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My Gaming Shopping Spree! Plus My Top 25 Games: Number 21!

So, there's a place in my town called "Dave's Video" and they have a lot of used games on sale. And it's a lot cheaper than Gamestop and you find a lot of really old games. NES, SNES, Genesis, and any other system you can think of. It's all there. I love that place. While I was there, I saw a gold mine of things that I really wanted. Much like s0njas0n I couldn't resist. I was able to pick up 7 games for 35 dollars. And they are all great games that I could never have gotten at the time. Here's what I got.

Viewtiful Joe 1 and 2!

 viewtiful joe Pictures, Images and Photos

Sonic Gems (FINALLY!)

Sonic Gems Collection Pictures, Images and Photos

Dead or Alive no no... Sorry, I lost track, I meant to say Dead or Alive Ultimate!

Did You Want Something? Pictures, Images and Photos

ESPN NFL Football and College Hoops (both 2k5)

ESPN 2K5  -  The way football is meant to be played! Pictures, Images and Photos

College Hoops 2K5

And the Wii version of the 21st game on my Countdown! The one on the countdown regards to the Gamecube version. It is.....

Resident Evil 4 Pictures, Images and Photos

Every main story Resident Evil has significance to me. The first one I played with my friend on the PSX with the lights off. Scared out of my mind! The remake was even more insane! The second one, I didn't get around to playing until it came out for the N64. For a long time, this one would go here. I thought about it, but it fell short. Nemesis was something, it's okay. Code Veronica was kind of strange to say the least but pretty good. If there ever was a complete Resident Evil game, this is it!

resident evil 4 Pictures, Images and Photos

The graphics are gritty but marvelous. The sounds are shrieking but severe. To add to that, the challenge is insane. This game makes me frightened for Leon's life. I tremble everytime I pick up the controller. It successfully scares me in every single way except psychogical mind warping kind of way. (Hint: We'll get to that eventually in this list. ;))

resident evil 4 Pictures, Images and Photos

The biggest part of the challenge in this game is the items. The really good ones, you don't get enough of. There is never enough herbs or ammo. You have to be conservative to to survive. The merch man always has stuff for you but most of the time, you have no money to get what you need. It's like, why do you tempt me merch man!? I can't buy that rocket launcher!!! :cry:

resident evil 4 Pictures, Images and Photos

The bosses and enemies are horribly hard. Especially later in the game. It gets to you after a while. It's just maddening. I can't really play this all the way through in one sitting, it would take its toll. Thank goodness for saves. :P That is especially why I love this game. It forces you to look away after you had enough. Then you can come back to it later. Brilliant!

resident evil 4 Pictures, Images and Photos

Challenging, beautiful and murky, and downright scary. Resident Evil 4 recaptured the fear I had back in 1996. That's why it is number 21 on my list!

P.S. I just may have to try Umbrella Chronicals. Eventually. :P