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My Wild 23rd Birthday That Ended On An Anticlimax.

I was going to do a Sho-Evil-War on my birthday today but it is not to be. I'll explain.

So, I get woken up by my mom at 6:21 AM. "You were born on this day at this time!" And I'm like "Mumiwuzsleepn" "Oh, I know, I just thought you'd be happy to here that this is when you took your first breath." So when that was all done and over with, I was awake. Hyped up for the rest of my day. So I turn on my television and find out that there's actually a television show that I liked. I've heard about it for a long time now. And that is....

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It really seemed to catch my attention. Unlike most of the other television shows out there. This character seemed to touch me somehow. His mind seemed oddly familiar. How he thinks and the way he talks. It is like looking into the mirror! However, I'm not really afraid of anything though. It seems like I could be on that brink if I wasn't so composed in writing. It just bothers me that the last season is coming up. I always miss the greatest things when they are in their prime. Like another television show that I love!

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After Monk, I decided to do my sho-evil-war but my cartridge was dusty. It's another SNES game which is rare to find and I'm lucky to have found it. I'm going to have it cleaned as I heard that blowing on it is bad. The main character of the game has turned 80 this year! I'm not sure if anyone other than me knows of him. We'll see when I finally get that up. ;) Hopefully after the cleaning, it works. If you know who this guy is, say that you do, but don't say who he is. I want that to be part of the sho-evil-war.

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So I go to French where we watched movie trailers so that was pretty neat. Then I had a test in foods. I was like "today is my birthday, that warrants me an A for this test right?" And she was like, "You get an A for coming in and participating, but the test we'll see, is it really your birthday?" "Yes, I am 23 today." Then we both laughed. So I take my test and I am ready to plop down but then I remember.. oh! I have this to worry about!

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I have to get my teeth cleaned tomorrow! So I had to drive back home because my dentist is in my hometown. So, here I sit with my mom and dad. I had a great day of ups and now I'm not doing anything. But I guess, I'd rather be doing that than paying bills! :P Soon as my cartridge is fixed up and clean, I'll have my next sho-evil-war up! I'll have the next game in my Top 25 list shortly after that! I so want to have my Number 1 game on my 5th year anniversary! Can I do it? I hope so! :D Have fun!