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My Top 25 Games! Number 15!

The Sho-evil-war blog with that one guy will be put on hold until I get my cartridge back. I can't wait. I got my Top 25 Games to do! I got to get to number 1 by the 20th. I think I can do it. Here's number 15!

It's that time of the year again. The time where legends are born or so to speak. The biggest event in the World Wrestling Entertainment!

Wrestlemania 25 Pictures, Images and Photos

Wrestlemania! And for that, it's only fitting that one of my favorite games is a wrestling game. Growing up and watching Hulk Hogan rip up his shirt and kick some butt! The best game to ever grace the specticle of professional wrestling!

WWF: No Mercy Pictures, Images and Photos

WWF No Mercy is one of those games that, even if you don't like wrestling, you like to play because it is fun. The controls were easy to understand. Anyone could pick up the controller and play this game. After a few minutes, you'll be wrasslin' like the pros. That's a big plus of the game. Everyone has their own moves, taunts, and kinds of play. It's little details like these that No Mercy does right.

WWF No Mercy: Kane Chockeslam's HBK (N64) Pictures, Images and Photos

The graphics may be blocky and absolutely terrible today. But at the time, they looked just like the superstars that I watched on TV! This was as authentic as I could get. The sound was amazing as it had all the themes of the wrestlers that you know and love. Considering I never owned a playstation. I had to watch my friend play as he had games like SmackDown! Way back 10 years ago, lol. Man, it's fun to look back. People complain about realism and other things with today's games. Well, back in this time, you can't complain because this was the greatest wrestling game ever! Everything else fails in comparison.

Jeff Hardy's 2006 return appearance hack in WWF No Mercy for N64 Pictures, Images and Photos

This game was the first to feature "Legends", that's right. Way back before the PS2 incarnations, No Mercy took a hold of an idea before its time. Andre the Giant and Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross, Fab. Moola, and Mae Young all appeared in this game. Who knew that Legends would be such a big part today? Well, No Mercy started this trend and it is definitely going strong to this day. In fact they have a new game called "Legends of Wrestlemania" coming out. Not sure how that will go, but we'll see.

WWE Legends Of WrestleMania Pictures, Images and Photos

This game has a lot of options. A lot of great things that were added. Including a special referee and a ladder match along with other great things. The WWF Shop was a great idea to unlock things. These things were to be used for your created wrestler. The CAW mode was more than spectacular this time around. You have everything you need to have a wrestler from scratch. This works well, especially if you add one of the deepest and most inthralling story modes ever concieved. You could go numerous ways with these stories and you'd have to go through them over and over again. It took a lot of time to get through all the storylines. Especially if you wanted all of the unlockables. This was a wrestling fan's dream and a gamer's delight! I love this game!

bryan danielson face Pictures, Images and Photos

Unbeatable controls, wonderful options and variety of modes, deep create a wrestler, extremely massive story mode for each title belt, you have number 15 on my list!