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My Top Games: Number 3!!

This next game is the final RPG in this list. Unfortunately for those who enjoy Final Fantasy, it isn't any of those. I seriously do not like them at all. Nothing against any of you that like them, I just don't like Final Fantasy. The next game is so special to me that I have to play it through ROMs, because they did not release it in the United States. It was either between Tales of Phantasia or this game. It is the last of a trilogy that started with Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia. Square bought Enix, the creators of these amazing games. This is its shining glory. PJ24 can find it I'm sure as they released a European version of it. I have a theory of why they didn't bring it to the United States. I don't want to discuss vital information though. I want you to experience it for what it is...

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This is one of those games that is lighthearted on the surface but deep down it is a heartbreaker. It is a thrilling game which you take control of a teenager by the name of Ark. He accidentally freezes his people when he opens a box in which his elder told him not to touch. You'll get to know the thing that came out of the box, Yomi, who will guide you on your quest from his box. Along the way, it appears that things are not how they are supposed to be. You are to ressurrect the world in which we live. I don't want to go any farther with the story because I'll give it away. But it is one of the most gripping stories ever told in a video game.

Terranigma Pictures, Images and Photos

The graphics in this game are the best I've ever seen in a SNES game. They pop out at you with a multitude of different colors and textures that pop right out of the game. You'll be amazed to find lighting textures, nearly 3D rendering, and much much more. It gives this game a Nintendo 64 feeling. They are meant to be seen to be believed. For the SNES, its graphics were definitely out of this world at the time. Although I never had the chance to play it on a SNES console, I know that I would have been amazed at this games technical prowless.

Terranigma Pictures, Images and Photos

The sound in this game is amazing. The music feels like it is orchestrated but it is not. Great work for them to do this kind of music the way they did. Not only that, each song they have in this game has a purpose. It gives a feeling about what is to come or what is happening. It takes on a life of its own. This game hits so real with your heart and the music is completely in tune with what you are feeling at the time. From the sadness of finding your people frozen solid to the pitter patter of joy that you get from Ark's love. To the raging boss battles to the roar of dungeons. The music does a lot in this game. It opens the game with a heart beating which has significance to the entire game. How cool is that? Who knew the SNES could provide such auditory experiences?

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The gameplay is a lot like playing a Zelda game. Which is much like the previous games in its trilogy which I highly reccomend as well. While they are in a trilogy, they are all loosely based off each other and they all can be played as stand alones. That's why the others are not mentioned as much here. While I'd love to have the other 2 involved, this is the one that stands head and shoulders above any other RPG in my opinion. You level up as you kill the baddies in your dungeon and get extra Strength, etc etc. Much like a typical RPG. Much like Zelda, you use items in certain places to reach your goals. You use leaf flippers to swim, etc. You also use certain weapons to break rocks, etc. Everything has a purpose. Some things don't work as well as other things with certain items, etc. You can't use a Grass Rod on a boulder, doesn't work. Little details like these make the gameplay amazing.

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If anyone wants links to try this out, send me a PM, I'll be happy to take you to the sites to get it. One of the most compelling stories concieved that combines philosophy and theology, the most beautiful graphics the SNES has ever seen, music and sound that grab a hold of you and don't let go, all together with Zelda like gameplay; make Terrangima my TOP RPG and NUMBER 3 on my list! :D