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My Top 25 Games: Number 23!

Before I start, Ball State beat Miami(Ohio) tonight. 31-16! I was a bit worried after the first half when Miami was up by a field goal but my guys pulled through. It was a good game well played. May be next time to my rival, Yagr_Zero, we got the best of you this time.

I'm watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. He's in Ethopia and they are making a 3 hour cup of coffee! The first thing I thought of was my good friend, katamari! He tried it with salt and butter. Interesting eh? hehe. Strangely, he looks almost like katamari. I did say almost didn't I? :P What do you all think?

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From the introduction on.... here we go!!!

Number 23!


This will be the first game on my list that will take some flack. I know this for a fact because either... 1.) You have never heard of it. 2.) Heard of it but passed it up.

Echo Night which was generally not well recieved... (Gamespot gave it a 4.5.) is a game which is a big significance for me. Even when I knew that the graphics were not the best in the world, the game doesn't any action that you can interact with, and the controls are horrible at best. But that was not important.

EN Ship

What Echo Night did was everything else. The music pulled the player into the blocky world no matter what! It sounded tense when it needed to be tense, it was mysterious when one was doing puzzles, and so forth. The puzzles as well were head numbing and I needed a guide to help me with it. This was way back in 1999 and I was like 13 then and they were tough! The story was of "paranormal" porportions. It is much like a mystery that needs to be solved.

EN Cathedral

This game is something I will never forget. A storyline that weighed more than visuals can provide. Music that makes the horrible controls worth playing. This is special for me because I had never seen this kind of thing before. It was like taking control of "Ghost Hunters" and "Sherlock Holmes" mixed together. For that reason, Echo Night is Number 23!