photos Mega Man Pictures, Images and Photos

The game looked great and played great. The graphics were amazing on the NES and they aren't bad here. They do their job and that's fine with me. The reason why this game is awesome because I don't need to search for all the games that I loved as a kid and all of them from the NES is here. Also, I love them all equally. So I'm not trying to be cheap quiquexbs! Also, I'm sure you are pleased with this choice. :P

Mega Man 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

The Mega Man games have fun music! Especially when you die. Doo doo doo (fades away) do do do. The enemies are fun and creative. I really hate that one guy with the shield though. :evil: The bosses are as predictable as one can get. But they are almost all robots so that makes it credible. You can't go wrong with mad engineer and his evil robots.

Fire Man(PU) Pictures, Images and Photos

Mega Man Anniversary Collection takes all the NES story games and puts them together. (Sorry Mega Man Soccer) The games are challenging, remind me of my past with their visuals, sound wonderful, and who doesn't like fighting evil robots? That is the reason why Mega Man Anniversay Collection is number 19 on my list!