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The "Shovelware" Blog! (First of many perhaps.)

Hello everyone! I am taking a break from my Top 25 games blogs! I'm at 19 at the moment, which is a perfect time for rest. The NEXT blog is my big 100th!!!! I have a big surprise for everyone. I hope you get to come by and celebrate with me. I'll resume my countdown after that one! I'd like to mention that s_h_a_d_o was freaking awesome and caught my metaphor on the last blog! I was frothing in anger as vinegar and baking soda combined. Way to catch that! :D

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And so I didn't learn my lesson the LAST time I read the news on here. So, Reggie says to developers that Wii users also want AAA titles. Which I agree, I think that the Wii can handle great titles. Remember, I don't believe that graphics are an issue but fanboys do! And had to open their mouths again. Some quotes here: "The Wii can't handle it." "It is graphically insuperior." "The Wii brought in shovelware and crappy games so they deserve what they got."

 No Sir, I Don't Like It Pictures, Images and Photos

It makes me wonder how long they played video games. Those poor ignorant saps don't realize that "shovelware" did not come in with the Wii. It has been on EVERY system imaginable. I'll be a gaming veteran of 20 years in February, I KNOW that there are horrible games for all systems. The graphics on the Wii are far better than anything I grew up with. So I decided, this blog is for the shovelware over the years. If you have been gaming for a short while or not as long as I have, you'll see some titles on here that you should NEVER try. Ever. Trust me on this. Let's get started shall we?

Chuck Norris Superkicks Pictures, Images and Photos

Chuck Norris Superkicks! Back on the Atari 2600, I remember this bright as rain. It's really really hard. I'd scream at the TV, lol.

LotR: Atari

Lord of the Rings: Journey to Rivendell. Yeah... it is an awful ripoff. And indeed shovelware, also Atari 2600.

FixUp MixUp

Dr. Seuss's Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzler. Colecovision. Do I really need to say anymore about this game? :shock:

Miner 2049er Pictures, Images and Photos

Miner 2049er. Also Colecovision. Hmmmmm... Donkey Kong much? Must have not been too bad for the remake to win an award over at IGN.

moonwalker Pictures, Images and Photos

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. SEGA Master System. Save kids from a man named Mr. Big. (shudders)... They should make a sequel Mr. Big's Moonwalker. Save kids from a man named Michael Jackson.

And the last one for today...

Dynowarz Pictures, Images and Photos

Dynowarz: Destruction of Spondylus for the NES. Seriously now.. how do you say that anyway?

Shovelware is everywhere and on everything; it's not going away. Get used to it fanboys. I hope that I didn't scare any of you off with this insane blog of mine. Who knows, I may do a blog later showing some of the more recent ones. Britney's Dance Beat for the PS2 anyone?


Okay okay, it won't be THAT bad. :P Have a great day!