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The Poetry Man In The Financial Department

As we left off, Rob was released from his job to create madness in his household. He had numerous bills to pay and it wasn't pleasant. He hasn't gamed in the last few months and it was starting to get to him. He kept forgetting to update his Gamespot blog because he was afraid that the internet would be shut off at any moment. What was he to do in this situation? Where is the bacon on my cheese fries? When he came to, he wound up in.... the Twilight Zone.

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This world is not my world, Rob thought. It was not the every day that he saw the nothingness of nothing. But nothingness of nothing wasn't all that bad unless you are in the Neverending Story. I must rename this kingdom of nothing. I shalt name it, "KHAAAN!!!" And thus KHAAAN!!! was born through the truly crazy mind. Forged with walnuts and mustard glue, we press forward into the 300 madness. Madness? This is....KHAAN!!!

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Then an offer appeared from the great Verizon Wireless company. They said to Rob. We want you as our worker so that you can be our customer care assistant. You'll spend most of your time in financials even though you are terrible at math. Rob said, "what makes you think the great land of KHAAAN! will allow me to work in that fashion?" And then the Verizon Wireless said, "you need work to pay your bills? Trust us, we are not lying" And Rob took upon their offer to help them with whatever they may need. And Rob returns to the world of Gamespot, sad that he had taken so long to post this. He loves you all very much, despite not being here for working so darn long. Hope everyone is well! Greetings from the great jpgalindoas well! We both have Facebooks if you would like to find us when we aren't on here so much. :P