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My 5 Year Anniversary Topped off with the Number 1 Game in my List!

Considering that I had a big day of tests to deal with, it is finally here. The moment you've been waiting on! I should have used my ESPN Bracket on the one I put onto the Yahoo one that I am in. I am doing 3 times as better on that! Shoulda, woulda, coulda... ah well. Without further waiting...

metal gear solid Pictures, Images and Photos

Metal Gear Solid for the PSX is the ultimate game of all time! It combines a shockingly real and powerful storyline with fictional characters. How often is there a game that warns us of reality? Well, a mainstream game. After all, Terrangima does that but no one knows of it until my unvealing! If Super Mario Bros. 3 is my childhood. Metal Gear Solid is my coming of age and becoming a man!

Solid Snake behind crate Pictures, Images and Photos

The graphics at the time were so amazing that my eyes popped out of my head and I drooled at them. Looking back in it, the graphics are realistically done. Even to this day, they do a lot that most games cannot fathom. They are absolutely amazing. For a 10 year old game, you couldn't ask for more! The sound effects make you believe you are in a movie. They are ambient, suspenseful, AND absolutely stunning. The voice actors are authentic in every way. The lips move with the words and you can feel their emotions as well as see it. The greatest song in a video game has to be "The Best Is Yet To Come." The music that begins the game. Inspirational!

mgs1 Pictures, Images and Photos

The story is the best of any game. It feels so real because they use true to life events and figures along side the fictional ones to make a compelling story. They give you the idea that this stuff is happening to this day and it is. There's a saying at the end of the game explaining that there are loads of nuclear weapons out in the world today. This game is for adult, especially those who like suspense, wonderful storytelling, and a strong sense of urgency in the world we live in!

Metal Gear Solid Pictures, Images and Photos

The gameplay is so deep that you can do it anyway you want. While you are working toward a central storyline, you get to be sneaky or not. You can kill a lot of your enemies or let them live. This is the biggest thing for me. I hate the idea that we always have to kill everyone in a game. The purpose is to kill kill kill! NO! Not Metal Gear Solid. This game is revolving around the story not the action. Stealth is often the key and that's how I like it. No blood if it could be helped. What an amazing game!

Metal Gear Solid Pictures, Images and Photos

Beautiful graphics, the greatest true to life story ever concieved, ambient sound, and never ending gameplay makes for the GREATEST GAME EVER!!