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Sorry Everyone..

For my lack of posting, especially on Halloween. Normally, I have a great awesome post for it every year. This time around, I've been very busy. My great grandfather who is 98 years old has developed dementia and he thinks that I am my dad. I'm helping him every day as well as helping my mom too. She had foot surgery after that accident from what you saw, a year later we found that her foot developed extreme amounts of cartlidge. She could barely walk and now she's resting it and it's been a wild ride. It made me pack up and move back home. I am still gaming although I got 3 red rings (AGAIN) and I am on the verge of buying a PS3. Especially as the library starts to get better. ModNation Racers is kick butt and LittleBigPlanet2 is coming out which is neat. We will have to see. Hope you all are well and Go Colts! (Broncos if you are trystkl1826 or katamari!)

Edit 1: September 28th was the 30th Anniversary of Cosmos: A Personal Voyage television show hosted by Carl Sagan. I know it's past but darn it! I wish I made a blog about it!

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