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Shovelwhere? Part Twoooo

Still working on the 20 page paper but I have some time on my hands. So, here's some more disgusting games for you all to enjoy! :D

3 Ninjas Kick Back 1 Pictures, Images and Photos

The 3 Ninjas Kick Back! SNES and Genesis. 1994. I hate this game, it frustrated me to no end! :evil:

Bebes Kids Pictures, Images and Photos

Bebe's Kids. SNES. Also 1994. AHHH!!! IT BURRRRNS!!! :cry:

The War Against Drugs

Dirty Harry: The War Against Drugs. NES. 1990. Do ya feel lucky punk? Do ya? NO! I don't feel lucky at all.. If I was lucky, this game would be good!

Dudes with Attitude Pictures, Images and Photos

Dudes with Attitude. NES. 1990. NES. This game is so bad that I want to burn my thumbs off with a sautering iron. And the grammar problems make it that much more agonizing!

Alllrighty then. That's enough. I can't stand anymore for now. (barf) See ya later and have fun!! :D