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My Top 25 Games: Number 22!

My big 100 is coming up sooon!!! I am excited for that! What else I am excited for is a poetry reading I will be doing in about a half hour! I've got some great stuff that will be fun to read. Especially the poor young (and older) people who won't understand what I am talking about! :D That makes me very happy. I'm sure going to have fun tonight, hehe.

Something bothers me though. I realized why I stopped going into news stories. I went into an article where EA talked about their latest game they are making. It is called EA Sports Active and it is training exercise where people can use to help themselves get in shape. Much like Wii Fit but not really since you don't need the balance board. In that article, there were a lot of comments. "When will the Wii come out with REAL games." "Go to an actual gym and get into shape!" "Are we going to get some AAA titles for the Wii or not?" "what has it been almost a year now since a game worth buying has come out for wii?" etc etc.. I couldn't stand it anymore.

I'm going to say that the Wii has lots of great games to play and because the casuals are finally getting a reason to play games, doesn't mean that there are not good games. Because they are there! Sure there's no Gears of War or Halo or Resistence or Metal Gear Solid (if you don't count Twin Snakes) or anything like that, doesn't mean it's bad. People just annoy me. At least 2 Wii games are going to make my list. And here is one of them!

Mario Kart Wii Pictures, Images and Photos

Traditionally, I would HATE these Mario Kart titles. I can see why people like them so much but I can't. I just can't. The controls are funky to me and I wind up face first into a wall! :evil: That is until I gave this a go! And boy do I love it! Using the Wii Wheel makes things so much better. It is like I can play Mario Kart for the first time! Showing me that it can be fun! :D

Mario Kart Wii Pictures, Images and Photos

The graphics are standard Mario and that's okay. The sound is pretty much the standard as well. That's okay too. If you've played any Mario Kart before, you've probably heard most of the soundtrack. It doesn't hurt the experience in fact, it gives me nostagia feelings about the HATRED I had for it. :evil: But with this version the hatred has become joy. I can race and actually place above 12th! Now that is saying something for someone who just can't play the games before it without crying. :cry:

MARIO KART WII Pictures, Images and Photos

The controls are easy and you have no problem figuring out what to do. Again, a BIG plus for me. As I hate just about every racing game known to man because of my lack of racing ability. Anothing big plus for Mario Kart Wii is that I can get my friends to play it too! With four of us playing it all at once, the competition gets down right sickening. I think that is great since we are all laughing and complaining and enjoying ourselves. With other games we just get angry at each other and then complain. The sheer joy of laugher is great enough in this game!

mario kart wii Pictures, Images and Photos

This is a game to be played among other great titles for the Wii. If someone has the audacity to say the Wii doesn't have games, they would be very wrong. If someone says it's all for casual gamers, they would be wrong also. I've been playing video games for 20 years starting Feburary 2009. And I have a Wii and enjoy it very much. This is the first Mario Kart I like. I can actually play the thing. It is easy to use and my friends and I love it. For this reason Mario Kart Wii is number 22 on my list! :D