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My Top Games: Number 20!

My 100th blog is approaching the corner. I am very excited because I have an amazing plan for it. But before then, I have these wonderful Top Game blogs. The suspense has been circulating on what will be the second Wii game on it. Is it Brawl? Is it Galaxy? Is it Kitty Luv? :shock: Well, you'll have to tune in and find out. :P In the meantime, Number 20 is here! And it is...........

Halo 3 Boxart Pictures, Images and Photos

Halo 3 is a game that I really hate. Why do I hate it? I suck at it online AND it frustrates me to hell and back. So, why is it on my list? Because it does those things! When I need to let off some steam or blow a gasket, I'll pop in Halo 3 and yell obscenities. It really helps me release all negative energy that I have built up.

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Story is really really short. The graphics are wonderful for what they do. The sound is awesome in Story. Seriously, everytime I hear someone say "I pwnd j00 nub!" I want to punch the kid in the face. For mulitple reasons. 1.) The voice is normally loud and high pitched. 2.) He is a kid who has nothing better to do with his time except play Halo. 3.) As a poet, I am angered by lack of proper pronounciation and spelling. 4.) What kind of word is pwn anyway?" and I could go on. I won't bore you with much more of that.

Halo 3 Pictures, Images and Photos

Playing around with the level editor thing is hilariously fun. I've read somewhere that someone proposed by using it. Kinda strange right? Ah, the joy of that. I like making obscure places and things. Once I spawned a tank onto my friend, we were both laughing. If there's anything I like the most about this game, it's the forge. Multiplayer is the kind of game which makes me and my friends argue. It's pretty funny most of the time, but still. What? How did I die? I killed you? Sometimes we all enter at once. Okay, "I killed you and he killed me. Suicide? What? Speaking of suicides, I'm the only person I know who killed himself with a sniper rifle. :P Yeah, it's nuts.

Halo 3 Pictures, Images and Photos

The gameplay is solid I guess. I love the forge. Made the game for me. Story didn't do it. Playing with friends is alright and sometimes fun. The reason why it is number 20 on my list is because it helps me with my anger when it arises. Not many games make me want to make me look like baking soda and vinegar mixed together. This one does! It's therapeutic to throw a sticky grenade into someone's face right? I hope I'm not the only one, lol. :twisted: For that, Halo 3 is number 20 on my list!